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Cheech And Chong - Hey Pendejos!.mp4
9 Sep 2017
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Karma is a bitch. What you do shall happen with you in near future. Its not a burden but love to take care like parents do. Show them what they have brought up.
7 Sep 2017
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This story comes in two parts. Part one : Hey, did you know that the Uber app has a feature that lets them track what riders do for five minutes AFTER they get out of the car? I mean... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Everything does back to normal, and Uno rubs his jaw. That really hurt. Remind me never to do that again. I mean, what the heck, Uber? That’s messed up even for you. It makes you seem like a bunch of creepers. Let me guess : this was the marketing department’s brilliant idea so they could "see what our customers do after a ride in order to serve them better". Visit driverunoDotcom for more updates.
1 Sep 2017
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Hey guys! Here's my version of Big girl cry by Sia. Gorgeous song when you whose soul aches. hope you like it ! Check out my other covers!
5 Sep 2017
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Hey guys! Welcome to my YouTube channel :) I'm so excited to share my original music, mashups and covers with you. My debut original EP titled 'Kuthu Fire' just released August 18! Check it out on Spotify, Saavn, Apple Music & all other platforms. Shankar Tucker produces all the songs and the videos, hope you enjoy listening to our creations. Thank you for being a part of our journey!
16 Sep 2017
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Hey guy's hope you liked my first video thanks for watching! I also have a YouTube channel check it out if you want Just search (Michael Summerville) it will pop up Enjoy! Peace!
16 Sep 2017
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Hey guy's thanks for watching my video hope you enjoyed it! this was a mashup I put together a while back Enjoy! Peace!
16 Sep 2017
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Hey guy's thanks for watching my first video hope you enjoyed it! I am a person who loves to make montages so get ready to have a channel full of em! Enjoy! Peace!
16 Sep 2017
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19 Sep 2017
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A kid doing a funny interpretation of the song Hey There Delilah.
5 Jul 2007
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hey you
1 Sep 2007
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Danse DaiMons has won the stage with his sizzling performance and charismatic persona. He will be the new household name and the nation will sway to the beats of his trendy rap numbers. He has given a new edge to the original number “Hey There Delilah”, by Plain White T's. The first official remix of the song has turned every head and is still the reigning the hearts of the listeners. The original “Hey There Delilah” lyrics was famous with the audience, spontaneously for many weeks. Tom Higginson, the head behind the original version was in love with Delilah DiCrescenzo, a Columbia University student and wrote the song to honor his feelings. But then, DaiMons took the Entertainment industry by storm, when he punched new lyrics and remixed “Hey There Delilah”. The crazy fans took an instant liking to the new lines and made Daimons their hero. The chorus lines “oh it's what you do to me” are the best and the other lines of the song are simply mind blowing. Through the song, he wanted to convey that Delilah is no more in love with Tom, but with him. The concept sparked controversy between the Tom and DaiMons, but then DaiMons won the race. The original “Hey There Delilah” shot to the number one position on the Billborad Pop 100 chart. From 16, it took a leap to the 6th position and then the song scaled the list with one position in every week. This amazing pattern of reaching the number one position happened in 21 years! --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
11 Sep 2007
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