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White Jumping High Flyer. Kid jumps over a bunch of chairs.
24 Feb 2008
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the UK'€™s leading designer and manufacturer of quality high performance single line kites, kites for children, power kites, stunt and sports kites. More info *******www.scoot******/England/Merseyside/Birkenhead/Sky-High-Flyer-DGMN904.html
3 Apr 2011
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29 Jan 2006
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Music montage of Albatros (Fleetwood Mac) Mixed with still and moving clips of magnificent birds. A tramp marketing, free production.
4 Mar 2007
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Josh Smith,labron james,vince carter......
27 Jun 2007
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BY STEVEN SPARKMAN ANCHOR KYRSTEN SKULBORSTAD You're watching multisource science news analysis from Newsy It’s time for some high-tech bird watching. Biologists have long lacked ways to track flying critters in large groups or over long distances. But with a little help from meteorologists, that’s about to change. The Irish Times explains. “A weather radar system able to count the number of raindrops in a storm cloud is being used to track bats, birds and even insects flying through the night skies. Some of the systems are sensitive enough to pick up a bumblebee in flight 60km away.” It’s part of a new field called “aeroecology,” which treats the lower atmosphere as its own habitat. Meteorologists’ radar recordings are a goldmine for the new field, but as BBC News shows, they didn’t see the value in their data. “The green and red area shows a thunderstorm passing over Baltimore. But the radar can also pick up flying creatures. Here a flock of birds shown in blue burst outward in a circle. In the past, weathermen have regarded radar blips from bats and birds as mildly annoying, but biologists have persuaded them that they’re actually a treasure trove of information.” One of the biggest datasets around is the radar information that’s been recorded nationwide every five minutes, familiar to you as the Doppler radar on your weather broadcast. According to the Science Magazine, tapping into the data has already yielded new insights. “Frick has discovered that at least one bat species is quite particular about the weather. Brazilian free-tailed bats, common in the south-central United States and Mexico, emerge from their daytime slumber at different times of day depending on the temperature and humidity...” Bats and insects are big players in agriculture, so understanding how climate affects them could prove invaluable. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook to get updates in your newsfeed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
22 Feb 2011
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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 for the Nintendo Wii features unique controls and gameplay created specifically for the platform, resulting in quick response times and a more arcade feel. Ultimate control is taken to the next level, as players can act our slams, strikes, taunts and finishers as they take place on screen. Pick up your copy on November 13th.
18 Oct 2007
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WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 for the Nintendo DS lets players directly control a Superstar’s actions with the stylus, while situation-based fighting includes over 80 unique holds for a variety of strategic options. Players can also experience a full year of WWE action, storylines and drama in WWE Season Mode. Pick up your copy on November 13th.
18 Oct 2007
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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 lets players develop the WWE Superstars of today into the Legends of tomorrow. The #1 wrestling franchise in the world delivers more depth and strategy with prominent new features, key annual enhancements and incredible graphics while making its much-anticipated debut on three new video game systems. It’s time to live the life of a Supersatar. How will you play? Pick up your copy on November 13th.
19 Oct 2007
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1 Mar 2008
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Rey Misterio Jr. vs Juventud Guerrera at E€W Hardcore TV from 1996! Extreme the best HIGH flyers
15 Oct 2009
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The Texas City disaster which was begun with the Grandcamp's explosion triggered the worst industrial disaster, resulting in the largest number of casualties, in American history. Such was the intensity of the blasts and the ensuing confusion that no one was able to establish precisely the number of dead and injured. Ultimately, the Red Cross and the Texas Department of Public Safety counted 405 identified and 63 unidentified dead. Another 100 persons were classified as "believed missing" because no trace of their remains was ever found. Estimates of the injured are even less precise but appear to have been on the order of 3,500 persons. Although not all casualties were residents of Texas City, the total was equivalent to a staggering 25 percent of the towns estimated population of 16,000. A fire discovered by stevedores preparing to resume loading of ammonium nitrate aboard the S. S. GRANDCAMP at Warehouse (Pier) "O", about 8 A. M., April 16, 1947, resulted in the first of two disastrous explosions at 9:12 A. M., April 16, 1947 which destroyed the entire dock area, numerous oil tanks, the Monsanto Chemical ompany, numerous dwellings and business buildings. The second explosion resulted from a fire in ammonium nitrate aboard the S. S. HIGH FLYER which occurred some sixteen hours later at 1:10 A. M., April 17, 1947. Damage to property outside the dock area was widespread. Approximately 1000 residences and business buildings suffered either major structural damage or were totally destroyed. Practically every window exposed to the blast in the corporate limits was broken. Several plate glass windows as far away as Galveston (10 miles) were shattered. Flying steel fragments and portions of the cargo were found 13,000 feet distant. A great number of balls of sisal twine, many afire, were blown over the area like torches. Numerous oil tanks were penetrated by flying steel or were crushed by the blast wave which followed the explosions. Drill stems 30 feet long, 6 3/8 inches in diameter, weight 2700 pounds, part of the cargo of the S. S. GRANDCAMP were found buried 6 feet in the clay soil a distance of 13,000 feet from the point of the explosion. The initial explosion disrupted the sprinkler systems and the water supply to them, destroying all of the fire equipment owned by Texas City and wiped out much of the personnel of the department who were endeavoring to extinguish the fire aboard the S. S. GRANDCAMP. The loss of life was high. All firemen and practically all spectators on their pier were killed as were many employees in the Monsanto Chemical Company and throughout the dock area. For more information on the Texas City disaster, go to the memorial website of Firefighters Union Local 1259 at *******www.local1259iaff****/disaster.html . Twenty-eight Texas City Firefighters lost their lives in this disaster. This clip is from the 1948 film, The Texas City Disaster April 16, 1947 by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The entire film is available at the US National Archive in College Park Maryland.
7 Feb 2011
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