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Scratchcards are being handed out at airports to warn travellers against holiday club scams abroad, to which thousands of holidaymakers have fallen victim. Sky's David Crabtree reports.
12 Oct 2007
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This is the film that I created the day before winter holiday/ It was a ballet dance. The girls and boys in the clip are beautiful but I love two children best.
14 Oct 2007
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The Green Day "Holiday" video - Remake by Paul Daniels & John Woellner is a short film we threw together over the weekend. There are no political statements or anything like that in our remake, just having some fun with creativity and film with a catchy song. Tools used were Cannon XL1, Sony Digital Camcorder and Adobe Premiere for editing with a few other special effect tricks. Sorry for the bad quality, but it's kinda hard to avoid on internet video uploads. Don't forget to leave us a good rating and a cool comment! We will be making more short films and videos, so keep an eye out for us!
24 Oct 2007
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Me and Austin Prank called the front desk of holiday inn !
29 Oct 2007
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The holidays are a wonderful time of year when families gather together and homes are brightened with the glitter of decorations. In the excitement of the season, however, safety is often overlooked. As decorations go up and households entertain friends and family, people unknowingly put themselves at greater risk to fire and electrocution. This holiday safety program, sponsored by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), illustrates how families can take a few simple steps to stay safe while enjoying the holiday season.
30 Oct 2007
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SKIL Power Tools' lithium ion line, new X-Bench at the top of many holiday wish lists With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, many gift givers are seeking the perfect present for everyone on their list. In order to give a gift that will truly delight the do-it-yourselfer on your list, it's important to take note of some of the current DIY and home project trends to find a gift that's both functional and unique. For those looking for the "complete package," SKIL Power Tools has many new additions to its line of tools that take the worry out of both home improvement projects and holiday shopping. Lithium Ion- The Power Source for the 21st Century When it comes to power tool batteries, lightweight yet powerful is the way of the future. NiCad batteries have long been used as a power source for tools. Although effective, these batteries lose their charge relatively quickly and are bulky and heavy.
2 Nov 2007
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Produced for Contest for Holiday Inn Express
2 Nov 2007
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Everybody’s looking for ways to save time now that the holiday season is here. One timesaving tip is as close as your grocery store, along with lifestyle expert B Smith’s entertaining shortcuts. If there’s one thing we all do over the holidays, it’s entertain. But the big question always arises, how do you find time for fun festivities during what’s probably the busiest time of the year? Some of b smiths entertaining shortcuts, are as simple as baking a pie with a pre made crust that tastes just like grammas, and then dusting the slices on the plates with a bit of cinnamon. B says another dinner party timesaver is to use frozen dinner rolls that store well in the freezer, but can be served to your guests using a variety of different ingredients to make them stand out. Like this tip B uses when she entertains: Put about a dozen cranberries in a clear votive candle holders. Fill them with tap water and top with clear floating votive candles. Light them just before your guests arrive. For more of B Smith’s Holiday shortcuts, visit pillsbury****. Produced for General Mills
8 Nov 2007
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As Featured on Good Morning America, Gayle King and Diane Sawyer think it's a great idea to start your own holiday christmas registry. Get and give the right gifts this holiday season! *******myregistry****
12 Nov 2007
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A kit for the holidays.
13 Nov 2007
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PSA to be broadcasted On Air during Holiday Season - All users are allowed to use the audio.
13 Nov 2007
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CBS New York reports how you can get and give the right gifts this holiday season by opening up your own holiday gift registry with *******myregistry****
15 Nov 2007
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A holiday side dish recipe from the Holiday Kitchen. Potato latkes are a fancy way to dress up brunch or dinner. Visit ww.HolidayKitchen.TV for step by step instructions and to order the DVD!
16 Nov 2007
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