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In New York today, Hilton HHonors organized a Flash Mob in the spirit of summer! The participants were wearing bikinis and swim suits in order to promote Hilton HHonors Great Getaways.
10 Jun 2011
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Nathan Hilton shares Free Internet Marketing Secrets Welcome to my Channel! Remember to Subscribe... Follow me on Twitter- IM me with Skype anytime- nathan.hilton2 Im on MySpace- Please Rate, Comment & Subscribe to My Channel Helps me make changes I need to provide you with the best information I can. Just like most all marketers, I have had many trial and error methods of marketing on the internet. The internet is a huge place, and there are many people out there who want to take everything you have and leave you with nothing but disappointment. I spent months of working full time as a parts specialist at my local O'Reilly Auto, then spend late night hours on the internet stressing to make money... but nothing seemed to work. It was finally after meeting and talking with a few well known marketers that my point of view changed. I was so stuck on making money that I overlooked the important steps. So I started over. This time with a new perspective to focus on. I attended live classes and conversed with successful marketers to broaden my knowledge as much as I could. In the end, I found that true success comes from helping others... that is what I set out to do. I changed my techniques to direct my efforts out to the people, instead of trying to attract everyone to me. Since then, reaching out to help others who shared my same struggles has become my passion. I have opened a new chapter in my life... The people I met and inspired provided me with a whole new prospective on the internet and its powers. Now I offer my knowledge to you. I can show you how to take your current business to heights you never thought possible, or begin from scratch with a new online opportunity. Listen, Learn, and Implement. Yours Truly, Nathan Hilton