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My spare time hobby.
25 May 2006
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Silverlit R/C UFO, a totally new challenge on Research and Development for toys industry, has been successfully launched in 2005. This hobby-grade flying object and dramatically breaks through all ordinary flying toys available in the toys market in terms of technology and play value.
18 Aug 2005
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Kazakhstan's most famous journalist talks about his hobbies, his former wife, and dances with Beck. Funny a
19 Jun 2008
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A girlf is very unhappy about her boyfriend's hobby. He is lucky this time! Great ad.
4 Apr 2006
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9 Sep 2012
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MVD's Musicockmentary's third segment examines Leif's varied (arguably crazy) hobbies -- from extreme street-sports to extreme Zen, Leif doesn't do anything without 500CCs of extremeitude. We learn more about what makes this man tick -- like a time-bomb of rock and roll.
17 Apr 2008
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Nameetha uncensored clips Namitha Biography Name: Namitha Original Name: Bhairavi Birth Date: May 10, 1981 Native Place: Gujarat Education: B.A First Film: Sontham Leisure Time: Spending time in my home Hobbies: Reading Books, Watching Movies, Travelling Favorite Films: Gemini, Oka Raju Oka Rani Favorite Actors: Venkatesh, Sarath Kumar, Vijaykanth Favorite Actresses: Tabu, Nanditha Das Favorite Book: Comics, Autobiographies Favorite Author: Sidney Sheldon Favorite Flower: White Rose Favorite Food: Any Vegetarian Dishes Favorite Holiday spot: My House Favorite Sports: Badminton, Swimming Favorite Attire: Jeans with T-short as top Strength: Self Confidence Weakness: Waking up at late hours What you like in Other Person: Honesty What You Don’t Like in other Person: Boasting about themselves Philosophy: If you Fall behind by one step you have to think a head for two steps
7 Sep 2008
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25 Sep 2008
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Music is my hobby
9 Apr 2012
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More projects like this one can be found at *******www.cerebralmeltdown**** Here is a video of my hobby CNC machine cutting out both a gear and a Keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts video game. The keyblade was a Christmas present for my little sister who is a big Kingdom Hearts fan.
21 Mar 2009
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If you want a more seductive look for your hobby or profession, consider the instructional series on the art of the topless belly dance. This is a discreet and tactfully styled lesson incorporating the moves from the ancient professionals and the modern day sultry movements as well. Get ready for a whole new experience! *******www.dvdfitness****
25 Apr 2009
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After doing some 3D on Honey bee king 3, I got my confidence back to fly ESky 600 Series Belt CP V2 with idle up and do some aerobatics. I find Belt CP V2 to be very stable n easy for 3D Heli beginners to do 3D n inverted hovers. Check out n tell me what do you think. This heli is available at <*******www.hobby-estore****/esky-24ghz-beltcp-v2-red-heli.html> and remember when checking out, type “Ali” in the discount code box n get instant 5% Discount. Also check <*******www.metacafe****/channels/alishanmao>, <*******www.rctoyhouse****>, <*******www.hobby-estore****> , and <***********/alishanmao>. Cheers
11 Apr 2009
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*******EnergyForEarth**** ================== 100% Homemade Electricity Producing Wind Turbine Several years ago I bought some remote property in Arizona. I am an astronomer and wanted a place to practice my hobby far away from the sky-wrecking light pollution found near cities of any real size. I found a great piece of property. The problem is, it's so remote that there is no electric service available. That's not really a problem. No electricity equals no light pollution. However, it would be nice to have at least a little electricity, since so much of life in the 21st century is dependant on it. One thing I noticed right away about my property is that most of the time, the wind is blowing. Almost from the moment I bought it, I had the idea of putting up a wind turbine and making some electricity, and later adding some solar panels. This is the story of how I did it. Not with an expensive, store-bought turbine, but with a home-built one that cost hardly anything. If you have some fabricating skills and some electronic know-how, you can build one too. Let me state up front that I probably won't be able to help you out much if you decide to build your own wind turbine. This web site has become insanely popular, often taxing the bandwidth limits of the server. I get dozens of requests for help each day. I simply don't have time to answer the majority of them. Simple questions which only require a quick and simple answer may get replies if time permits. However, there is no way I can help you out with complex issues, teach you electronics theory, help you locate parts, build a charge controller for you, or custom design a system for you. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Sorry. I started by Googling for information on home-built wind turbines. There are a lot of them out there in an amazing variety of designs and complexities. All of them had five things in common though: 1. A generator 2. Blades 3. A mounting that keeps it turned into the wind 4. A tower to get it up into the wind 5. Batteries and an electronic control system I reduced the project to just five little systems. If attacked one at a time, the project didn't seem too terribly difficult. I decided to start with the generator. My online research showed that a lot of people were building their own generators. That seemed a bit too complicated, at least for a first effort. Others were using surplus permanent magnet DC motors as generators in their projects. This looked like a simpler way to go. So I began looking into what motors were best for the job. A lot of people seemed to like to use old computer tape drive motors (surplus relics from the days when computers had big reel to reel tape drives). The best apparently are a couple of models of motor made by Ametek. The best motor made by Ametek is a 99 volt DC motor that works great as a generator. Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to locate these days. There are a lot of other Ametek motors around though. A couple of their other models make decent generators and can still be found on places like Ebay . This web site talks about the virtues and vices of various Ametek motors when used as generators. There are probably lots of other brands and models of permanent magnet DC motors available that will work well as generators. Permanent magnet DC motors work as generators, but they weren't designed to be generators. So they aren't great generators. Some types of motor are a lot worse than others. When used as generators, motors generally have to be driven far faster than their rated speed to produce anything near their rated voltage. So what you are looking for is a motor that is rated for high DC voltage, low rpms and high current. Steer away from low voltage and/or high rpm motors. You want a motor that will put out over 12 Volts at a fairly low rpm, and a useful level of current. So a motor rated for say 325 rpm at 30 Volts when used as a generator, could be expected to produce 12+ volts at some reasonably low rpm. On the other hand, a motor rated at 7200 rpm at 24 volts probably won't produce 12+ volts as a generator until it is spinning many thousands of rpm, which is way too fast for a wind turbine. So shop for motors accordingly. 100% Homemade Electricity Producing Wind Turbine
12 Mar 2009
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Funny Home Video People and Hobbies
14 Jan 2008
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Hobbies priceless, life without a hobby like colorless. Bird Kicau Only Make Life is more colorful.
7 Feb 2011
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Take a peek at how I spend my days at the local gym training and see some of my favorite hobbies that help me keep my fitness goals in clear view. Enjoy the competition battle between myself and a member of our gym. Do you think you can defeat me in this type of competition? I would't be so sure of yourself until you get to know me a lttle bit better and understand what I am playing with. Come visit me at *******www.BlondeChic.Net to collect any information you need to prepair for the challenge. I will be waiting!
26 May 2007
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