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We're taking leaps of faith with SpeedRunGames' Grappling Hook and finding out what games you want most for the holidays.
16 Oct 2009
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Two kids assemble a trebuchet and throw some melons! You can build one, too!
22 Oct 2008
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Brown Bear Dancing On Ice Anything Is Possible.
14 Dec 2008
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Aw, how romantic - a husband and wife together on a see-saw, the husband holding on tightly to her waste, the husband letter go, the wife flying in the air... Who says chivalry is dead?
7 Sep 2006
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Adam trying to hold on tight as he is tosse and hurled around...
25 Oct 2006
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Its amazing what you can do with a deck of cards. This is just a skim off the top of some XTREME Card Manipulation moves. Hold on tight, and hold on to a deck of cards. Get ready, this video will get you wanting to learn, and master the art of cardistry. Watch, and enjoy
4 Apr 2007
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Betty Ting Pei, the woman in whose apartment Bruce Lee died, stars as herself in the story of her relationship with the international action ico. Danny Lee, as Bruce, holds on tight as this incredible expose unfolds. The international title, Bruce Lee: His Last Days, His Last Nights, might give you an idea of the action in store, as Betty "strips away' the rumors to reveal her version of the truth...among other things.
11 Apr 2007
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To hear more like these go to****/jhernandez16 An Original Song composed by Jose Hernandez (me). "Hold on to your Memories" Seasons pass and the earth just keeps spinning Time waits for no man What will I do with my time here on this world Who knows, don't have a plan Time is a bittersweet collection of Memories Time is a bittersweet collection of Memories The Sands of Time are fallin' Over my head Don't be scared, don't you cry, Don't be afraid There is hope all along Chorus When I am old and have brain disease I won't cry, won't be sad I'll have memories There is hope all along So hold on to those memories of yours Hold on tight So hold on to those memories of yours Its worth the fight Time is bittersweet bittersweet collection Time is bittersweet collection of Memories Time is a bittersweet bittersweet collection of Memories So hold on
13 Jun 2007
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The Wii Commercial, My favorite Hold on Tight
2 Dec 2007
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Joe Jordan heads to a local stream and is in shock. They must be dumping something into the water to make the fish get so big. You better hold on tight because this is going to be a hard one to handle
2 Jan 2008
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Get strapped in & hold on tight with.... The Genius Disk Hilarious-Funny-Stupid-Fat Kid FALLS off rollercoaster at the fairground.....Well FUNNY!!!!.....
28 Apr 2008
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Mike Helms Music and Eggman Video Productions Presents Our First Full Video Production: Before Hope Fails... Far too often the story ends in tragedy' if only we'd known how much they need our help.. if only they'ld let us in... if only we' had seen... For Christopher' Lyrics: Before Hope Fails What did your premonition tell Has all your intuition gone to hell I can see you need for more But do you know what your left wanting for Before you take that final step Before you ever reach the fatal stage I beseech you try again I swear there's someone out there shares your pain Does anyone know your pain Before hope fail......Will you reach out And grasp as life ..... Slips through your fingers And clutch at her .... To right yourself And hold on tight..... So you can carry on Some emotions have no voice Some get muffled by your drug of choice You perform the silent scream At a world as calloused as it's mean Before you reach the precipice Before you search amongst the chasms depths Think what your going to express When you can no longer take a breath Before you can no longer breath Before hope fail...... Will you reach out And grasp as life ..... Slips through your fingers And clutch at her .... To right yourself And hold on tight..... So you can carry on Are you living in silence..... Are you living in silence When inside your screaming and crying and railing and dieing... and dieing And living in silence......... Are you living Before hope fail...... Will you reach out And grasp as life ..... Slips through your fingers And clutch at her .... To right yourself And hold on tight..... So you can carry on Lyrics Written By: Mike Helms Music by: Mike Helms , Jeff Tummond Copyright: 2007 Credits' Staring: David Sheridan Jennifer Bryant(Johnnie RX) *******www.myspace****/johnnierx Backup Vocals: Pete Fennell, Dezsea Galati fennell256msn**** *******www.myspace****/dezsea Instumentations: Jeff Tummond Video Production: Craig Neeley ***********/ProductionEggman Audio Prodution: True Haven Studio Productions *******truehavenstudioprod****/ You can check out more of Mike Helms Music at theses page links. Myspace... *******www.myspace****/mikesmusictv *******www.myspace****/mikehelmsandth... Taxi... ***********/mikehelmsmusic
20 Jun 2008
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Hold on tight as the driver skims along the sparkling waters. You'll twist and turn as you wind your way past the sandy beaches, hotels & resorts. The speed, wind & waves give all a wonderful adrenaline rush. *******www.whiteknucklethrillboatride****
17 Aug 2008
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Hold on tight! All new Storm Chasers strike Sundays at 10pm e/p on Discovery Channel. *******discovery****/stormchasers
15 Oct 2008
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imagine a land surrounded by black rolling hills... rich with dates, olives... color and tradition. dip in one of the ancient hot springs in the early morning.. and hold on tight inside the jeep when it's desert time camp out like a Bedouin and wind down at night by counting the shooting stars.
18 Nov 2008
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Hop in Tony’s SUV and take a tour of his land in Columbus. Learn about his favorite part of the property, see where his home will be built, and hold on tight as some icy conditions lead to an unforeseen adventure! Armor All is proud to bring you Tony Stewart like you’ve never seen him before! Get behind the wheel and go behind the scenes to tour his property, check out his cars, and get to know the real Tony. New videos will be added on a regular basis, so be sure to keep checking back to go Off Track with Tony Stewart! Get more Tony: Enter for your chance to win a VIP Race Weekend with Tony Stewart *******aa-ownercenter****/offers/tony_stewart.php
10 Jun 2009
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