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Shockingly as it may sound, though Jerusalem is "The Holy City," what is believed to be the location of "The Temple Mount" is nothing, though unintentionally, but a hoax - the "Hoax of the Millennium." In the pages of this work, this 'audacious' contention to many, will be amply proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, from the pages of the Bible as well as from faithful historic accounts of Jews, contemporary non- Jewish historians, Christian and Muslim recorded and preserved accounts.
10 Feb 2018
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Tidak sulit membedakan Vimax asli vs Vimax palsu. Seluruh gombal dan jurus tipu2 yg ada di Internet bisa Anda mentahkan hanya dengan MEMBACA RELEASE RESMI dari website Vimax Web resmi Vimax TIDAK PERNAH bilang ciri asli itu: - Sticker IZON wajib model gosok kayak undian berhadiah, karena sifatnya rahasia - Wajib ada tulisan emboss "VIMAX" di bawah botol - Yg asli itu isinya 60 kapsul, mana ada isi 30 kapsul... - LOT & EXP nya harus tinta warna hitam - LOT & EXP nya tidak mungkin luntur karena tintanya berkualitas tinggi - Ingredients nya tidak mungkin salah cetak - Kemasannya ada kardus lagi, gak cuma botol doank - Kapsulnya harus warna . . . . . . . - Label botolnya harus warna . . . . . . . - LOT dan EXP nya harus cetak timbul/emboss - Di dalam botolnya harus ada kapas - Distributor tunggal satu2nya di Indonesia, yg lain palsu - Seller asli rekening bank nya pasti PT Vimax / CV Vimax / dsb Mereka hanya menyebut DUA ciri asli yg MUTLAK HARUS ADA, yaitu: 1) Serial number WAJIB LOLOS verifikasi online "Your Vimax product is genuine!" (03:10). TIDAK ADA PENGECUALIAN! Gombal seller yg biasa dipake buat ngeles: - Serialnya udah pernah saya cek, jadi gak bisa dicek lagi - Serialnya cuma bisa dicek satu kali, mungkin agan pernah cek? - Websitenya ngaco, pokoknya ini ori, percaya aja sama saya... 2) Sticker IZON 4-D menyala di EMPAT SISI dengan 4 nyala lampu berbeda, dengan angka 1, 2, 3, 4 sesuai lampunya (01:10 s/d 02:24). TIDAK ADA PENGECUALIAN! Gombal seller yg biasa dipake buat ngeles: - Oh itu mah sticker model lama, yg baru udah gak 4D lagi... (yg percaya = GOBLOK!) - Yg penting "IZON" mas.. bisa 3D bisa 4D, sama aja, sama2 asli.. - SALAH bro! Yg betul itu, ciri asli tuh begini, begono.. (ngarang) Sekali lagi, jangan percaya yg Anda baca di sini.. tapi silakan cek sendiri web resmi Vimax!
18 Feb 2018
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A weird hoax with a cable coming out of the sink.
8 Nov 2006
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See the damning evidence shown of the terrorist hoax being repeated RIGHT NOW !
2 Feb 2007
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The Webcam Correspondent delivers news on the online social scene. This week he looks into online hoaxes, revealing the identity of Pastor Donnie Davies in an exclusive interview.
16 Feb 2007
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Hotmail Hoax are emails that threaten to delete your hotmail account if you dont send the email that was given to you to a certain number of people. A bogus email sent out to Hotmail users claims they'll be cut off if they don't prove they're using their accounts. In order to do so, all they've got to do is forward the email to other Hotmail users. Visit: www.sophos****/security/hoaxes/hotmail.html *******antivirus.about****/library/hoaxes/blenhot.htm *******www.hoax-slayer****/hotmail-account-hoax.html
3 Mar 2007
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Haiti And The Dominican Republic - YouTube UFO Hoax - Faked? Have a look and judge for yourself.... These are just one or two of a great many things that bother me regarding the authenticity of this video.
11 Aug 2007
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candid camera CPR hoax
14 Feb 2008
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This is a Hoax. See *******www.metacafe****/watch/1399627/cell_phone_popcorn_hoax_revealed/
16 Jul 2008
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Hoax: see *******www.metacafe****/watch/1399627/cell_phone_popcorn_hoax_revealed/
12 Mar 2009
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*******theearth4energy****/ Is the Energy Crisis a Hoax? Learn how to easily and cheaply convert your home to solar and wind power. Save thousands per year. earth 4 energy earth4energy solar wind power alternative generator electricity earth for kit conversion renewable green earth4energy****
29 Sep 2008
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Everything started as hoax and see what happened....
6 Aug 2008
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