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Dude, if you can get past the pizza hitting the floor a few times, the dandruff from the guy's hair and the lint from the guy's shirt, the guy is one GREAT pizza twirler! Best I've seen!!! More Funny Visit *******pehibot.blogspot****
12 Jul 2008
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Some guy slides down an escalator and picks up some pretty decent speed. When he reaches the bottom he wipes out on the floor. Listen to the smacking sound he makes when he hits the floor.
3 Aug 2008
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he hit the floor..
11 Sep 2008
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MORE FREE VIDEOS *******www.sozoexchange****/category/dailypronunciations/ Today’s word is ”brandish”. This is a verb which means to wave or shake. For example, you can say, “I watched him brandish his gun as everyone hit the floor to hide.”
17 Feb 2009
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Please subscribe, comment, rate, and share with your friends! 2 new characters: T-Bag (male) and Missy Lil' Dingle. Parody of the famous mother of 14 whose recent birth of octuplets have caused a huge media stir. If youre not familiar with the story: parody music composed and peformed by Steve Goldstein: written by, video edited, and all characters performed by me. Lyrics: Octo-Mom Song A.K.A Mo Babies (Low Parody) She had 6 implanted embryos After giving birth to six Now everybodys sayin Damn how crazy is this chick? Pregnancy glow Aint got the dough But shawty want mo, mo, mo, mo mo mo mo mo Shawtys now got 14 kids, which is pretty whack Obstetrician had to give 8 baby booties a big smack. Water hits the floor Next thing you know Shawtys got mo mo mo mo mo mo mo mo I aint never seen a big belly that grow This crazy chicks a baby poppin pro Got a million dollar bill in incubation fees Food on the walls house filled with fleas And her expectations Are not for donations Except church congregations And paypal locations She had complications Childhood aspirations Thats her explanation Pops em out like a toaster Needs a pacifier holster And a pimped out stretch stroller Shes a food stamp high roller Cha-Ching!
28 Feb 2009
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The kids at Comic-Con '09 hit the floor on a serious mission - to have as much fun as possible. Check out more Comic-Con '09 footage at www.thewb****/comiccon!
29 Jul 2009
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“Shasha adds to my exclusivity to the kind of roles I play”-Aarti Chhabria Aarti Chhabria won the title of “Miss India” in 1999 and commenced her Bollywood career with film “Tumse Acha Kaun Hain”. The film did not live to everyone’s expectation but, the songs of film became very popular. Soon after that she was seen in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s film “Lajja”, “Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyon”, “Ssukh”, “Awara Pagaal Dewana”, “Raja Bhaiya”, “Teesri Aankh”, “Shoot Out at Lokhandwala”, “Patner” and “Heyy Babyy”. Apart from Bollywood, Aarti even acted in several films in south. She even has around 120 AD commercials under her belt. She holds the experience of music videos too. Soon this year her film “Toss-A flip of destiny” is ready to hit the floor. “Toss-A flip destiny” is presented by Knox Entertainment and is produced by Mukesh. D. Ramani. The film is directed and written by Ramesh Khatkar. Film also stars Rannvijay, Prashant Raj, Madhureema, Mahesh Manjrekar, Rajpal Yadav and many more. Recently, in Axis Bank of Lokhandwala she interacted with media and briefed about the film, her role and upcoming projects. Following is the dialogue exchanged: • Tell us about your film “Toss” - Toss is a story of a group of childhood friends. And how an incident changes the relationships, beliefs, love, trust between all of them. It’s a fast-paced thriller film. • What role you are playing in the film? -I play the character of ‘Shasha’. She sings on the cruise of Goa. She extrovert, fun-loving, ambitious, beliefs in herself and wants to achieve whatever she has desired for. Prashant Raj is casted opposite me in the film. • How different “Shasha” is from your other roles played in the past? -Actually, first time I am playing a character like Shasha. I have never played a role like this. Mostly comedy or romance has been my forte. But, Shasha is different and unique. • Did you undergo any training or workshop for the role of “Shasha”? -Yes, I learnt the accent and way of speaking, behaving of Goan girls. And we all star-cast attended the workshop before the film-shooting started. • What according to you is the U.S.P of the film and what will make audience to go and watch the film? -Film has all those elements which the audience wants and loves these days. It has thriller, romance, love everything. According to me the U.S.P of the film is the presentation. • Apart from you there are two more female actors in the film. How was your rapport with them? -We belonged to same age-group and therefore had loads and loads of fun on the sets of the film. One can witness the rapport when they go and watch the film. • How was the experience to work with Director Ramesh Khatkar? -It was an immense pleasure to work with him. He is passionate film-maker. His dedication comes across from his work. • Which are your upcoming films? -“Daddy Cool” and “Toss” are my upcoming films. And both of films are releasing together. • How you are feeling when both of the your films are releasing together? -I am keeping my finger crossed. Let’s hope for the best. I am nervous about the response of the audience. • What you personally like to play character which is comic-oriented or serious in nature? -I love playing all kinds of roles. That brings my versatility across. Being an actor I feel comfortable playing all kinds of roles with several shades. Be it ‘Awara Pagaal Dewana’ or ‘Shoot out at Lokhandwala.’ -H.S.Communications
18 Aug 2009
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*******www.TopMMAWorkout****/Go - dominate your opponents with unlimited cardio and massive knockout power. Jamie completely dominated Kelly (baby Kimbo) from the beginning. Once they hit the floor, Kelly really had no chance.
28 Sep 2009
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Musics: 30 Seconds to Mars - From Yesterday Big Ali feat Dollarman - Hit The Floor Disturbed - Forgiven
30 Sep 2009
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This exercise is rarely performed, particularly effective and can be done anywhere. All you need is a non-bouncing medicine ball. This ab exercise is called the Med Ball Slam. Proper technique is crucial, so I will break down the technique into simple steps. 1) Stand with a shoulder width stance. Lift the medicine ball directly over your head. 2) Slam the med ball down to the floor using as much force as possible. The ball should hit the floor only a couple of inches in front of your feet. 3) In one quick movement, squat down and scoop the ball off the floor. 4) Immediately return to starting position and repeat for the prescribed number of reps. Work hard on this exercise and you WILL get awesome results!
25 Jul 2011
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Song : Drowning Pool - Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
11 Dec 2009
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Mahurat of the film Undertrial starring Jackie Shroff, Parveen Dabbas....hit the floors. Take a look!!!
5 Jan 2010
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