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URDB World Records Presents: The URDB World Record Show, hosted by Ella Morton. This episodes features the Top 5 Most Creative *******URDB**** world records...ever! This episode's featured world records: Most Times For Two People To Be Startled By A Miniature Christmas Tree In 30 Seconds: *******r.urdb****/APp Longest Opening Chess Move Played Against A Snare Drum : *******r.urdb****/ANh *******r.urdb****/AW0 *******r.urdb****/AYf Longest Time To Spin A Basketball On A Pinky While Wearing A 5-Foot Fake Mustache: *******r.urdb****/Ba Largest Group To Inhale Helium And Sing "I Think We're Alone Now" While Hogtied: *******r.urdb****/AdA Fastest Time To Say First 100 Digits Of Pi While Twisting A Rubik's Cube And Balancing 15 Books On Head: *******r.urdb****/AaI The URDB World Record Challenge is to set the record for Longest Time To Juggle Three Objects While Wearing A Fake Mustache. Submit your entry to *******urdb****/set-a-record URDB believes everyone on earth is the world's best at something. All the records in this show were created and achieved by people just like you! Set your own world record at *******URDB**** Explore the Universal Record Database: *******www.urdb**** *******www.twitter****/urdb *******www.facebook****/worldrecords ***********/photos/urdb For more Ella Morton: Twitter: ellamorton YouTube: ***********/ellamorton Video Produced By: *******www.kornhaberbrown**** KornhaberBrown This week's episode is dedicated to Betty White. Good luck on SNL, Betty!
14 May 2010
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High stakes, online Euchre helps the Captain pass the time. Well, that and taking a hostage…
4 Dec 2007
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This video is made to remark MrHand1926´s first Youtube Jubilee. May god bless all my friends. Long live the Queen! God save our NOBLE Queen. Join the youtube-monarchist-league!
27 Mar 2010
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Download from here: *******fastmyupload****/Cassien989324/Zombie ------PLEASE READ WHOLE DISCRIPTION--- I have heard rumors that this horse is coming out in October in a DLC pack which will be downloadable. Someone hacked the game and put the horse on a modded gamesave on Modio (ONLY REASON I HAVE IT). If you want to Ride zombie horse or be in posse subscribe and comment with gt or send msg. Thanks for watching THANKS U FOR WATCHING
20 Jan 2011
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Me Hogtied on my year 12 camp by my mates and bein dropped in the middle of the assembly area infront of the entire year group
21 May 2009
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When a burglar broke into a home in Tulsa, Okla., the homeowner hogtied him and left him in the front yard. Nancy Cordes reports.
4 Jul 2013
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Here's another vid of Nick being tickle tortured that I forgot to put up! It's not as good as the other ones but it's kinda funny! Enjoy
2 Nov 2009
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Grrrr, that stuff was nasty.
6 Sep 2009
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AOTS episode Feb. 2006
6 Sep 2009
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This is part 2
30 Nov 2008
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Suzy Anderson Getting hog tied bye Australias 3 best Hog tiers Shane D, Joshy E and Kaney D with Deano G the Rodeo Clown..
25 Aug 2009
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(((GT: Rebel Leader))) You know, the one thing that I love more than anything else is using my funny dastardly imagination. In this case, that imagination manifests itself in a hog-tied bum and a train. Isn't our imagination grand! Please Rate and Subscribe!
10 Jun 2010
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Birthday Girl (2001) Directed by Jez Butterworth Quite a Party Song by The Fireballs John Buckingham - Ben Chaplin Nadia - Nicole Kidman Alexei - Vincent Cassel Yuri - Mathieu Kassovitz Bank Manager - Stephen Mangan Clare - Kate Lynn Evans Robert Moseley - Alexander Armstrong Young Sophia - Katya Barton-Chapple Karen - Sally Phillips
28 Jul 2011
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The clip roommates introduction from How High (2001) with Dennison Samaroo Don't worry, baby. You can suck my dick after class. Oh! Wow! Oh, she wants me. Welcome to Lovell House. You look funky fresh, and funky fresh... always likes funky fresh women. ?Amir: Professional student/ resident advisor for you.? And professional player. So, what's mine is yours, and what's yours I've probably already had. You and you and me, we're the same: Africa tan. The original man was like us, man. Whatever, nigga. ? I believe in the Fly Club, its traditions and its ideals. I believe in the--? Excuse me. Do you have to play that loud? I'm trying to study my pledge book. This Niggas With Attitude. If you smart, you tell people you love NWA. They think you cool. A coupla notes get you hogtied and roped Dope like guns Why you wear smelly eggs? These eggs are a part of my pledging. I am getting thousands of lifetime connections here. I'm gonna be a part of a fraternity. Hey, hey, hey! What's up? What's up? Oh, God. One glove, my brothers! I am Tuan, child prodigy. Well, I'm Jamal, a pothead. Silas, entrepre-Negro. Jamal! Oh! Fresh gear, man! You like? I designed it myself. I call it "BF. " BUFU. Oh, no. Not you two! Pink-ass Paul Bunyan plaid-pussy-shirt-wearin?-- Man, I'll fuck your ass up. Shut up. Okay, but if you two are our roommates, who's that? That's I Need Money! Goddamn! Okay, but, what's his name? I Need Money! Doesn't talk. How come he? I Need Money, he's a mute. When we first hooked up, he wrote on a slip of paper ? I Need Money.?
4 Dec 2011
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