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A journey of simulations of Black Holes, Neutro... (more) Added: October 19, 2006 A journey of simulations of Black Holes, Neutron Stars, White Dwarfs and Space and Time. Though, it is only a simulation, nothing more. The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth--it is the truth which conceals that there is none.
30 Dec 2007
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Messing around at The Hole, then suddenly... Earthquake!!
10 Jan 2008
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11 Jan 2008
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fire in the hole
24 Jan 2008
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Wet Hole! These guys scheduled the cement truck for early morning and unexpectedly three inches of rain made their project into a lake!
24 Jan 2008
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The Black Hole is a large sinkhole where the ground has caved into an underlying cave, forming a huge hole in the ground that drops 400 feet. The hike to the sinkhole takes about an hour, going over 4 hills. It can be a strenuous hike but u will go at a comfortable pace. As you head up the 4th hill you get your first view of the massive opening and looking at the cliff face you begin to get butterflies about repelling off of it. Next, you strap on you harness and go over the edge. This is by far the hardest part, trusting the rope. It's a bit scary at first, but you won't regret it. After that, it's a scenic descent 400 feet to the bottom. Do you want to go to Belize? Check us out at www.DiscoveringBelize**** We are a travel operator that specializes in Belize. We can offer you a custom itinerary personalized to your interests and budget, as well as vacation travel packages.
7 Feb 2008
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A Hole In The Head is now available on DVD - www.holeintheheadmovie**** - John Lennon had expressed an early interest in the process of trepanation, broaching the topic with fellow Beatles' Paul McCartney. A Hole In The Head is an hour long documentary about trepanation - the process of boring a hole in the skull.
9 Feb 2008
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This clip features the Banger Bowling Hole Finder Pearl bowling ball being thrown by BuddiesProShop**** staff member, Bill Gross
10 Feb 2009
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trap in hole
15 Feb 2008
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very dangerous street hole can make people get serious injury
23 Feb 2008
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Amazing Hole In The World
6 Mar 2008
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OCTOPUS CRAWLING THROUGH TINY HOLE Small pierced your night terrific
14 Mar 2008
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Great bar bet! Get a large coin through a small hole in a piece of paper. Extreme visual effect. When you see this you wont believe your eyes. This is easy to learn. All you need is a few coins and a piece of paper. This trick can be done anywhere. On the video we see detailed instructions. Find this and more tricks on this web page: *******www.funpartytricks**** All tricks are free and on video.
11 Nov 2008
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With the national economy sputtering and leading economists conjecturing that a short term recession is on the horizon, high-end marketers are scrambling for means to entice their deeper-pocket consumer base to continue buying their brand. Some have found an answer. Golfers, one of the nation's more affluent target markets, are now being reached through a new, patented outdoor advertising program named Ad In The Hole-USA (AITH-USA) which is now being introduced in the United States after successfully sweeping 21 countries worldwide during the past 10 years. It has worked so well for upscale advertisers overseas that more than 1,000 golf courses have taken advantage of it and some of the world's largest corporations, including many Fortune 500 companies, are participating. To view Multi-Media News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/adinthehole/32253/
27 Mar 2008
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square for a circle hole possible??? lets watch
29 Mar 2008
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What is he saying?? And where's this black hole of his? ..I don't get it, hehe
18 Oct 2008
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