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Hidden strive to achieve the most comprehensive results possible by applying technology in a way that compliments and enhances traditional creativity. In other words, we take the technology out of the equation and allow you to embrace your goals directly, in your own way. We then apply technology to expand on your vision. The team at Hidden are dedicated to applying the appropriate technology in the right situation, leveraging the campaigns’ strengths and ensuring a significant return on investment. Hidden have a well rounded team capable of providing solutions that include but are not limited to augmented reality, mobile augmented reality, mobile applications, bespoke web solutions, social networking initiatives along with many others. Hidden is a brand butler for our clients. What we mean by this is that we know the most suitable technical systems and solution available on the market. This combined with an extensive marketing background allows us to bring the best of breed solution to our clients, along with a creatively balanced and planned campaign to support your ambitions.
Focus image to see great 3d hidden objects. Check Delpitos.Com for more
31 Oct 2006
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A secret hidden feature in Ms Paint that allows you to zoom 10x, even though maximum zoom is 8x
29 Nov 2006
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a progarm hidden in windows xp used for creating your own fonts P.S. sorry about the dodgy hand writing
10 Dec 2006
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This movie shows you how you can see the hidden spacemonkey in Adobe Photoshop CS2
27 Nov 2006
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This movie shows you a hidden game in Macromedia Dreamweaver.
27 Nov 2006
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Welcome, from the Hidden Millionaire. The Hidden Millionaires is a book you need to read, by Anthony Morrison.
This movie shows you how you can play the hidden game Nibbles in Flash FXP.
27 Nov 2006
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how to reveal hidden messages put in aol instant messenger.
21 Nov 2006
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Learn how to discover the hidden Firefox phrase. Check Delpitos.Com for more
27 Nov 2006
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An innovative method to hide your files in the hard disk without using hidden/system attributes. Using colons in the filenames will really hide your files!
29 Nov 2006
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Cool Hidden Games in Macromedia Flash 8 for Windows, makes you wonder what they do all day at Macromedia..... (might work in other versions and OS).
30 Nov 2006
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bout some of the types of information which can be found, notable incidents and the situation with hidden data in documents on the internet. Download: Quicktime Presentation (hi-res version ), PDF Presentation , the demos.
17 Dec 2006
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I have put together a video of 4 hidden gems that can be found in common applications that most of us use. The codes below will be needed for revealing these secrets: 1). Open Office Calc - Tic-tac-toe game: =Game(A1:C3;"TicTacToe") 2). Open Office Calc - Star Wars game: =Game("StarWars") 3). uTorrent: Press t when in the about box 4). For some reason the yahoo sound didnt export correctly - but i have uploaded it here for you to hear :) - *******d.turboupload****/d/1281840/yahoo.wav.html MAKE SURE YOU GO TO YAHOO.COM to hear the sound, not ****** etc... Enjoy!
4 Dec 2006
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