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Hog hunting in Florida. Mark hits this pig with 8 shots with hollow point 45s before it is is downed.
13 Nov 2009
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Hog Hunting in North East Texas. Check us out at affordablehoghunts****
6 Aug 2011
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FPSRussia Shirts: *******fpsrussia.spreadshirt****/-C94489 Twitter: *******twitter****/THEFPSHOW FaceBook: *******www.facebook****/FPSRUSSIA Explosive Targets: *******redtargets****/ Vertex Hog Hunts: *******www.facebook****/vertexhelihoghunting Jugger-Brake: *******jtactical****/product.php?id=1 Hog Hunting Video: ***********/watch?v=B7eIExz8tog&list=UUYvlBEeEEoJE8uP7WWzPmnA&index=1&feature=plcp Vertex has developed an Aerial Hunter Safety Course that is specific to hunters who would be hiring a helicopter service to hunt hogs. "This isn't your normal 'Hunting Class', either." continues Morgan, "This is an intensive safety course that will prepare the hunter to be able to know everything that they need to know about shooting from a helicopter, what do to in case of an emergency, and even helps them to understand the liability implications of worst case scenarios." "What happens if they accidentally shoot a rotor blade? What happens if they drop a magazine and it goes through the tail rotor? Things like this can destroy a helicopter. If it happens, who is liable? Our course gives the hunter detailed guidance on everything from the type of helicopter to contract, the best choice of weapon, how to shoot effectively, how to communicate with the pilot, and state laws governing hunting from a helicopter. The most important part of our training course is the hands-on actual firing from the helicopter at ground targets while the helicopter is moving." "We look forward to seeing this bill pass, but we feel strongly that there need to be very strict safety parameters put in place. Many of these aircraft cost in excess of $300,000, so if a hunter isn't operating safely, or accidentally causes damage to a helicopter or injures someone then it's all over the news with negative publicity. Our goal is to help prevent these problems and to make helicopter hunting a safe venture." Vertex Helicopters offers their Aerial Hunting Safety Course at least one weekend per month at a cost of $350 per attendee. The course is an all-day course with 4 hours of classroom instruction in the morning and hands-on training in the helicopter on an active range during the afternoon. Each class is limited to 12 people to keep the instruction more concentrated, resulting in more interaction and additional time for hands-on training. Depending on the location, VERTEX Helicopters will travel with one of the aircraft to perform the classes for larger groups at remote locations when scheduling allows. VERTEX Helicopters is a full service helicopter company located at 8888 W. Monroe Rd at Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas. They can be reached at (281) 888-9620 or you can visit their website or email them directly.
4 Jun 2012
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HOG HUNTING WITH DOGS! Preview of the 2nd edition of the top rated hog-dog hunting DVD series on the market found at www.hardcorehogdogs**** THIS FEATURES CLIPS OF HUNTING WILD BOAR WITH DOGS!
2 Aug 2012
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American Hoggers Season: 3 Episode: 3 In this scene from the episode Separate Ways, while forming their own hog hunting team, Krystal and Lea's first move is to buy their own jeep.
24 Apr 2013
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Movie clip form Australian film about a rogue Razorback that kills people. Dangerous or Dead...nothing in between!
9 Nov 2008
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My friend Dave and I took two nice hogs in Tennesse. Here are both of our shots.
24 May 2009
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WARNING GRAPHIC:* I caught up to our terriers seconds after they caught up with a groundhog. I just happened to have my trusty old Banjo on me at the time.
21 Dec 2008
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DOMUZ AVI MUHTEŞEM AV KÖPEGİ ( DOGO : BEYAZ ÖLÜM MELEĞİ ) boar CORDOBA hunting recep mustafa ismail yaylacı MUHİTTİN CAN ismail gürbüz ferhat özkolçak
24 May 2009
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Porky is a 1 year old wild hog gone domesticated. Eleven months ago, Porky and his twin brother happened into a hog trap. Porky's brother managed to escape leaving Porky alone and scared in the trap. Porky was about 15" long, 12" tall and weighed about 15 pounds. We took him home with us. He grew very quickly and became gentle and very friendly. After a few months in a pen, we felt sorry for him and decided to set him free. He didn't go anywhere though and now he's our Pet.
25 May 2009
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These dogs are doing what they love. Check out more action at affordablehoghunts****
2 Apr 2009
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BULGARIA-източна сибиркса лайка
6 Sep 2009
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Dis was a doza boa dat my brada's bull dog wen find..My dog is the small brown, dey both was actioning is big bad boy.
6 Sep 2009
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A few dozen or so feral hogs I have been following for a while now. This is not a high fence sit in a stand on a feeder video, this is stalking free range pigs on foot at night.
6 Nov 2009
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Lost In The Wilds Expeditions guide service, Wild Boar Park, Feral Hog Foundation (under const.) and patented hog control systems. "Elwood" is one of many trophy boars on display at our Wild Boar Park! Our Wild Boar Park is an educational park, devoted to the preservation as well as control of wild hogs. We have a collection of Trophy European and Russian Razorback Boars and Piglets! We have several Tame Boars that are family pets, including "Elwood" our 200lb. 2 year old with 3 inch Tusks! Our goal has always been to guide the ethical harvesting of nuisance feral hogs on overpopulations, provide effective trapping systems to farmers and preserves, and save as many hogs as we can from the unfortunate. We are starting a foundation to further efforts. We can save native animals from the feral hogs and save the hog as well. Ask me more! www.myspace****/lostinthewilds
13 Nov 2009
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HOG DOGGIN in LaBelle, Florida ONLY on HawgNSons TV
6 Dec 2009
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