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6 Oct 2007
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Trailers and video clips of The Milgram Experiment, a Moving Art Picture film by Maxwell Addae following the story of a pair of career con artists who have mastered the art of portraying authoritative figures; the antics reflected by their comedy skits and parody hip hop tunes, of acting duo Tommy C and Joey McG; Hear the soulful, break beat, hip-hop style of UK based songstress, Bukola, whose debut album "Which Way" is officially released on October 29.
9 Oct 2007
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Visit: www.whosp**** - Mr John M from Wales UK speaks about his experience of getting Complex Total Hip Replacement Surgery done at Wockhardt Super specialty Hospitals, India -- Asia's most advanced super specialty hospitals. As associate hospital of Harvard Medical International (HMI), Boston, USA, this hospital is equipped with latest technology, multi-disciplinary capability, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care ambience and processes at par with the guidelines set by International Accreditation Systems. Amongst the few hospitals in Asia equipped with most advanced Computer navigation and Minimal Access Surgery facilities to perform any complex Knee, Hip and Shoulder joint replacement and Resurfacing Surgeries. Wockhardt Hospitals has a vastly experienced team of Orthopedic Surgeons who have done more than 4000 joint replacement surgeries. Wockhardt Hospitals in Bangalore India is now the first choice for non insured self paying US patients. Few hospitals even in US cannot match the Orthopedic, Cardiac, Brain
9 Oct 2007
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experience of getting Hip Resurfacing Surgery done at Wockhardt Hip resurfacing Center - a state of the art facility at South Asia's First Internationally Accredited Superspecialty Hospital at Mumbai. As associate hospital of Harvard Medical International (HMI), Boston, USA, this hospital is equipped with latest technology, multi-disciplinarycapability, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care ambience and processes. Hip resurfacing or surface replacement arthroplasty is a bone-conserving alternative to conventional total hip replacement (THR). Unlike THR, hip resurfacing does not involve the removal of the femoral head and neck; hence the head, neck and femur bone is preserved in an effort to facilitate future surgery to enable the patient to take advantage of newer technology or treatments in the future. The current generation of hip resurfacing devices utilizes a metal-metal bearing. Metal-metal bearings have demonstrated a much higher level of wear resistance as well as reduced bone loss and inflammatory tissue reaction about the hip joint as compared to metal-polyethylene bearings. Hip resurfacing is anatomically and biomechanical more similar to the natural hip joint resulting in increased stability, flexibility and range of motion. Further, the dislocation risk is virtually eliminated. Higher activity levels are typically achieved with less risk. These benefits are realized because the head diameter that results from resurfacing is very similar to the patient's normal head diameter and these larger head sizes are typically much larger than the femoral balls utilized in conventional THR. This surgery is less invasive and rehabilitation after the operation is quicker. Patients are encouraged to be active after surgery as this improves the bone stockHip resurfacing is better than THR (total hip replacement) because generally after THR, one cannot sit on the floor, squat, or lead a very active, hectic life or play sport. THR can also dislocate. Hip Resurfacings hardly ever dislocate and activity levels are excellent after resurfacing. For more details visit www.whosp****
9 Oct 2007
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battle of hip hop breakdance part 1
11 Nov 2007
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battle of hip hop breakdance part 2
10 Oct 2007
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This is a hip hop freestyle ( which means it wasn't written down. It was straight off the top of my head ). I call it " Daily Routine". The pictures where gotten from my Pictures Folder on my laptop. ... again it's just a freestyle. Freestyling is something i do to keep me from getting bored and it's actually something I do 4 fun. By the way this is not my real voice. It was done with a normal PC mic attached to a headphone ( the kind used 4 online charting ) not a studio mic. Very soon i would start a website where i would post freestyles daily, weekly or monthly. I would just post them as they come. To listen to my other + future freestyles visit
10 Oct 2007
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The Hip Drop: Egyptian Belly Dancing: In this instructional belly dancing video clip, learn how to perform the hip drop move.
11 Oct 2007
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very good dance dance dance :) hip hop newstyle """Solo Judge Hip Hop didier tijo and meech_ O_quot;_trip house
19 Oct 2007
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Like Sisqo these days, some things in hip-hop just don't work.
30 Oct 2007
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This is the answer to the bird singing hip hop on a tree question
18 Nov 2007
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Metal to metal hip prosthesis is found to be more durable than the traditional metal to plastic for hip replacement surgery.
21 Nov 2007
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