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Visit *******www.abctoy4me****/index.php/accessories-hetalia-c-693_732 Hetalia: Axis Powers is the anime adapation of Hidekaz Himaruya's manga, which premiered on Animate.TV on January 24th, 2009. Directed by Bob Shirohata, the series is scheduled to run for 76 episodes. Visit *******www.abctoy4me****/index.php/accessories-hetalia-c-693_732
23 Apr 2012
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Sub Esp - Aino Fansub
6 Jan 2009
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Disclaimer: I own none of the songs characters or pictures...But I wish I did.... So there isn't enough love for Hetalia AND Disney, so I made a theme song vid with both! Hope you enjoy!
14 Nov 2010
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It's awesome, but I cant get it to work.. I hope this works... I DO NOT OWN HETALIA AXIS POWERS OR THE RESOLUTION. Credit o: Jack's Mannequin, and Hidekaz Himaruya.
24 Oct 2009
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Download link here: *******factorysend****/NoemiBritto114 /Winter Iron Man Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei - X Arakawa under the Bridge Rainbow - Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin House of Five Leaves Heroman Ookiku Furikabatte Season 2 Angel Beats Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou Working Giant Killing Hetalia Axis Powers Third Season Ring ni Kakero 1 shadow Major Sixth Season B Gata H Kei Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama Hakuouki Shinsengumi
14 Jan 2011
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Hiroki Yatsumoto's (Germany) rendition of Marukaite Chikyuu. And for the record... Hetalia is da sh!t. Note: Episode 30 features Japan's version. :D
9 Jul 2010
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Hetalia: Axis Powers on DVD September, 14, 2010. Pre-Order now: ******* Finally, by popular request, we have the clip so many have been asking for. It's the clip we showed originally at our Sneak Peek panel at Anime Expo 2010 only THIS time, you get the whole thing! Pasta[[User:Metacafe Affiliate User
16 Dec 2011
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Hetalia Axis Powers Season One on DVD 9/14/10 Preorder here: ******* *******www.funimation****/hetalia In this clip we meet Italy's brother, Romano and see his devious plan to tease Germany.
11 Nov 2012
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Hetalia Axis Powers-episode 38 [ENG SUB] ENGLISH SUBBED I do not own this video or subbed this hope you enjoy ^_^
4 Jan 2013
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Hetalia: Axis Powers on DVD September, 14, 2010. Pre-Order now: ******* Today, we celebrate Russia, also known as Ivan Braginski, in Hetalia. His birthday is December 30 (go Capricorns!) and some of his interests include sunflowers and vodka. It's Russian for water, y'know. So, who do we have over here to play the gentle, yet threatening giant from a land so cold? Some of you may have guessed it, but all will be revealed... after the break! Russia will be played by the fan favorite voice actor, Jerry Jewell !(Kyo: Fruits Basket, Hayama: Kodocha, Claire: Baccano!, and many more). Let's watch a clip of his creep, yet cute, performance... Getting excited? You can now PRE-ORDER your very own copy of Hetalia Axis Powers Season One right now for a super low price at Amazon****! Da! Stay tuned for tomorrow when we will say "guten tag" to our pal, Germany!
12 Dec 2013
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18 May 2010
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Part 1 available on DVD 9/14/2010! *******funimation****/hetalia/ When the nations gather to solve the world's problems, U.S.A. presents his solution to global warming -- and it's a pretty stupid one. Then everyone argues for a while, just before a flashback to WWI.
13 Jan 2013
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******* England/ Britain will be voiced by Scott Freeman, who has done many background parts in our various shows. It's his first big role here at FUNimation, so please give him a BIG Hetalia welcome! In this clip, we get to see our boy with some of his magical friends.
3 Jan 2014
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Part 1 available on DVD 9/14/2010! *******funimation****/hetalia/ Germany is prowling the woods of WWI in search of the enemy, when he happens upon a crate of tomatoes. Just as he opens the wooden box, Italy attacks! I'm only kidding. Italy mostly just lays around.
1 May 2014
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LMAO. You're kidding me right? Over 200,000 views? Lol.... Vodkaaaa~ Russia - Hetalia Axis Powers
17 May 2012
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ROFL. This has got to be the best Communication Break Dance video I have ever seen. Everything from Denmark having to dance far apart from the other Nordic countries, to Russia watching Latvia/Estonia/Lithuania/Poland dance. Also Canada being transparent. Original Title: 【ヘタリア】ヘタリアラッシュ【手書き】大百科 Original Link: ******* Not made by me!
26 Oct 2009
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