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Forbidden History (Please Re-Upload) - ROBERT SEPEHR
3 Sep 2018
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History of Human
15 Sep 2018
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Internet's biggest research on P2P distributed ledger technologies and electronic cash systems, to prove Bitcoin as the second greatest scam in the history of mankind after free floating fiat currencies. An unbiased research based on objectivity and rationality to prove Bitcoin as a corporate scam and fraud. Contains over 60,000 words of shocking information & is based on 3 years of data collection and analysis. With over 50+ reasons to prove if Darknet is the door to hell then Bitcoin is its key. Impact Just within two months of its release: ---------------------------------------------------------- Over $67,000 worth of cryptocurrencies have been successfully trashed by former crypto-users after reading this research. ======================= Written and produced by a computer systems engineer (major in distributed systems), web developer, pro blogger and a student of monetary history. ======================= From Opium production in Afghanistan to Silk Road of Californian Cypherpunks, From child pornography to Pedophiles ruling Billion dollar Crypto industry. Welcome to the untold story of Bitcoin and its sisters, a dark secret saga, you might have never heard before on internet. ============================ Become a Bird of Goodness and Peace ============================ Verily falsehood perishes ultimately, for falsehood is by its nature bound to perish. Educate your youngsters against this new monetary scam and protect them from becoming crypto test dummies and objects of greed. Become a new bird, by sharing this research with those, that matter to you. Check the list of all those lively souls who care for their future generation by visiting → HALL OF BIRDS. What's that? Follow the link below: Source ======================= BitcoinIsScam dot com
2 Sep 2018
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Steel is one of the most essential and strong metal which is used widely in this modern world. Steel is also used as the major part of car bodies. Other small parts of construction materials such as nails, screws, bolt, TMT bars are made of steel.
31 Aug 2018
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improvement of omar effendi stores in egypt
7 Sep 2018
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In world cricket there are many good catches but in this video you will see 10 terrific catches of wicketkeepers. So just watch and enjoy.
13 Sep 2018
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This is to make people aware of the legendary lore based group known as CEL archives.
20 Sep 2018
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If it could play as a goalkeeper with other cats or its size of people it would be definitely the best goalkeeper in the history.
26 Aug 2018
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This is the funniest interview comment ever. The old man video bombing knows how to make his name curved in the history in a way or another.
12 Sep 2018
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This example of the architectural design is one that will mark its place on the book of the history. It's hard to imagine we humans made this.
15 Sep 2018
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History should remember this chase well because this is one of the funniest videos of a police chase it has witnessed. The cop has some good energy.
21 Sep 2018
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The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in New York City, in the United States.
27 Aug 2018
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