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Moses On Venus - NASA has taken a picture of a Cross on Venus. I spoke with the Ganti Bubblebee Aliens at Apollo park in Brogue. They told me Moses put it there. I heard Moses was in the area doing a play playing himself in Lancaster. Saw him walking up the road in Hellam. He was in full Biblical dress from the Play. Knew it was him. Stopped and talked to him and asked him if he put that cross on Venus? He told me he put it there when he went to the Mars surface to see who the female creature was which was photographed by NASA. The Martian pic turned out to be a Draconian Drac Reptilian ( also known as Vampire Dracs because of their blood drinking rituals, many here in Hex County usually riding in amish buggies among the amish ). She was walking on the surface. So he went to the surface of Venus and put a cross. Nasa filmed the Cross. Recorded in the dirt floor Cellar Live with the Rural Rat Hogs recording unit - MUSIC MEDIC - Jakob Lemy Zook, Amish Exorcism Minstrel. JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY.
3 Aug 2017
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This was a Cinema 4D test kinda. I know that C4D renders better looking 3D models, but just to let you know that just the car doing that spin took almost 3 days to render. Mind you I have the physical render on which is a hog. Thank you to Edson who created the model that I got on free3Dmodels site. I bought two of these for posing in!
14 Aug 2017
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Little Creamie the Bunny is hogging the food bowl and Cookies is trying hard to get a bite.
1 Jan 2007
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Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy hit the road in this rollicking comedy-adventure about a group of middle-aged friends who decide to rev up their routine suburban lives with a freewheeling motorcycle trip. When this mis-matched foursome, who clearly have grown far more used to the couch than the saddle, set out for a once-in-a-lifetime experience - they encounter a world that holds far more than they ever bargained for. Wild Hogs opens in theatres March 2nd! Official Site: *******www.wildhogsmovie****
6 Feb 2007
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Learn from Woody Stevens (John Travolta) and his bargaining tactics to get some much needed yard work done. WILD HOGS opens in theatres March 2nd!
22 Feb 2007
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Ever wonder what happens when you slap a bull? Doug Madsen (Tim Allen) is up to the challenge and learns that he may not be as quick as he used to be. WILD HOGS opens in theatres March 2nd!
22 Feb 2007
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Family man Bobby Davis (Martin Lawrence) interacts with the women in his house and takes charge of a fashion-challenged teenager. WILD HOGS opens in theatres March 2nd!
22 Feb 2007
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Watch as Dudley Frank (William H. Macy) learns some moves from Woody Stevens (John Travolta). WILD HOGS opens March 2nd!
23 Feb 2007
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After Dudley (William H. Macy) gets himself into a "sticky" situation, his friends come up with a plan to rescue him but it doesn't quite unfold as expected. WILD HOGS opens March 2nd!
23 Feb 2007
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Hollywood Live presente par Ramzi Malouki. I Think I Love My Wife, Wild Hogs Movie Premiere. Chris Rock, John Travolta, Ben Stiller Walk of Fame
1 Apr 2007
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hi it's me dariusofwest frm youtube**** better version of Hog Derby 3
30 Aug 2007
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Our ferocious companion Ginger demands rights to a hog leg.
17 Oct 2007
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A new hog derby battle begins...
10 Dec 2007
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web hog
8 Jan 2008
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