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From the movie The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension - Buckaroo (Peter Weller) and his team receive a clear ultimatum: Stop Lord Whorfin, or watch the earth be destroyed.
28 May 2011
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A neat little discrepancy that was discovered recently. The M16 was generally thought to be slightly inferior to the FAMAS due to a quicker max damage dropoff at range on the M16 (both guns do 40-30 damage, but the M16 drops to 30 quicker than the FAMAS, which is a bad thing), but this discovery certainly puts them on a more equal scale now. For more info on MW2 weapons and stuff, head on over to: *******denkirson.xanga****/715966769/modern-warfare-2/
6 Jul 2011
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Take from: *******core77****/blog/events/autodesk_university_coverage_from_the_floor_part_4_zebra_imagings_mind-blowing_holographic_sheets_15467.asp
24 Oct 2011
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www.zebraimaging**** 512.600.6523 This is a color hologram we created with data from Google Sketchup. The model is of downtown Seattle. The building heights in this hologram get up to about 10 inches.
3 Nov 2011
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READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE Hopefully this tutorial is pretty simple for everyone to follow. Don't use Hidden Arsenal Cards because they don't work. PLEASE HELP ME BECOME A YOUTUBE PARTNER BY GIVING ME SUGGESTIONS ON NEW VIDEO IDEAS! I will do anything it takes to get more video views, subscribers, etc. It means a lot to me, so keep rating, commenting, and subscribing! Thanks a bunch. TRADE BINDER ON APRIL 30th!
14 May 2013
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Madden NFL 09 is the 2009 edition of the American football video game series published by EA Sports and developed by EA Tiburon. It is currently in production. It will be the 20th installment in the Madden NFL video game franchise. The game was confirmed for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Playstation Portable, Xbox 360, Wii, and Nintendo DS consoles but not for PC. EA Sports has announced details of the 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition of Madden NFL 09, which will be available only for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will include NFL Head Coach 09, exclusive classic Madden gameplay, and bonus video content. The release date has been set for August 12, 2008.[1] * Madden IQ system: players train in a holographic environment, which grants them a "Madden IQ" based on their practice in 12 different drills. The game's difficulty adjusts itself to the player's Madden IQ. * EA Sports Backtrack: the game analyzes the player's playing ability and points out mistakes during gameplay a la a television-styled telestrator * Improved online leagues: server-based leagues, supporting up to 32 players, with full schedules including the playoffs and the Super Bowl as well as draft and trade support. Schedules can be played in a round-robin style as well. * Revamped graphics: Improved stadium models, new weather particle system, new lighting models, new player models, field goal nets, improved sidelines, user-controlled celebrations, clear visors, new facemask designs, and Total Control animation system. * Improved gameplay: Offensive line slide protection, smart routes, realistic fatigue, improved gang tackles, true penalty based animations, formation substitutions, new fumble system (weather affects it), new player weapon types and the ability to return missed field goals. * Revamped franchise mode: Simulated stats have been improved (e.g. fewer running backs gaining 2,000+ yards in one season), rivalry games have special value and played games have more crowd and television intensity. * On-demand picture-in-picture play-call window: Picture-in-picture style interface to allow the player to see key information and call plays and formations without leaving the current window. * New Dynamic Camera System: The new madden camera system moves with your receivers so they will never fall out of view during gameplay. The camera automatically pans out, zooms in, and adjusts angles to keep the receivers in screen. Once you complete that pass, if the ball carrier happens to break away from his defenders, the ActionCam will rock back and forth, zoom in and follow the ball carrier, giving you that intense feeling that you're sprinting alongside him. And if a defender happens to really lay into the ball carrier, the Big Hit Camera will rattle the screen with the force of the crunch. * New Tackling Engine & Animations * New Running/Ball-Carrier Engine: total control system, new transition system, character grounding with foot-plant, new procedural animation system, realistic momentum, new locomotion system, improved visuals and animations, left and right stick moves, directional diving * Missed Feld Goal Returns [edit] Cover athlete Madden 20th Anniversary logo. Madden 20th Anniversary logo. Brett Favre, after his record-breaking final season with the Green Bay Packers, will be on the cover of this year's Madden. On April 24, 2008, Favre appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. At the end of his interview, Dave revealed that Brett would be the cover athlete of Madden 09.[3] He will be the first inactive player to appear on the cover as a player, if he decides not to return to the NFL in the following season. John Madden has appeared on the cover as a coach, not a player. It has also been clarified that Favre will indeed be a free agent in the game. [edit] Presentation Play-by-play and color commentary will be provided by Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth, respectively [4], replacing Al Michaels and John Madden. EA designers have confirmed that John Madden will have a part in Madden 09 but as of this point, it has not been released. Since EA's relationship with ESPN and the NFL allows them to provide streamed audio and video directly from ESPN and the NFL, there will be ESPN and NFL content like NFL Total Access, SportsCenter highlights, PTI Segments, etc. [5]
1 Jul 2008
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All the airings found thus far of the Missile, Nose-Out clip filmed by Gamma Press (Gamma Presse, boss of the foreknowledge 9/11 filmmakers Naudet Brothers) distributed by FOX worldwide. More slow motion views of these "missing wings", "missile out" that when viewing the side of the supposed exit hole, you see nothing but a thining of the steel on that side. Holographic images gone wrong n-sync with preplanted explosives.
16 Jul 2008
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19 Aug 2008
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These are the latest collection of Star Wars action figures released 7/26/08. The holographic grievous was only available at Toys R Us either at Midnight Madness on Friday or on Sunday. Target has the exclusive Commander Fox figure. Many of the figures have the 1st day of issue sticker along with a shiny Star Wars logo on the top which is similar to the ultimate galactic hunt figures over the last couple of years. The figures are Holographic Grievous, Commander Fox, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, Grievous, Battle Droid, Yoda, Clone Trooper, R2-D2, General Gree, Imperial Evo Trooper, Battle Damaged Vader, Clone Trooper, Scuba Trooper, Saesee Tiin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mon Calimari Warrior, Bane Malar, Quarren Soldier, IG Lancer Droid, Padme Amidala, Yarna D'al Gargan, Ak'Rev, Leektar & Nippet, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Saga Legends: Yoda & Kybuck, Plo Koon, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Destroyer Droid, Clone Trooper, R2-D2, Super Battle Droid, General Grievous, Mace Windu. The movies are Star Wars: Episode I 1 The Phantum Menace TPM, Episode II 2 Attack of the Clones AOTC, Episode III 3 Revenge of the Sith ROTS, Episode IV 4 A New Hope ANH, Episode V 5 Empire Strikes Back ESB, VI 6 Return of the Jedi ROTJ along with the Clone Wars. There are new trailers regarding Clone Wars and The Force Unleashed video game online. Check out my channel for more figure videos from the other packaging collections.
21 Dec 2008
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Displax Holographic 67" Interactive was installed in Rabobank on Holland.
15 Oct 2008
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As the manufacturer describes it "Heliodisplay images are not holographic although they are free-space, employing a rear projection system in which images are captured onto a nearly invisible plane of transformed air."
20 Oct 2008
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This video teaches you step by step instructions for making a similar Tie-Dye hat intended to resemble the holographic hat from Back to the Future 2. (The colours don't actually move on this hat.)
25 Apr 2009
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Dr. Fred Bell, a scientist who has worked for NASA and was involved with government programs such as MK Ultra, discussed the nuclear threat posed by terrorism and the benefits of carrying a personal radiation detection device, as well as my various consciousness and health enhancement projects, including wearable pyramids. I explain where a pyramid worn on the head produces an alpha state in the wearer which helps detox the brain. I also detail my Holographic Projector, which sets up an energy field within the user that can increase health and help fight diseases, such as cancer. *******tinyurl****/3yovwq "Rays of Truth, Crystals of Light" Based on 'Andromedan Technology,' My Projector amulet allows "the body to live in the physical environment for extended periods of time without any visible evidence of physical aging." I have also created a larger Stand Alone Projector. *******www.pyradyne****/ *******www.bbsradio****/bbc/dr_fred_bell_show.shtml
11 Nov 2008
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read more at: From IMDB: "Charlie's Angels" goes sci-fi, with a touch of "Men In Black" thrown in for good measure, when three aliens morph into super-hot babes and arrive to protect the earth from the intergalactic forces of evil. Guided by Syntax, their holographic mentor, these Illegal Aliens are willing to use every trick in the book and every sexy outfit in their wardrobe to accomplish their mission! This film is filled with high-energy action, lowbrow spoofs and the high-camp acting reminiscent of the classic B-Movie genre how else could this film get away with Anna Nicole Smith saving the world? "Illegal Alien's" pokes fun at today's Hollywood and pays tribute to the so-called "Bad Movies" we all love to hate!
24 May 2009
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This is a 30 years old movie spot demonstrating multiple holographic picture storage (movie) in doped LiNb03 single crystal with an Argon Laser. The short movie was produced from a sequence of a Camel cigarette advertisement film only by expose the crystal on many different rotation positions with single pictures of the film. The exposure time was about 100 sec for each single picture, because of the low sensitivity of the optical writing process. However, because of the high refractive index of the crystal the storage capacity was about ~10^12 bit cm^-3. I have added some tune to this with my guitar.
4 Feb 2009
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Britain's Prince Charles on Monday gave a speech at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, although he wasn't really there. Instead, a 3-D holographic projection of the Prince, recorded last year in the United Kingdom. (Jan. 21)
30 Apr 2009
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