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LOST's Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) sits down with Chris Harrison for a follow-up interview about the latest LOST Season Finale and what may be to come.
6 Jun 2008
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*******www.Newded**** Summer 2009 blockbuster movies are on their way to a theater near you and we've got the extended trailer for TRANSFORMERS 2 here. Get your fix of Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox in action.
17 May 2009
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See more TV Videos on WarmingGlow****. LOST's Michael Emerson in 1992 Prison Training Video Lost Michael Emerson Lost Michael Emerson True Blood TV Guide Hollywood 411 Marc Istook MIchael Emerson Ben Linus Emmy Award Lost 61st 2009 Supporting Actor CBS Michael Emerson lost shoemoney lost michael emerson season five finale episode 17 seventeen 517 5.17 the incident ben benjamin linus interview spoilers lost new seasons seasons tv
24 Mar 2010
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Penelope Trailer Film & Animation James McAvoy Christina Ricci Fairy Tales "Penelope" second trailer with Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Reese Witherspoon Added: June 17, 2007Film & Animation Penelope Trailer Christina Ricci Penelope - Clip #1 - Never Had a Beer? A clip from the upcoming movie Penelope featuring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy; the film also stars Reese Witherspoon, Catherine O'Hara, and Peter Dinklage. Check out for more clips, trailers, interviews, and movie reviews. Entertainment Christina Ricci James McAvoy Reese Witherspoon Penelope film comedy movie clip Penelope - Movie Trailer 2 A magical story of a young woman, Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci), born to wealthy socialites. Penelope is afflicted by a secret family curse that can only be broken when she is loved by "one of her own kind". Hidden away inthe family's majestic home, she is subjected to meeting a string of blue-bloods through her parent's futile attempt to marry her off and break the curse.Christina Ricci James McAvoy Catherine O'Hara Peter Dinklage Reese Witherspoon January 24, 2008 Film & Animation Penelope Movie Trailer Christina Ri cci James McAvoy Catherine O'Hara Peter Dinklage Reese Witherspoon James McAvoy And Christina Ricci Do Penelope Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci), born to wealthy socialites (Catherine O'Hara and Robert E. Grant), is afflicted by the Wilhern spell that can only be broken when she finds love. Hidden away in her family's estate, the lonely girl meets a string of suitors in her parent's futile attempt to break the curse. Each eligible bachelor is enamoured with Penelope and her sizable dowry ... until her curse is revealed. January 02, 2008 Entertainment penelope movie trailer james mcavoy christina ricci catherine o'hara romantic comedy Robert E. Grant reese witherspoon Penelope: Reese Witherspoon Intv Hollywood 411's Zorianna Kit talks to Reese Witherspoon on her dual role as star and producer on the new movie PENELOPE! February 14, 2008 Entertainment Penelope Reese Witherspoon Christina Ricci TV Guide Hollywood 411 Zorianna Kit Madison Michele
3 Mar 2008
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*******tinyurl****/yfdyyav Want to see Sony's mucho-anticipated animated pic PLANET 51? You'll have to wait for Thanksgiving! However, Hollywood 411 has the trailer and you can see it right here!
18 Nov 2009
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Early spring 2010 Hollywood 411 did a TV Guide special on Amber Melody. The spotlight promotes her up and coming videos and release of her forthcoming album.
24 Jan 2011
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Will Smith plays a drunk superhero who inadvertently messes up all his heroic deeds until Jason Bateman steps in to guide his gifted career.
7 Jun 2008
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Demetria is a guest, again, on Hollywood 411 show.
24 Mar 2009
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1 800 Pain Hollywood: 1 (800) 306 0910 ******* ******* *******www.1800-411pain****
8 Jun 2011
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Go behind the scenes with Tina Fey as she returns to her old stomping ground to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE since her Emmy win for 30 ROCK.
30 Oct 2011
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Meet Neal E. Boyd, the opera-singing winner of AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. Hollywood 411 talks to the lucky winner, as well as judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and Jerry Springer!
3 Aug 2011
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Gwyneth Paltrow in IRON MAN talks to Hollywood 411 about her role as Pepper Potts. Find out how the famous blonde heats up the screen with Robert Downey, Jr.
21 May 2009
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BIG BANG THEORY's Jim Parsons returns to Hollywood 411 to mull about the show's Emmy possibilities, high stakes ping-pong tournaments on the set and what makes a bunch of genius science geeks so darn likable.
19 Oct 2012
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THE BIG BANG THEORY's Johnny Galecki stops by Hollywood 411 and talks about the show, playing a genius and being a stud among the nerd crowd. Johnny also predicts the future for Leonard and Penny.
12 Nov 2011
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GLEE star Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel on the show, chats up Hollywood 411's Madison Michele about his amazing success story. Chris, with no previous professional experience, reveals how he got the job and how he realized a high school dream on the show. In a case of TV imitating life, Chris reveals to us the back story of singing "Defying Gravity". Finally Chris talks about the now iconic "Single Ladies" dance number.
14 Jan 2011
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Last season, CBS unexpectedly hit comedy gold with its surprise hit THE BIG BANG THEORY. As the show starts its second season, the cast gives Hollywood 411 a look at what's in store!
6 Nov 2011
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