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When in doubt, pound it out! Watch Chef Craig Hopson take a meat mallet to a pomegranate, where red seeds collect like rubies. A dish as colorful and decadent as Chef Hopson's menu, this D'Artagnan pigeon, pomegranate emulsion and pistachio aioli is perfect for the holidays. For recipe, Chef q&a, and special promotion on related products at off retail prices visit www.behindtheburner****
1 Dec 2008
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Technology brings the perfectly sharpened pencil, a pouch to get your pajamas nice and toasty, Angry Birds don Santa hats and head for the snow, LaCie brings 3.0 speed to their new USB hub, coat your entire world with liquid glass, a table tennis trainer to keep you in top form, and a robot made for riding.
1 Dec 2010
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Carrie Underwood to Kick Off The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign During Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Halftime Show Live, Nationally Televised Performance Celebrates 115th Anniversary of Christmas Fundraising Campaign Irving, TX (November 22, 2006) /PRNewswire/ -- Tomorrow, country music superstar Carrie Underwood will be the featured performer for the tenth anniversary of the live, nationally televised Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day halftime show to officially kick off the annual Salvation Army 2006 Red Kettle Christmas fundraising campaign. Underwood, the American Idol winner, who last night was named Favorite New Breakthrough Artist at the 2006 American Music Awards (AMA) and was recently named Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2006 Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, will perform songs from her quadruple-platinum selling debut album, Some Hearts, which contains three #1 country singles. Since Carrie Underwood was named the 2005 American Idol winner, she has collected numerous awards including two wins at the CMA Awards and nominations at the upcoming American Music Awards and People's Choice Awards. For the tenth consecutive year, the Red Kettle campaign will be launched as part of a special live concert at Texas Stadium during the Cowboys' traditional holiday game. This year, the Cowboys play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the game will be televised nationally on the Fox Network beginning at 3:15 CST, Thursday, November 23. "I am so glad to have the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving in Dallas this year," said Ms. Underwood. "My family and I have been spectators several times in the past, and now I am thrilled to be performing at halftime this year! I look forward to teaming up with The Salvation Army and the Dallas Cowboys for a great day. See you on the 23rd." "Our halftime celebration at Texas Stadium has become a very unique and visible part of the family holiday tradition that is Thanksgiving in America," said Jones, the Cowboys' owner and general manager. "There's not a better way to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Red Kettle Kickoff than having all of us who support the special work of The Salvation Army know that our collective efforts during the past decade will result in the one billionth dollar dropped in a kettle some place in America this Christmas season." Since 1997, the nationally televised Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game halftime show has officially launched the Red Kettle Christmas Campaign at the national level. During this time period, the campaign has raised nearly $900 million to help an average of 37 million people in communities nationwide. Previous halftime performers have included: Sheryl Crow, Destiny's Child, Toby Keith, LeAnn Rimes, Creed, Jessica Simpson, Billy Gillman, Clint Black, Randy Travis and Reba McEntire. As part of the celebration, Ms. Underwood and Mr. Jones will be among the first to make donations to the Red Kettles, which help to raise money for holiday toys, coats, rental and utility assistance, and many other Salvation Army social services provided throughout the year. "We continually see increased demand for our services and the annual Red Kettle Campaign is a major reason why we are able to provide assistance to those in need in over 5,000 communities nationwide," said Commissioner Israel L. Gaither, National Commander of The Salvation Army. "We have been privileged over the years to have The Dallas Cowboys allow us this tremendous national forum, and we are pleased that Carrie Underwood has agreed to help us kick off the 2006 campaign." From its humble beginnings as a fundraiser started by a Salvation Army captain in San Francisco in 1891, the Red Kettle Campaign has grown into one of the most recognizable and important charitable campaigns in the United States. As part of the campaign, more than 25,000 Salvation Army volunteers fan out across the country to ring bells and solicit spare change donations to the iconic red kettles from holiday shoppers. In 2005, the campaign raised a record $111 million nationwide, with nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars (and the occasional diamond ring or gold tooth) all being returned to help those in the communities where they were raised. Last year, the funds helped The Salvation Army to provide assistance to more than 31 million Americans in need.
5 Dec 2006
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Not every team playing on Thanksgiving is in the playoff hunt. But it's fair to say that team leaders are using the holiday game to bring their team to new heights, or keep them from unexpected lows.
23 Nov 2012
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This video is about the Angry Birds Happy Holidays Game. Music - "Deck The Halls B" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech****) Subscribe! It's Free! Find me on twitter at: *******twitter****/drjreynolds Friend us on facebook at: *******www.facebook****/pages/The-Reynolds-Family/111759258954781 See my other videos on youtube at: ***********/jeffmara google + ************/116153524723885874243 Don't forget to Subscribe!
31 May 2013
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New consoles and full price games can drain your funds alarmingly fast, so what's a prospective purchaser to do? Well, don't buy new consoles or full-price games, for starters, and take these five suggestions to have a happy gaming holiday. Features & Reviews - ***********/user/gamespot Gameplay & Guides - ***********/user/gamespotgameplay Trailers - ***********/user/gamespottrailers MLG, NASL & eSports - ***********/user/gamespotesports Mobile Gaming - ***********/user/gamespotmobile Like - *******www.facebook****/GameSpot Follow - *******www.twitter****/GameSpot Stream Live - ******* *******www.gamespot****
24 Dec 2013
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CNET Host Wilson Tang tells Russ Mitchell what's trending on the Web. Among the most viewed videos online: A purported FedEx worker throwing a computer monitor over a fence, a new Angry Bird holiday game, and a kid getting his teeth pulled out.
9 Sep 2012
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This is my Tossbow returning boomerang. I made this with 10 ply 5mm aircraft birch. You may purchase one at. www.boomerangsbyvic**** Please rate and leave a comment. "Boomerang (Sports Equipment)" epic "Warlock (Character Species)" warlock boomerang returning handcrafted flight plane scalper axe dangerous justin weapon best biggest largest win winner trick shot Contest Warcraft World Entry Wow boomerang throw catch fly flight way over the hill jumping backflip stunts airport brooke haley landing "Power tools" "Pre paid" legal Private jet charters "Private label" "resell rights" "Private yacht" charters "Public relations" Rawfood RC hobbies "Re financing" "Real estate" Reference "Remote control helicopters" "Renting a house or apartment" "Retirement planning"" San Diego" "San Francisco" "Satellite radio" "Saving energy" Scotch Seattle "Self help" "Self improvement" articles "Show business" "Ski vacations" "Skiing locations" Skincare Skydiving "Sleeping baby" Snowboarding Snowmobiling "Social networking" "Solar energy" "Sports car" "St Thomas vacations" "Summer vacations" "Supercross racing" Superfoods "Surround sound" "Swimming pools" Tattoos Tennis "Thanksgiving party" "Theater arts" "Time management" "Timeshare investments" "Toothache tooth care" Toothache and tooth care "Top golfing accessories" "Tracking software" "Trading stocks online" "Travel tips to European" "Universal Studio tours" "Vacuum cleaners" "Valentines Day" "Vegetarian Video sites" "Video streaming" Vitamins "Vitamins and supplements" "Wahm Wart removal" "Web design" "Web traffic" "Wedding favors" "Wedding games & activities" "Weight loss" "Wine and spirits" "Womens issues" Yoga Youtube "Medicines and healthcare" "Membership sites" "Mexico vacations" Microbrews "Mini blinds or wood shutters" "Mobility scooters" Monograms Mortgage "Motor homes" "Motorcycles and scooters" "Mountain biking" Myspace "Natural beauty" "New air travel rules" "New Years Eve party planning" New York "Newport beach" "Niche marketing" "Nursing assistant" "Office chairs" "Online gambling" "Online shopping" "Optin list" "Outsourcing ebooks and soft" "Paint ball" "Personal health care" "Personal loans" "Pet health care" Pets "PH miracle diet" Photography "Pod casting" "Pool accessories' Porsche Google Adsense Government "Green tea" Happiness "Health and fitness" "Health insurance" "Healthy eating" "High definition video cameras" "Hiking and camping" "History of chess" "Hobby articles" "Holiday games & activities" "Home based business" "Home decorating" "Home gym" "Home schooling" "Home security" "Home theater systems" Hunting "Hybrid cars" "Hypoallergenic dogs" "Identity theft" "International airports" "Internet marketing" Investing "Ipod video" "Jewelry wholesale" "Job search" "Junior golf" Kitchen "Kitchen remodeling" "Koi fish" "La Jolla California" "Las Vegas" Law "Making money with articles" Marketing "Martial arts" "Credit cards" Criminology "Cruise ships" "Customer service" Dance "Data recovery" Dating "Dating women" Debt "Decorating for Christmas" "Deep sea diving" "Dental assistant" Depression Diamonds "Diesel vs Gasoline vehicles" Dieting "Digital camera" Disneyland "Drug rehab" Ebay Education "Elliptical trainers" "Email marketing" Entrepreneur "Excavation equipment" Exercise "Ezine marketing" "Family budget" Fashion "Feng shui" Fireworks Fishing Fitness Fly fishing" Forex "Formula d racing" "Fruit trees" Gambling "Garage remodeling' Gardening "Golden retriever" Golf 'Bargain hunting" "Bathroom remodeling" "Beach vacations" Beauty "BiPolar disorder" "Black history" "Blog advertising" "Blog marketing" Blogging "Bluetooth technology" "Body building" "Breast feeding" "Business outsourcing" "Buying a boat" "Buying and selling websites" "Buying paintings" "Call centers" Cancer "Candle making" "Car rental" "Car stereo" Carpet Cats "CD duplication" "Cell phone" "Choosing the right golf clubs" "Christmas shopping" Cigars "Closet organizers" "Coin collecting" "College scholarship" "Computer games & systems" Computers laptops smartphones "Contact lenses" Cooking Copywriting Craigslist "Creating an online business" Adsense Advertising "Affiliate marketers" "Affiliate marketing" "Affiliate marketing on the" "Affiliate success" "After school activities" "Air purifiers" Allergies "Alternative energy" "American history" "Anger management" "Art auctions" "Art marketing" "Articles marketing" "Aspen nightlife" Astronomy 'Atkins diet" Atv "Autism articles' "Auto leasing" "Auto navigation systems' "Auto sound systems" "Auto responders" Baby "Back Pain" "Backyard activities" Barbeque
15 Feb 2013
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RHINO RAMPAGE! Check out this hot new Christmas/Holiday game from Mattel!! Watch the birds go flying when the Rhino roars and stomps...
11 May 2013
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This was our second annual Minute to Win It Christmas/Holiday game night with family and friends. We played 39 different games spread across 2 rounds: Last Man Standing and a team battle. One game (Ping Tac Toe) was repeated in both of those rounds, making 40 games total. ***Click the links in blue labeled next to each challenge to navigate to it.*** Last Man Standing (00:12): 10 players compete in a series of 10 challenges. Contestants who finish a task last are eliminated and the remaining players move on to the next challenge until one person is left. Here's the list of Minute to Win It games that we played in order in the Last Man Standing round: 1. Hanky Panky - 00:17 2. Noodling Around - 02:12 3. Sticky Situation - 03:16 4. Suck it Up - 04:07 5. Breakfast Scramble - 05:23 6. Separation Anxiety - 06:36 7. Rapid Fire - 07:34 8. Bulb Balance - 09:19 9. Ping Tac Toe - 10:15 10. Uphill Battle - 11:12 Uphill Battle was the only timed level. The last player remaining is given 3 chances to complete it. If beaten, the player is given a bonus prize in addition to the prize automatically given to them for being the last person left. Team Battle (12:17): Going 2 at a time, 4 teams of 4 players compete head-to-head in a series of 30 challenges in a round robin fashion. The teams that win each match earn points for their team. The team with the most points in the end are the winners. Levels 1-6 are worth 1 point each, and the points increase by 1 after every 6 levels. The last 3 challenges, however--levels 28, 29, and 30--are worth 6, 8, and 10 points respectively. Most of these challenges require one player from one team to play another from an opposing team, but there are also 2-on-2 matches, which happen every 3 levels. Here's the list of the Minute to Win It games we played in order in the team battle round: 1. This Blows - 12:23 2. Temper Tantrum - 13:51 3. Tilt-A-Cup - 16:05 4. Movin' On Up - 17:16 5. Paper Dragon - 20:04 6. Marbles Grande - 20:53 7. Pop Top - 22:37 8. Junk in the Trunk - 24:18 9. Face the Cookie - 24:44 10. Whippersnapper - 26:11 11. Back Flip - 28:12 12. Ready Spaghetti - 30:08 13. Coffee Topper - 32:11 14. Puddle Jumper - 33:25 15. On the Rebound - 35:01 16. Spoon Frog - 35:51 17. A Bit Dicey - 37:39 18. Office Tennis - 38:41 19. Tea Party - 40:07 20. Don't Blow the Kings - 41:10 21. The Nutstacker - 42:58 22. Sharp Shooter - 48:50 23. Stack Attack - 50:38 24. Flip Your Lid - 55:27 25. Pink Elephant - 58:05 26. Split the Uprights - 59:53 27. Iron Board Man - 1:03:04 28. Ping Tac Toe (Head-to-Head version) - 1:07:45 29. Extreme Christmas Nutstacker - 1:12:56 30. Horseplay - 1:18:46 The Winners' Circle - 1:23:51 Highlight Montage - 1:25:41 Temper Tantrum was the only timed level. Prizes were awarded to the top two teams with the amount highest points in the end. For those interested, this was shot with a Canon EOS 60D using the Cinestyle picture style from Technicolor and a Canon HV20. Editing and color correction was done in Sony Vegas 9. The songs used in the highlight montage at the end are "Punk Bells" by Backer, Taylor & Emanuel; and "A Mad Russian's Christmas" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Credit to Khomaproductions for his version of the Minute to Win It countdown timer, which you can find here: ************/watch?v=OtOiMEHEGPc
11 Nov 2014
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