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LOL this video is soo old and you can see how nervous i was xD excuse the messy scarf at the beginning Like, Comment, Subscribe & Share ^_^ *******www.facebook****/nabiilabee ***********/nabiilaBee ********twitter****/nabiilabee *******web.stagram****/n/nabiilabee ******* *******nabiila-bee.blogspot****** email me at nabiilabeehotmail****
5 Feb 2013
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*******jilbabmodis**** Jilbab modis, jadikan kreasi kerudung untuk gaya keseharian anda. untuk mendpatkan jilbab jilbab dengan model terbaru, hanya di jilbabmodis**** *******jilbabmodis****
17 Feb 2013
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By popular demand from the hijabi fashion blog www.stylecovered**** comes a quick and easy pashmina hijab tutorial. Ever wondered how to wear a headscarf? This tutorial shows you step by step.
6 Sep 2009
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My khaleeji hijab tutorial, if you need khaleeji flower clips check out my fb page: *******www.facebook****/#!/pages/Christines-Khaleeji-Clips/160059007386767
17 Apr 2012
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Hye girls! I'm back with the 3rd hijab tutorial, as usual it is also inspired from Hana Tajima's. Good luck and thanks for watching! Do comment yeah! do visit me at *******misznath.blogspot**** don't forget to like my fanpage on facebook *******www.facebook****/pages/Blog-Cik-Nathrah/122300861185116 Background music : Taiyo no Uta by Erika Sawajiri Here is the link if you want to watch her PV : ***********/watch?v=CpGdc53E3g4
31 May 2012
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hijab tutorial with kaffah scarf by siti juwariyah *******sitisstreet.blogspot**** *******saturday-market.blogspot****
28 Aug 2012
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this is my first video for hijab tutorial. hope it is helpful :) oh ya, for a better result use inner complete with the neck cover ya? do visit me at *******misznath.blogspot**** add me on facebook if u like this video *******www.facebook****/pages/Blog-Cik-Nathrah/122300861185116
21 Sep 2012
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Quick Pashmina Hijab Tutorial Ala-Ala Diana Amir . Less than 1 minute . Song Title : Moving On By Toya . :)
1 Nov 2012
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How to wear hijab tutorial by Yassmin Mohsen featuring the very trendy egyptian soiree style!
6 Jan 2013
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Visit *******Artistofmakeup**** and register your details to be notified of launch date! Instagram *******instagram****/zukreat, Twitter: *******twitter****/zukreat, check out my professional website *******Zukreat****, Facebook: *******Facebook****/ArtistofMakeup. New Channel *******Youtube****/KeepingUpWithZukreat How To Wear Hijab. Hi Guys, As you all know I wear a hijab and have done so since I was 10 years old :) The hijab for me is not just my symbol of being a muslim but I see it as an extension of me and so I take pride in the way I wear it and the way I present myself to others with it. As I constantly receive lots of questions asking my to do a hijab tutorial, I thought I should make the time to do one, seen as though so many of you have actually requested my hijab looks. This is the 1st part in a series of hijab tutorials where I will be sharing with you how I go about pinning my hijab while at the same time making it look stylish yet practical too. For those of you not interested in a hijab tutorial, then don't worry there will be a makeup video to follow soon. In the meantime I hope that you like the video and find it useful when pinning your hijab next time. And as always if you have any questions for me then please post it below, or tweet me at *******www.twitter****/Zukreat. I hope you enjoy it :) Zukreat xxx
18 Feb 2013
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How to wear hijab tutorial by Nanees Selim two scarf side flower wrap
14 Apr 2013
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My second khaleeji hijab tutorial. My first tutorial is here: ***********/watch?v=Twh8zyTVC9o You can find my facebook page here, I will be uploading a lot of new products soon! ********www.facebook****/pages/edit/?id=160059007386767&sk=permissions&success=1#!/pages/Christines-Khaleeji-Clips/160059007386767
18 Apr 2013
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How to wear hijab tutorial by Yassmin Mohsen featuring the layered wrap, and a turban hijab style!
19 Apr 2013
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Hijab Tutorial 2013 by Zoya (4 style) 1. Threeva Style : Segiempat 2. Sarangheo Style: Bergo 3. Cherry Blossom Style: Segiempat 4. Bergo Eropa Style: Bergo Eropa More info and video click: *******media.zoya***.id/ Fanpage: ********www.facebook****/galerizoyalovers Twitter: ZoyaLovers
5 May 2013
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ATTENTION! : the hijab tutorial here is how i USED to do my scarf i don't do it volumised anymore and the back volume is very minimum just thought I'd point that out for all the haram police. Also it came out more volumised than usual in this video I've never gone out with this much volume! a tutorial of how i do my scarf except with more layers. Sorry i didn't do an outfit of the day at the end. Like, Comment, Subscribe & Share ^_^ WELCOME 2 Nabiila Bee's WORLD. *******www.facebook****/nabiilabee *******www.facebook****/fashion.bee.nb *******www.facebook****/Boutique.Bee.nb ***********/nabiilaBee *******nabiilabee.tumblr**** / ********twitter****/nabiilabee ********twitter****/fashion_bee_nb *******web.stagram****/n/nabiilabee ******* email me at nabiilabeehotmail**** DISCLAIMER: YES I KNOW THE VOLUME IS A BIT TOO MUCH I KNOW AND REALISED THIS AND I DONT DO MY SCARF WITH THIS MUCH VOLUME ANYMORE
8 Aug 2013
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Simple Hijab Tutorial. Free for share & reupload video ❤ Semoga bermanfaat & memberikan banyak inspirasi kak (✿◠‿◠) See more ▼▼ *******www.mybamus**** ▼▼ ►► ORDER KE CSO: ◄◄ CSO 1 Rafa: BBM: 25B4A85E (New Customer) SMS/WA: 0878.2593.8862 (XL) CSO 2 Fachrie: BBM: 25B53ED8 (New Customer) SMS/WA: 0857.9365.7312 (IM3) CSO 3 Dani & Indra: BBM: 26404EA8 (New Customer) SMS/WA: 0878.2593.8860 (XL) 08:00 - 17:00 WIB (Senin-Sabtu) ►► Informasi: ◄◄ 1. Reseller: ******* 2. FAQ: ******* 3. Worldwide Order: ******* 4. Cek Ongkos Kirim Indonesia: ******* ►► Info Lengkap: ◄◄ FB: *******www.facebook****/mybamus TW: *******www.twitter****/mybamus IG: *******www.instagram****/mybamus
12 Sep 2013
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