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hilary clinton for president
9 Feb 2009
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I like the Senator's stance on burping, but his flatulence policy sounds like typical Neocon rhetoric.
14 Feb 2008
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From the "Vast right wing conspiracy" to "We're going to take things from you for the common good", seven quotes by the woman who would be president.
17 Feb 2008
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the 3-time Oscar Winning actor goes to bat for Hillary
10 Mar 2008
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The title pretty much says it all.
11 Mar 2008
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Jason Falls usually stays away from politics but he couldn't resist talking about the heated race of the Democratic party. With Barack Obama taking a bigger lead, Jason asks us all... is it time for Hillary to resign? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.
17 Mar 2008
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Make NO mistake where she stood in 2003
19 Mar 2008
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Racism hurts us all, MANKIND, in all its sizes, shapes, colors, hues, genders, cultures, national origins, religions, ages, etc. How long? How long will we tolerate racism? Until it poisons yet another generation of Americans? Or will this generation stand up collectively to overcome RACISM? Get tough, enough is enough! Replace Apathy with Empathy!
5 Aug 2009
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SNIPERGATE '08 - Can HRC survive being caught in a bald-faced lie? Watch a news report from 1996 about HRC's trip to Bosnia and then see her speech from March 17, 2008 where she answers a question about the trip. So embarrassing! Obama '08!
9 Feb 2009
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Senator Hillary Clitnton (Dem, NY) is a guest on today's show.
26 Mar 2008
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Never before seen footage from Hillary's daring 1996 rescue of Air Base Eagle.
27 Mar 2008
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Searching for a new angle, James Carville advises Hillary to go back to Plan XY
29 Sep 2008
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Hillary shows us another side and offers a musical message to her opponent. Written, Starring and Edited by Rosemary Watson
29 Mar 2008
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Hillary practices for the speech tonight!
25 Sep 2009
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From Clinton says she opposed NAFTA from the beginning. That's not what the record says.
2 Apr 2008
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Described by The Washington Post as "the most powerful man in Washington you've never heard of," Mark J. Penn is the worldwide CEO of Burson-Marsteller. He was pollster to President Clinton and is adviser to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, numerous corporations, and 25 foreign heads of state, including Colombia. Hillary Rodham Clinton's chief strategist, Mark Penn, apologized for meeting with Colombian officials pushing a free trade agreement that the presidential candidate opposes. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the strategist, Mark Penn, met Monday with Colombia's ambassador to the United States. Clinton advisers said Penn's meetings were not connected to the campaign, but part of his job as chief executive of the lobbying and public relations firm Burson-Marsteller Worldwide. But a Clinton adviser said the candidate was not happy to learn about the meeting, and Penn issued a statement expressing regrets. "The meeting was an error in judgment that will not be repeated and I am sorry for it," Penn said in a written statement. "The senator's well-known opposition to this trade deal is clear and was not discussed." Clinton spokesman Phil Singer said the candidate has not discussed the Colombian deal with Penn. "Senator Clinton's opposition to the Colombian Trade Deal is clear and she will be voting against it," Singer said. The Colombian government is trying to secure congressional passage of the agreement signed in 2006 by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and the Bush administration. According to Justice Department filings, Colombia agreed last year to pay Burson-Marsteller $300,000 to help "educate members of the U.S. Congress and other audiences" about the trade deal and secure continued U.S. funding for the $5 billion anti-narcotics program Plan Colombia. Clinton told the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO that the United States needs new trade policies before it has new trade deals. "That includes no trade deal with Colombia" she said. Penn's political consulting firm, Penn, Schoen & Berland, has been paid $10.8 million so far by Clinton's campaign.
12 Apr 2008
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