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Glenn is a multifaceted photographer. That means Glenn's talents with a camera are versatile. In this episode of Toasted Donut, Glenn demonstrates a cool zoom shot technique, edited together from multiple still and video shots, where the camera's location advances to enable a continuous moving "zoom" (or rather, a camera floating through space and time and air effect).
23 Nov 2011
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In today's episode, we review the origins of how the name Toasted Donut came to be complete with original footage!
22 Dec 2011
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As most of you know, Glenn (aka Hippie Glenn) has unprecedented access to the hosts of Diggnation. In this episode of Toasted Donut, Glenn takes full advantage of said access and quizzes Kevin & Alex about the legacy of Diggnation as it nears its completion as a series.
8 Dec 2011
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As most of you may know, Glenn (aka Hippie Glenn) has unprecedented access to the hosts of Diggnation. In this episode of Toasted Donut, Glenn takes full advantage of said access and quizzes the two about the legacy of Diggnation, as it nears its completion as a series.
30 Nov 2011
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Hippie Glenn and Prager are joined by former early Netscape engineer, start-up entrepreneur and prolific bar owner, Doug Dalton.
11 Aug 2012
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Hippie Glenn and Prager discuss the Olympics as well as the the evolution of YouTube comments.
31 Jul 2012
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This week, Toasted Donut morphs into a fast-paced music laden video slideshow of Glenn's exciting adventures in Croatia with his fiancé Kristin!
2 Feb 2012
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This week's episode of Toasted Donut could also be known as Toasted Nation episode 1. This is not Diggnation, nevermind that two people closely associated with Diggnation will be sitting side by side with beers talking about stuff. What it will be is Hippie Glenn and Prager discussing social deviance.
1 Mar 2012
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In this episode of Toasted Donut, Revision3's head of new programs and program acquisitions, Matt Labate, joins a discussion with Glenn and Prager about the process of creating new Revision3 programming, identifying talent, and partnering with new and developing show properties.
21 Mar 2012
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Toasted Donut is back from its hiatus! Join Glenn McElhose and David Prager as the guys chat about tech news, current events and a few of the exciting happenings in their lives. Yes, the format is a bit like Diggnation... check it out as we discuss Facebook stock, bachelor parties in Colombia & more.
28 Jun 2012
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Revision3 producer Mauricio Balvanera, a trained audio engineer, joins Glenn to discuss sound design. With the animated introduction of Toasted Donut in mind, Glenn and Mauricio set forth to record the sounds that will represent all the things happening in the animation.
8 Feb 2012
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In this week's episode of Toasted Donut, Glenn has come down with a sickness; some may say a cold or a flu.
15 Feb 2012
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In the debut episode of Toasted Donut, Glenn delves into his love of flying by meeting up with his pilot friend, Dave at a rustic airport in Tahoe, California. Dave provides Glenn with a zen style introduction to his flying machine, it's parts, what makes it work, and then they take it for a quick spin.
16 Nov 2011
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Hippie Glenn goes behind the scenes for a backstage extravaganza from the Diggnation Finale! Catch all the pre-show set-up and excitement plus the crazy antics of Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht as they prepare for the big finale.
5 Jan 2012
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See why Glenn cut his big motorcycle trip short (shattered iPhone, anyone?). And the first Toasted Donut cooking recipe gets its debut, the Vegan Reuben!
19 Jan 2012
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This one is all about decisions. Glenn discusses a transition period in his life and ruminates about where is he and where he would like to go next. And he explains how a new found love of motorcycles is leading him on a road trip of introspection!
12 Jan 2012
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