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A test video we produced for our upcoming music video titled "Hold Out" by Gerade. Check out www.myspace****/gerademusic for more info on Gerade.
26 Feb 2007
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The Ritards performing at Orchard School 12/15/07 Hold Out For Christmas - Rockapella New Ritards with a Xmas special :] [Kevin David Patrick Peter Carlin Jason] Jason and Patrick on solo
8 Mar 2008
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I don´t own anything: music or images. This vid was suggest by Heartbeatsgreen. Hope you guys enjoy it. Music: “Holding out for a hero” by Frou Frou (Shrek2 SDTK)
19 Dec 2010
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Xena Turkish Fun Clup
21 Sep 2008
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music video
3 Oct 2009
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Andrew Lowinger, the CEO of DMC Capital Funding LLC, a New York private equity firm focused on providing growth capital to established companies, offers a ray of hope to the battered retail sector in The Deal's Behind the Money video interview. Just in time for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, this week DMC is announcing an initiative to work closely with major retailers to provide their vendors with financial support, management assistance and access to DMC's supply chain expertise.
9 Jan 2009
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After being away from Maple for about a year I decided to come back to make more videos. This is a weird mix of Hero combat action and MMV something I've never done before xP Hope you guys enjoy!!
9 Jan 2009
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We need a few heroes in our lives.
1 May 2009
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Oklahoma City police have located the car belonging to a missing 48-year-old woman whose boyfriend has been arrested on a first-degree murder complaint.
15 Dec 2010
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My first vid. Needs some work but not too bad.
22 May 2011
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Local radio station got 94 men and 94 women to line up down Peachtree Rd. in Atlanta. The idea, hold out numbers and people driving by could either stop by to say hello or call Star 94 and get hooked up with their favorite. It was called Meet on the Street.
16 Apr 2007
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Edited excerpts from my video/performance piece shown in Galapagos art space in Brooklyn, NY. The American Revolation is a "true" story from the time of the americans vs. britains war. Two brothers are fighting on opposite sides of the battle, the North vs the South. General Benjamin Franklin has been leading the seperatist rebel americans against Kernel Jean Valjean for ages. Whats more is Commander Abraham Lincoln has just freed all slaves to fight for the southern cause. things are about to get sticky, lets hope the barricade holds out!!!
10 May 2007
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Breaking news about the suspects of the september 11th attacks, plus a way to keep your dirtiest secrets, secret and the billion dollar takeover bid that was turned down. Hi everyone I"m Andrea Rene for get the daily****. Its time to look at some top national stories. Earlier this morning authorities at the Pentagon announced they put murder and consipracy charges against some of the alleged planners of the September 11th attacks. Khalid Mohammed is among five other individuals behind bars, and if convicted, prosectuors will seek the death penalty. The charges are being brought by an appointee at Guantanamo Bay and are the first alleging direct involvement in terrorist attacks from 2001. Mohammed is a Pakistani national who confessed to being involved, but some officials are concerned about his confession being inadmissible because he was subject to "waterboarding," which is considering by many to be a form of torture. We'll have more details on this case as they emerge. TV shows like CSI have most us believing that the police can get their hands almost any evidence they want these days, but good news! You can keep your secret online foot fetish private because there is a software available for the low price of $200 that will keep your dirtiest hard drive secrets, secret. But the downside is creeps like Sebastian Boucher can also hide their nasty child pornographer habits as well. He was arrested at the Canadian border with a laptop that had incriminating files names in it, problem was, authorities couldn't unlock the curious Z drive they were located in. It uses an encryption similar to what banks use to protect your money and it is sold under the name Pretty Good Protection or PGP. Luckily for authorities they were able to hack it after some high tech help, but for the average joe, impossible. Boucher is now looking at 20 years behind bars. And in other internet news, Yahoo Inc. turned down Microsoft's bid of 44.6 $billion dollars as part of a corporate takeover package claiming it was inadequate. Now the slumping internet giant will have to explain to shareholders why the offer was rejected. Mainly the explanation will consist of reasons why the offer undervalued the company who stock prices have been falling significantly in the last three months. Insiders on the deal say Yahoo is holding out for possible up to $12 billion extra. You just heard some top stories from Get the Daily****. I'm Andrea Rene and be sure to check back for ongoing coverage from Get the Daily.
13 Feb 2008
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The key to getting a good lower ab (or six pack abs) workout with this exercise is to keep your back flat at all times by using you lower abs to keep your back pressed against the floor and... You should always feel the ruler or pencil on your lower back at all times and if you don't... You need to put your legs up higher and if it's too easy put your legs out lower and/or hold out your legs longer than 2 seconds or... Another way to make this exercise more effective for flatten your lower abs is to use ankle weights to tone up your lower ab area even more. I recommend you do only 1-to-2 ab exercises for ab workout but if this is the only lower ab exercise you're going to use then... You should do 3-to-5 sets of 8-to-12 reps twice a week If you have any comments or questions... Leave them below the video or go to NowLoss**** to see more stuff for building six pack abs, getting flat abs & losing love handles for a complete midsection workout(All free)
21 May 2008
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I hold out to you the hand, help I to make known the site of the association, help ESTELLE, http: // www.association-estelle****. Thanks to all
25 May 2008
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After a long time of holding out faith, hope, and various restraining orders, it appears that Doctor Harold Toboggans is finally and truly gone. Time to divide up his stuff. brentdiggs****/blog/goodbye-to-doctor-toboggans
9 Feb 2009
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