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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Leaner and more contemporary than the minivan it replaces, the Grand Originally designed for the U.S Army nearly 30 years ago the High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV, pronounced Humvee), also known as HUMMER, is the ultimate go anywhere vehicle.
29 May 2008
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Humvee vs the mountain humvee HMMWV hummer pr prm bf2 project reality projectreality battlefield v8 prmm
24 Jun 2008
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On this episode of Head 2 Head, Jonny Lieberman pits an American icon against itself. Since 1984 AM General's Humvee has served as the U.S. Military's primary multipurpose workhorse. However, after adding nearly three tons of armor plating, the already slow, ill handling beast gets slower and clumsier. One solution is to replace it with a new truck, but that would cost us a fortune. The other comes from Banks Engineering, which adds more sophisticated turbocharging as well as a revised, active suspension. If the Humvee is going to go down in history as the truck version of the B-52, it needs upgrades similar to what Banks is selling. That said, the Banks Humvee does cost a good deal more than the base Humvee. However, it's a much cheaper alternative to something like an MRAP or the Oshkosh L-ATV. But is it that much better than the regular production Humvee? Watch and find out! Head 2 Head appears every other Wednesday on the Motor Trend channel. ***********/motortrend Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=motortrend Facebook - *******facebook****/motortrendmag Twitter - *******twitter****/motortrend Google+ - ************/1018679678590... Website - *******www.motortrend****
23 Nov 2013
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Pilsung, Korea- EOD having fun on the range. This is where i shoulder-fired the M82A1 Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle. Booyah! yes it is a real ball round, no it is not meant to be fired from the shoulder, its suppose to be fired from a tripod or a HMMWV. The muzzle break takes most of the punch and it still kicks like a 12 ga shotgun. theres no aiming when shoulder firing this thing either. 42.5 lbs
21 Dec 2008
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Future Weapons: Very Stealthy Nuclear Attack Submarine Subscribe to me I have a lot of Military Videos on my channel or send me a friend request. =D united states security great britain cheney australia coalition denmark poland tony blair gordon brown Nouri al-Maliki Massoud Barzani Brian Burridge Flag of the United States Tommy Franks Ricardo Sanchez George Casey David Petraeus civil war enemy enemies kill kurdish iraqi crimes Abu Ayyub al-Masri Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Izzat Ibrahim ad-Douri Muqtada al-Sadr commander in chief donald rumsfeld robert gates usama bin laden saddam hussein nuclear weapons mass destruction unliteral foreign policy invasion blood gulf michael moore Paul Wolfowitz pentagon Colin Powell anti protest fallujah washington Mission Accomplished operation area battle marine air force airborne middle east afghanistan iraq iran kabul freedom democracy human rights cavalry infantry defense global world war on terror september attack 911 innocent kosovo Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tanks missile armor armour carapace defeat Islamic radicals Department of Defense Secretary the Army Reserve National Guard Sergeant Major company fire team Loyalty Duty Respect Selfless Service Honor Integrity Personal Courage danger nato captain warrior uniform M16A2/A4 assault rifle M4 carbine M9 bayonet M203 grenade launcher M9 pistol MK23 M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) M1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun Mossberg 590 Shotgun M14 Rifle M107 Long Range Sniper Rifle M24 Sniper Weapon System Hand grenades M67 fragmentation grenade M18 smoke grenade M2 .50-caliber heavy machine gun M120 120 mm mortar US Army M1A2 Abrams HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle) M1A2 Abrams main battle tank M2A3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle M3A3 cavalry fighting vehicle M113 armored personnel carrier M270A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) AH-64 Apache attack helicopter OH-58D Kiowa Warrior UH-60 Black Hawk CH-47 Chinook 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment al qaeda taliban Condoleezza Rice senat ---Famous Former Soldiers--- Alan Alda James Arness David Brinkley Mel Brooks Jack Buck Cardinals Baseball Art Carney Julia Child Joe DiMaggio Robert Dole Clint Eastwood Dwight D. Eisenhower Clark Gable Jerry Garcia Hank Greenberg Alexander Haig Daniel K. Inouye Medal of Honor Thomas "Stonewall" Jonathan Jackson James Earl Jones Henry Kissinger Don Knotts Kris Kristofferson Louis L'Amour Burt Lancaster Robert E. Lee Rocky Marciano George C. Marshall Audie Murphy Colin L. Powell Elvis Presley Tony Randall Ronald Reagan Jackie Robinson Andy Rooney Mickey Rooney Pat Sajak Telly Savalas Rod Serling Warren Spahn Jimmy Stewart Strom Thurmond Harry Truman Joseph Wapner George Washington Hoyt Wilhelm Efrem Zimbalist
24 May 2009
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Friend of mine and I did some offroading in a HMMWV and used the AN/PVS-7B (Night Vision Goggles) to film it. The driving was done using only 'black out lights' which is a very small light near the headlights of the HMMWV. Quality isn't great because its just a normal camera, not a video camera, and because its being filmed through a set of night vision goggles. Enjoy! Music: Gladiator Medley from the movie Gladiator Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark
18 Jun 2009
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Short clips of Echo Company 795th MP BN, December 2006 at Fort Leonard Wood. This was taken after they marched to the Gym on Fort Leonard Wood, MO. This is the OSUT site for the Military Police for the United States Army and Marine Corps. About two hundred soldiers graduated on this cold winter day in the mid west. Military Police One Station Unit Training (OSUT) is comprised of both Basic Training (BT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Completion of Military Police OSUT training awards a soldier either the 31B (Military Police) or 31E (Corrections Specialist) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Phase I "Patriot" - Orientation and Soldierization Total Control: Emphasis on transition from civilian to soldier Enforcement of company policy and standards Drill Sergeant Intensive Instill the Army's Values and Command Philosophy into soldiers' everyday life Phase II "Gunfighter" - Weapons Training Becoming a Soldier Emphasis on self-discipline M16A2 (rifle) qualification Bayonet assault course Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) training Less Drill Sergeant control back to top Phase III "Warrior" - Individual Tactical Training Leadership 101 1. Greater emphasis on self-discipline 2. Increase in Troop Leadership 3. Highlights: United States Weapons Field Training Exercise (FTX) Hand Grenades End of Cycle Test Army Values Tag Ceremony back to top Phase IV "Law and Order" - 31B and 31E Highlights: Evidence Search and Apprehension Military Police Reports and Forms Direct Traffic Interviews and Interrogations Patrol Incidents back to top This training takes place in Stem Village. Stem Village is a realistic Law Enforcement training village environment, featuring a variety of building styles. *31E soldiers branch off during this training phase to finish 31E MOS-specific training and later graduate as Corrections Specialists during their 31E Phase V training. 31E specific training takes place at the Barr Internment/Resettlement Facility, a part of Stem Village. back to top Phase V -- "MP Combat Support Operations" MP Functions! Highlights: Reduced Drill Sergeant supervision Military Police Field Training Exercise (FTX) 9mm pistol qualification Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) HMMWV (AKA 'Hummer') range Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) and Grenade Launcher (MK19) familiarization Unarmed self defense "Rites of Passage" Ceremony
5 Aug 2010
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Note the solider walking around near where the IED went off, and then running towards the HMMWV w/ the camera. A very lucky U.S. Army troop survives a 160 lb IED explosion from less than 20 feet away, also note how the IED shook the HMMWV w/ the camera.
30 Jun 2011
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This amazing Hummer Extreme Off Road Video shows the true capabilities and history of the Hummer. Rock Climbing, Mudding, Water Crossing and "Hummer Snow Challenge" and much more. Born from a military background, it's not surprising to discover that go-anywhere attitude backing up the Hummer brand. This mindset was best exemplified by the late Hummer H1 Realizing that not everyone would want the civilian equivalent of a Humvee, the company added the Hummer H2, available as an SUV and as a pickup dubbed the H2 SUT (sport utility truck). Still plenty capable, the H2 shares its platform with the Chevrolet Silverado, whereas the most recent product to debut, the Hummer H3 and H3T (the pickup truck version), is based on the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon. Hummer was created as a civilian version of the Humvee (HMMWV, High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle), a military vehicle developed by AM General during the 1980s. The first model, simply called the Hummer, was launched by AM General in 1992, seven years before General Motors took ownership of the company. After that change, the Hummer was renamed the Hummer H1 and GM worked on expanding the brand's line up and broadening exposure to the mainstream market. The results of those efforts could be seen in the Hummer H2, a rugged off-road SUV that offered attitude and sheer mass not found in many competing vehicles. A pickup version of that utility vehicle, dubbed the Hummer H2 SUT, followed. By 2006, the Hummer H1 had reached the end of its line, but the resulting void made room for the Chevy Colorado-based Hummer H3, available with a five-cylinder engine in standard guise or as the V8-powered Hummer H3 Alpha. A pickup version, the Hummer H3T, is also available, as is the more luxurious Hummer H3x. Video Marketing and Video SEO *******youtube****/user/VideoSeoServices ***********/watch?v=7PyXkDdhubY
6 Apr 2013
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The Army Materiel Command's Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center highlights the Golden HMMWV.
4 Sep 2013
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