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19 Feb 2012
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Now this is a dog who knows how to do it all. He climbs a ladder and jumps into the pool from a high dive platform.
26 Feb 2012
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******* Have you ever wondered how athletes can jump high vertically? What is their secret? Being able to jump high can really improve you as a player in sports that involves jumping and with proper training of course. In this article we will learn 5 jumping exercises that can help increase your vertical jump fast. If have been doing exercises and still not getting good results, you might be doing it incorrectly and wasted time and energy. There are actually many exercises you can use to develop strong leg muscles. You can seek professional advice or do research through the Internet. If your search the Web using search engines like Google, you can actually get many results of leg exercises you are looking for. These leg workouts are video clips, graphics and maybe written instructions you can view online and use the workout on you daily training. However the purpose of this article is to give 5 good jumping exercises and increase your jumping abilities.
11 Mar 2012
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The Jump Manual is an online vertical jump training program which offers tested and proven methods to add 10 inches to your vertical leap in 12 weeks or less with guarantee. When you join The Jump Manual Program, you will get natural strategies to jump higher for basketball and volleyball fast. Check it out at The Jump Manual *******
11 Mar 2012
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Learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera at *******gopro****.<br><br /> Matthias Giraud charges with his new GoPro HD Helmet Hero. A Ski-BASE triple backflip captured in 960p. If you think he's excited now, just wait. There's more GoPro HD footage to come from Mattias.<br><br />
6 Apr 2012
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What a crazy high jump.
25 Jun 2006
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Good French rider's in action. Great BMX Bowl session with high jump and backflip. France, Marseille Sk8tpark Ride for Free
7 Nov 2006
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18 Jan 2007
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High jump.
26 Feb 2007
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This guy is truly impress the audience ..... Jumping is an ability that most humans and many animals share to some degree. It is the process of getting one's body off the ground for a short time using only one's own power, usually by propelling oneself upward via contraction and then forceful extension of the legs. In some cases the height of a jump may be increased by using a trampoline, or by pushing down with the arms when playing leapfrog. One can jump up to reach something high, jump over a fence or ditch, or jump down, and one can jump while dancing and as a sport.High jump, where the objective is to cover as large a vertical distance as possible with one jump, preceded by a short run-up. Standing broad jump, similar to the long jump except that there is no run up at all; contestants jump forward after only several swings of the arms.
15 Aug 2007
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high jump
12 Sep 2007
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This is Stewie warming up for his high jump.
20 Sep 2007
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Funny video about high jumping guys and other nice tricks.
25 Sep 2007
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So funny boy from corpus high jumps into a huge puddle like a idiot!
13 Jan 2008
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*******xxxfishing.blogspot**** (^_^) This cool dude makes a jump at 1.7 meter. He is successful in his jump. What a great guy who can make such a high jump.
1 Mar 2008
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On October 1st, BMW Korea celebrated the opening of BMW Motorrad Enduro Park in Gyeonggi-do Incheon and introduced the unstoppable traction off-road motorcycle, BMW G 450 X. G 450 X is an exclusive off-road motorcycle with 4-stroke, DOHC, 450cc single-cylinder 4-valve engine that delivers maximum 52 horsepower. Due to the light weight chassis of 120kg and powerful break system, as well as optimum performance of Öhlins suspension, G 450 X can withstand the toughest enduro performance and even the meter-high jumps by absorbing the impact. The chassis that was developed exclusive for off-road motorcycle is easy to handle and the unstoppable traction offer safe riding qualities. The rubber damper that is built in the shaft effectively reduces the vibrations, and the 450cc single cylinder of four-valve unit increases the efficiency. Through a large-volume radiator, G 450 X has an excellent cooling system and even if the position of the swing arm axle changes while driving, there is no change in the length of the chain on compression and rebound. G 450 X has a 5-speed gearbox that allows a free control of the output power; therefore, can be ridden on the surface street, as well as on the off-road track to draw out the engine power to its maximum. A 10 minute competitive race of 450cc lightweight off-road motorcycle, BMW G 450 X was the highlight of the event and 24,000 square meter park exclusive for motorcycles was opened for the first time. BMW Motorrad Enduro Park is not only limited to BMW clients but to anyone who is interested in enduro sport. 24,000 square meter enduro park was opened for the first time as the biggest motorcycle track in the nation. BMW Motorrad Enduro Park, located next to BMW Parts Distribution Center in Gyeonggi-do Incheon, is available through prior reservation.
15 Oct 2008
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