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The song is called Inner Universe, By Yoko Kanno Sakura & Sasuke Tribute Naruto, Sakura,sakura,gaara,sasuke,naruto,hinata Naruto x Sakura, Sakura x Tsunade, sasuXsaku, Sasuke,Sakura Naruto x Hinata,Sasuke x Sakura,Neji x TenTen
21 Dec 2008
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here with you baby - Naruto, Sakura,sakura,gaara,sasuke,naruto,hinata Naruto x Sakura, Sakura x Tsunade, sasuXsaku, Sasuke,Sakura Naruto x Hinata,Sasuke x Sakura,Neji x TenTen - here with you baby - here with you baby - here with you baby
24 Apr 2009
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This is my #3 one now I make so PLEASE RATED & COMMENT PEOPLE!!!The other ones haven't comment just my friends, I kinda feel sad cause I want to know if I did good, well I made for my sis since she LOVES this pair I do to but only 40% of me. I love most Sai x Sakura Song:Preacious Rose Anime:Naruto Pair:Sakura x Sasuke Rose haruka naru kaze no koe umare kuru chiisa na tane wa mada aoi hane hiroge oozora e maiagari niji wo koe kumo wo koe chizu naki tomoshibi no tabi kaze wo shiri ame wo shiru tsubasa ga yogoretemo koko kara tada tobitai dakara subete no kodou yo dakishimeta omoi wo toki hanatsu sekai e maiorita kimi wa feel like a precious rose suna no umi ni saku hana hitotsu teritsukeru taiyou ni unadarenai sono hana wa kore kara no michi wo yuku daiji na kimi no tomoshibi ashiato wa tsumibukaku sajin no iro wo someteku honmono no sono wa doko? koe wo age nobashita te ni fureteita kiseki no me wa omoigakenai katachi ni dakiyosete kanjiru nukumori ga kotae de shinjiteite yokatta to namida afureta toki wo kasanete hana futatsu mizu to hi no inochi [seimei*] wa daichi ume kagayaite hana ochiru hi made mitsumeau kara negai wa sora [uchuu*] ni coming precious rose ---English Translation--- Precious Rose The voice of the wind grows farther and farther away, a tiny seed is born I spread my still-pale wings and soar to the sky Climbing the rainbow, crossing the clouds The map-less journey of the light Discovering the wind, discovering the rain These wings are stained, but all I want to do is fly away from this place So I call out to the pulse of the world I'm releasing this feeling I once embraced into the world It flutters downward You feel like a precious rose One flower that blooms in an ocean of sand That flower doesn't wither even under the glaring sun I travel down the road from here, my footprints leading to your precious light This sinful sand cloud's color is becoming stained But where is the real thing? I raise my voice and touch the hand that reached out to me The eyes of this miracle take on an unimaginable shape From your answer, I feel the warmth nestling in I'm glad I believed, my eyes suddenly brimmed with tears Two flowers accumulating over time The existence of water and fire sinks into the earth and glows on Because we'll keep our gaze until that flower dies This wish from the sky is coming Precious rose THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY. Naruto, Sakura,sakura,gaara,sasuke,naruto,and hinata Naruto x Sakura Sakura x Tsunade sasuXsaku Sasuke and Sakura Naruto x Hinata,Sasuke x Sakura,Neji x TenTen
22 Apr 2009
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Naruto x Hinata Naruto x Sakura My 2nd video! Also this was purely fan made no intention of copyright infringment.
25 Sep 2009
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21 May 2009
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Thank for the constructive comments everyone. I think I've much improved since this. Please watch my other videos too! Subscribe? I decided to do another songdub, this time with the song Everytime we touch by Cascada. Again, it could use some improvement, but I tried. The slideshow isn't as fancy as last time, sorry. ^^ I found all my pictures on photobucket; art credit goes to their respective owners. The slideshow is of a lot of the Naruto couples. Couples that appear in the slideshow are: (in no particular order) Naruto x Hinata Naruto x Sakura Sakura x Kakashi Sakura x Sasuke Sasuke x Hinata Ino x Sasuke Shikamaru x Ino Shikamaru x Temari Hinata x Kiba Kiba x Ino Chouji x Ino Shino x Hinata Gaara x Temari (Haha, I didn't know they were siblings) Neji x Tenten Asuma x Kurenai Kakashi x Kurenai Rock Lee x Sakura The naruto couples I support are: Asuma x Kurenai Naruto x Hinata Ino x Shikamaru Sakura x Kakashi I DO NOT OWN NARUTO; THIS VIDEO IS PURELY A FAN-MADE PRODUCTION!
9 Jun 2009
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This is a Naruto couple video with all my fav. couples. This countains Yaoi, Yuri and Het so if you don't like those, don't watch the vid. This video has a lot of couples, adn some of them has only been introduced in the manga, so there is a slight spoiler. Here is a list of the couples: Shikamaru X Kiba Yondaime [Minato] X Kakashi Sasuke X Karin Shikamaru X Temari Genma X Hayate Naruto X Hinata Naruto X Sakura Sasuke X Naruto Naruto X Gaara Sakura X Ino Shikamaru X Ino Hayate X Fiance(?) Sai X Sakura Sakura X Hinata Kakashi X Yamato Jiraya X Orochimaru Sasuke X Ino Lee X Gaara kakashi X iruka Kiba X Hinata Suigetsu X Karin Yamato X Sai Neji X Tenten Orochimaru X Anko Asuma X Kurenai Tsunade X Shizune Sasuke X Sakura Obito X Rin Neji X Ino Sakura X Anko Chouji X Shikamaru Enjoy ^^
25 Sep 2009
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Inculdes Most Naruto Couples: Naruto and Hinata Naruto and Sakura Tayuya and Sakon/Ukon Tayuya and Shikamaru Tayuya and Kimimaro Shikamaru and Temari Shikamaru and Ino Ino and Choji Hinata and Shino Hinata and Kiba Sasuke and Sakura Pein and Konan Sasuke and Ino and there is a couple who only has one picture I thought it would be cute to add! Konohamaru and Hanabi Photos provided by: Photobucket**** Song: What you got Artist(s): Colby O Donis ft. Akon Made by: Me Hope you like(d) it!!!!
21 Jan 2010
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