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Abs: Combines a series of simple, yet challenging, exercises that target both the deep set muscles that support the lower spine and the larger abdominal muscle groups that give shape and firmness to your waistline. Arms(15 mins): Using only 1 to 3 lb. hand weights, this workout will firm up your arms (triceps, biceps, and shoulders) without fear of bulking up. Hips: Features a combination of super toning exercises from yoga, dance strength training and Pilates inspired moves that will trim and firm the width of your hips. Thighs(15 mins): Combines standing and floor exercises from yoga, dance and the work of Joseph Pilates which have been favored by dancers and models for many years. The Method's concept of intergrated fitness allows you to learn and perform movements and exercises from four of the world's most proven physical conditioning philosophies: Yoga, martial arts, classical dance and the work of Joseph Pilates. View more Health & Fitness Videos at: *******www.zipidee****/zipidnewaddition.aspx?cat=Health%20and%20Fitness View more clips available for download at: *******www.Zipidee****
16 Jan 2008
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E3 (Mike Kuzoian, Mike Minelli, and Ron Libatique) tryout for the U.S. Hip Hop Dance Team. The group makes the team, ranks first in America, and takes home "Best in show" in the process.
16 Jan 2008
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Hip hop artist, Proxy, grew up in a Christian family, but never really knew God personally. He shares his story of how he came to know God on a personal level.
17 Jan 2008
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This song and the album of 12 tracks is available at all leading online stores like itunes,napster,clingout****,amazon Mp3, Raphsody, Groupies Tunes, Emusic. Dnoax is india`s biggest hip hop group launching their debut album world wide across all leading online stores. This video also features Graffitti which is Bangalore`s first international Hip Hop dance crew. This music is can be cateogrised as Desi Hip Hop, Desi Rap, Indian Rap, Indian Hip Hop, Dnoax, Graffitti, Mc, Rapping, Freestyling, B boying, Club Banger, Indi Pop, Bhangra Rap, Punjabi Rap, Tamil Rap, Hindi Rap, Hindi Hip Hop, Tamil Hip Hop, Bhangra Hip Hop, Punjabi Hip Hop, Remix, Commercial Music video, Brand New Music Video, Dancing in a club, sounds like , 50 cent, G unit , eminem , mob deep, Hard Kaur, rishi rish, bombay rockers, sona family, Bhoemia, 2pac, Biggie, notorious big, Desi, They see, India, Indian, battle rap, hip Hop battle, Dance battle, freestyle, freestyle moves, disco, club music, fast rap ,hot, brand new music video, chicks, sexy gals, sexy , sexy girls, music video, new artists, new artist, new on the block , new rap , new hip hop music, new music, new group, topping the charts, graffitti, dnoax, indian hip hop record label, desi media networks, dmn, dnox, dreadnox, dreadknox, bangalore, mumbai, chennai, hyderbad, delhi, india, desi land, pakisthan, srilanka, burma, nepal, remix, clingout, hangout, great moves, brand new music, new moves, crazy freestlye moves, how to rap, how to make a music video, how to reach the public, how to leave a mark, how to dance, how to sing, how to remix, how to mix, how to produce, hip hop producer, new hip hop beat, crib , click , joint, rap, rap core, hard rap, aggressive rap, underground rap, asian rap, asian hip hop, asian rapper, indian rapper, indian rappers, desi rappers, desi rapper, mc, freestyling, performace, rapping live, independent record label, hip hop record label in india, downloads, free, free download, free music, free rap songs, free hip hop songs, free music, free show, clubs, discos, break dancing, head spins, cart wheels, crib walk, c walk, melodious singing, brand new kick ass video, new hip hop group, new hip hop rappers, Indian, desi, calling unsinged artists, desimedianetworks**** , www.clingout**** , www.desimedianetworks**** , dnoax available on all leading online music stores like itunes, napster, raphsody, groupies tunes, emusic, amazon mp3, clingout**** , sounds like yogi b, sounds like t pain, snoop dogg, soulja boy, patriotic rap, indian rap , indian hip hop, move to the groove, music for teenagers, revolt, revolution, they see, they see revolution, desi revolution, desi hip hop revolution, desi rap revolution, indian folk songs, old indian songs, old remix songs, punjabi, indian dance, indian freestyle dancers, indian hip hop dancers, indian rappers, indian mcs, indian b boys, indian gals, indian girls, indian women, indian people, hardcore rap, Thanks to Rapit Fly beats who sold the beat exclusively to us.
22 Jan 2008
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Nightjohn (Bayo & Arnett) Co-Authors of The Hiphop Driven Life: A Genius Liberation Handbook appear on a T.V. Show called "Conversations-N-More" with Host: Vilma Butler *******www.myspace****/thehiphopdrivenlife *******www.thehiphopdrivenlife**** hip hop honeys hip hop hip hop police hip hop models hip hop dance hip hop abs chamillionaire hip hop police hip hop clothing hip
5 Feb 2008
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hip hop baltic 2008 numbers 153 154
27 Apr 2008
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· Gionni Battista » Sternzeichen: Waage Lieblingsessen: Pizza Wohnort: Ludwigshafen Geburtsdatum: 15.10.1982 Tätigkeit: Coach / Tanzlehrer Lieblingstanz: Hip Hop - Style Im Team tätig seit: September 03 Lieblingsgetränk: Apfelsaftschorle Traumberuf: Tänzer und Tanzlehrer Lieblingsmusik: Hip Hop / RNB / Soul Lebensmotto: Wo ein wille ist, ist auch ein Weg!! Siehe Original: Lifestyle Messe Die Messe für Wohnen - Genießen - Lebensart Die LIFESTYLE hat sich als innovative und dynamische Veranstaltung zur Messemarke entwickelt. Wohnen, Genießen, Lebensart -- Themen, die uns alle interessieren werden sich in den unterschiedlichsten Facetten auf der LIFESTYLE 2007 widerspiegeln. Vom 29. September bis zum 3. Oktober wird die beliebte Verbraucherausstellung erneut zum Anziehungspunkt für Besucher aus weiten Teilen Deutschlands. Zum sechste Mal in jährlicher Folge präsentieren ausgesuchte Unternehmen der Region und aus ganz Deutschland auf 12.000 Quadratmetern Fläche ein wohl sortiertes Produkt- und Dienstleistungsangebot für den ganz individuellen Geschmack. An fünf Tagen, mit einem Wochenende und einem Feiertag, haben Aussteller wie Besucher bei attraktiven Öffnungszeiten von 11 bis 20 Uhr die Gelegenheit, in einem ausgesuchten Ambiente Informationen auszutauschen und Kaufentscheidungen zu treffen. LIFESTYLE, die besucher- und kaufkraftstarke Messe mit einem zukunftsweisenden Marketingkonzept und herausragenden Merkmalen, mit einem repräsentativen Querschnitt von Bauen bis Reisen, Kosmetik bis Sport, Mode bis Wohnen gibt den LIFESTYLE Besuchern vielfältige Anregungen für die Gestaltung ihrer individuellen Lebensart. Siehe Original:
29 Jan 2008
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*******www.feelyourflow**** For more information on Hip Hop Grub Spot Franchise Opportunities, or to find out more info on how you can open a Hip Hop Grub Spot In Your Community or City... Contact: bayooloruntohbcuentrepreneurs****
5 Dec 2008
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***********/HHGSFranchises Hip HOp Grub Spot investors franchisees opening new locations nationwide and worldwide
6 Feb 2008
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***********/HHGSFranchises Great Food Books Magazines Gaming Video Live Performances Hip Hop Grub Spot is a rapidly growing pre-IPO global franchise restaurant Investors business owners contact bayooloruntohbcuentrepreneurs****
7 Feb 2008
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Great Hip-Pop, He copy robot, It's very cool dance.
17 Apr 2008
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The most best Hip-Hop race.
8 Feb 2008
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This is one of the funniest ways to promote something. This guy is hip hop dancing at an intersection with no shame. This will get attention for sure
8 Feb 2008
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*******www.myspace****/HHGSFranchises *******www.hchacouture****/ America's Next Fashionista The Hip Hop Grub Spot Fashion show was a great success at the grand opening we look forward to opening more franchises worldwide with more singers & models
11 Feb 2008
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If you've listened to any of my mixtapes I've always made it clear that Hip-Hop is about how something is packaged, not necessarily a finite genre. Here is another example. A live mix, with one turntable, of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and Pink Floyd, with special appearances by Richard Pryor and Fab Five Freddy. Equipment present: 2 Stanton c314 CD decks, 1 Stanton T60X turntable with Shure M25C cartridge, Stanton SMX201 mixer. Enjoy! The Stanton T60X has just replaced the wretched Gemini XL-DD50II I /was/ using. An MP3 of this performance can be downloaded here: *******homepage.mac****/alqahtani/.Public/classic-rock-mix.mp3
19 Feb 2008
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Discover how you can get platinum quality rap beats, hip hop beats, and r&b instrumentals that will help you attract thousands of fans, get thousands of record sells, and become a platinum selling superstar!
24 Feb 2008
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