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Humvee vs the mountain humvee HMMWV hummer pr prm bf2 project reality projectreality battlefield v8 prmm
24 Jun 2008
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My friend flying his Hummer
1 May 2009
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These trucks kept driving around the area so I just decided to film them.
7 Sep 2009
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Predator teams up with Don Prudhomme, Snake Racing, MARSOC, Navy Seals, Naval Special Warfare, The Hummer Club Inc. and The Red Cross for Maxs Ring Of Fire and their event called Touch-A-Truck. All to benefit Children's Cancer Research!
6 Jun 2010
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Predator teams up with Maxs Ring of Fire to benifit Childrens Cancer Research. MARSOC, Navy Seals and many more leaving from Predators facility heading down for the cause.
10 Jun 2010
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GySgt Mund from Special Ops MARSOC at the Touch A Truck Children's Cancer Research event. Thanks to MARSOC for all the support!
6 Jun 2010
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Leaner and more contemporary than the minivan it replaces, the Grand Originally designed for the U.S Army nearly 30 years ago the High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV, pronounced Humvee), also known as HUMMER, is the ultimate go anywhere vehicle.
29 May 2008
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On this episode of Head 2 Head, Jonny Lieberman pits an American icon against itself. Since 1984 AM General's Humvee has served as the U.S. Military's primary multipurpose workhorse. However, after adding nearly three tons of armor plating, the already slow, ill handling beast gets slower and clumsier. One solution is to replace it with a new truck, but that would cost us a fortune. The other comes from Banks Engineering, which adds more sophisticated turbocharging as well as a revised, active suspension. If the Humvee is going to go down in history as the truck version of the B-52, it needs upgrades similar to what Banks is selling. That said, the Banks Humvee does cost a good deal more than the base Humvee. However, it's a much cheaper alternative to something like an MRAP or the Oshkosh L-ATV. But is it that much better than the regular production Humvee? Watch and find out! Head 2 Head appears every other Wednesday on the Motor Trend channel. ***********/motortrend Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=motortrend Facebook - *******facebook****/motortrendmag Twitter - *******twitter****/motortrend Google+ - ************/1018679678590... Website - *******www.motortrend****
23 Nov 2013
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Friend of mine and I did some offroading in a HMMWV and used the AN/PVS-7B (Night Vision Goggles) to film it. The driving was done using only 'black out lights' which is a very small light near the headlights of the HMMWV. Quality isn't great because its just a normal camera, not a video camera, and because its being filmed through a set of night vision goggles. Enjoy! Music: Gladiator Medley from the movie Gladiator Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark
18 Jun 2009
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Note the solider walking around near where the IED went off, and then running towards the HMMWV w/ the camera. A very lucky U.S. Army troop survives a 160 lb IED explosion from less than 20 feet away, also note how the IED shook the HMMWV w/ the camera.
30 Jun 2011
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Hummer vs Jeep at the Mounds in Flint, MI
25 Apr 2009
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Super cobra attacking convoi whit tow, hellfire missels and 20mm cannon Addons used: ACE ...
28 Mar 2009
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How quick are you?
19 Jun 2009
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This is a H1 hummer sales video, there is one on youtube already, but doesnt have sound, and this one is longer.
20 Jul 2009
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How to bring the runflat bak into a tire. Without a original runflat compressor
6 Sep 2009
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Video showing all the improvements continually incorporated into the backbone of U.S. fighting forces.
19 May 2010
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