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7 Aug 2007
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the cheerleaders fro my school + a picture from our queens!!
12 Oct 2007
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11 Feb 2013
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A single mom and her slacker sister find an unexpected way to turn their lives around in the off-beat dramatic comedy Sunshine Cleaning. Directed by Christine Jeffs (Rain, Sylvia), this uplifting film about an average family that finds the path to its dreams in an unlikely setting screened in competition at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Once the high school cheerleading captain who dated the quarterback, Rose Lorkowski (Academy Award nominee Amy Adams) now finds herself a thirty something single mother working as a maid. Her sister Norah, (Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt), is still living at home with their dad Joe (Academy Award winner Alan Arkin), a salesman with a lifelong history of ill-fated get rich quick schemes. Desperate to get her son into a better school, Rose persuades Norah to go into the crime scene clean-up business with her to make some quick cash. In no time, the girls are up to their elbows in murders, suicides and other…specialized situations. As they climb the ranks in a very dirty job, the sisters find a true respect for one another and the closeness they have always craved finally blossoms. By building their own improbable business, Rose and Norah open the door to the joys and challenges of being there for one another—no matter what—while creating a brighter future for the entire Lorkowski family. Opens March 13, 2009. www.sunshinecleaning-themovie****
15 Mar 2009
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*******www.80millionmoviesfree**** Sunshine Cleaning download Once the high school cheerleading captain who dated the quarterback, Rose Lorkowski now finds herself a thirty something single mother working as a maid. Her sister Norah is still living at
13 Mar 2009
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*******gkcogs**** Genoa Kingston high school cheerleaders sing the school fight song at the 2008 homecoming game/
15 Oct 2009
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16 Nov 2011
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She was everyone's favorite party girl on Jersey Shore, but Snooki is now revealing that before reality TV, she was a High School student struggling with an eating disorder. The Dancing With The Stars contestant recently opened up on the show about her past struggle with anorexia. She revealed that while she was a High School cheerleader, the pressure to stay thin lead her down a dark road. She said that because she was a flier, she was worried that thinner girls would take her spot. The worry about her weight lead to her starving herself. She said "I started eating one salad a day, and then it became one cracker a day, and then it became one grape a day, and then just not eating at all for three days." The reality star now looks back and realizes she is moving on and making positive new memories. She hopes her story can help others in similar situations.
10 Oct 2013
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Legacy of Thorn is the story of Jess, a beautiful, popular high school cheerleader who has everything going for her when the day of her 16th birthday comes around. However, things take a turn for the worst when an urban legend becomes her terrifying and bloody reality as she is hunted down by the masked killer known only as Thorn. Four years on, she and a band of survivors plan to stop Thorn once and for all. As the shocking secrets are revealed as to why Jess is Thorn's target and what he wants with her, will Jess be able to overcome the monster once and for all?
3 Nov 2013
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Girl fails at back flip! Re-uploading this video is copyright infringements and you will be held responsible. We are trying to get this on tosh.o to please subscribe like favorite and share to your facebook! also thumbs up on the tosh blog which you can click here for --- *******toshcommunity****edycentral****/Video/High-school-cheerleading-FAIL/050BFFFFF0224E375001B01302AF6?ref_title=hero10555&ref_url=http%3a%2f%2ftoshcommunity****edycentral****%2fprofile%2f075E324020224E37500010224E375%2fContent%2fVideo%2fVideos2.aspx&ref_ucid=75E324020224E37500010224E375
26 Dec 2011
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PPAACC competition in Bakersfield California high school division
9 Nov 2008
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7 Nov 2009
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the dance... :D
18 May 2012
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In an unprecedented interview conducted by comic Matt Zaller, Megan Fox gets ignored and forced into putting a bag on her head. This interview is a funny offering of something different in a climate of Megan Fox media saturation. This is not an attempt to dis Megan or to knock her acting abilities. And, of course we think she's hot. This is merely Matt's take on the media frenzy that surrounds her. Please enjoy responsibly. About Jennifer's Body: Jennifer's Body is a 2009 dark comedy and horror film written by Diablo Cody. The film is directed by Karyn Kusama, and stars Megan Fox as the title character, Amanda Seyfried as her best friend Needy, and Adam Brody as the antagonist Nikolai. It is scheduled for theatrical release in the United States and Canada on September 18, 2009. Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) is the sexy, popular captain of the high school cheerleading squad. All of the girls want to be friends with her, and all of the boys want to have sex with her. Jennifer's friend since childhood, Anita "Needy" Lesnicky (Amanda Seyfried), is a nerdy, substantially less popular, "plain jane" student. Jennifer ends up as the sacrifice in a Satanic ritual, held by a rock band, hoping that the sacrifice will increase their chances of getting a record deal. The ritual goes horribly wrong, causing Jennifer to get possessed by a demon and start feeding off of the boys in her high schoolfirst seducing them to get close, and then consuming them in a manner similar to that of a Succubus. It becomes Needy's goal to stop Jennifer from killing more of her classmates. Demon possession, devilish cheerleaders, and Satanic rock stars are all on the chopping block with this horror comedy from the production team behind Juno. Screenwriter Diablo Cody provides the script, with producing duties handled by Jason Reitman and Dan Dubiecki. The story centers on an impish high-school student (Amanda Seyfried) who has to protect her town against her best friend, Jennifer (Megan Fox), who after being bedeviled by an evil rock band, develops a taste for human flesh. Girlfight's Karyn Kusama directs the Fox Atomic production.
5 Jan 2010
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From the high V to the low V to the goal post and more, learn the essential cheerleading positions and how to hit your motions and angles perfectly in this free beginning cheerleading video lesson. Expert: Nicole Gardner Bio: Nicole Gardner is the captain of a high school cheerleading squad in Burbank, California. Cheerleading is her passion, and she loves training new cheerleaders. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
13 Jan 2010
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The clip announcing the winners at nationals from Bring It On (2000) with Clare Kramer, Gabrielle Union have taken the stage, so please give a warm welcome to our emcees, editor of Cheer Fashion magazine, Ms. Brandi Tattersol, and U.C.A. president, Mr.Johnny Garrison. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for, the award ceremony for U.C.A. 2000. Five finalist squads, and only one... will walk away with the grand prize trophy... and a check for $20,000. And so, in third place, from New Pope High School... in New Pope, Mississippi, the New Pope Cavaliers! Let's hear it for them. Well done, ladies. And now, Brandi, would you do the honors? And in second place-- and this was a tough decision, as there were two outstanding performances this year. In second place, from San Diego, California, the Rancho Carne Toros! Second place? Hell, yeah! Yes! Yes! All right! And now, the winners, of this year's.. National High School Cheerleading Championships, the East Compton Clovers of East Compton, California! Congratulations, Clovers. Let's hear it! Number one! Yeah! We did it! We did it! Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it out there! Let's hear it for all of our squads! -Congratulations. -You were great. Torrance. Whoa, nice check.
27 Oct 2011
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