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Holiness Devotional
19 Apr 2008
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Easter Week ('Holy Week’) is the festival par excellence in Cuenca. Considered of International Tourist Interest, it’s great beauty leaves a lasting impression. The celebrations date back to the 17th century, when the Augustines and Trinitarians formed the first two Cuencan processions when they founded the first brotherhoods. Filmed on 21st of March 2008. Enjoy!!!!
1 May 2008
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Holie Barker - The Auteur Movie - Tribeca Film Festival
7 May 2008
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This Spirtual movie have been taken in the Latin Church in Haifa city Israel. You can watch us how we the Christian community in the Holy Land pray. You are welcome to watch my other movies at www.Holynazareth**** God Bless you all
6 Apr 2009
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www.LordMovie**** This beautiful movie have been taken in the Latin Church in Haifa city(israel) and you can see our Christian community pray in the Holy Land You are welcome to watch other movies at my web site www.LordMovie**** God Bless you all
10 May 2008
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This Amazing movie have been taken on 11.05.2008 when we went with our Spirtual group to Jerusalem to receive the Holy Spirit. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built by Constantine I the Great during the fourth century. Our group of peace from the Holy Land Joined together with the Brazilian community peace group for this spirtual visit and pray for the world, and pray for the Holy Spirit to be inside all our Hearts. Please spread all my movies to the believers around the globes and you will see how this world will be batter place for all of us. May Jesus Christ Bless you all, Amen, Amen, Amen For my other movies you are welcome to watch my web site at www.holynazareth****
12 May 2008
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The Holy Land Journey DVD. When you read about the cave at the end of Ephron's field, do you ever imagine what that actually looked like? Ever wonder if the field is still there? Do you envision the garden as you read Jesus' prayer? Or visualize the path thathe walked as he carried the cross? It is difficult to picture the surroundings inwhich Jesus and all of his biblicalpredecessors lived and preached, especially so if one has never seen the drastically different landscape, wildlife, and architecture of the Middle East. And while it's good for children to let their imaginations wander, adults reallyshould know just how and where suchimportant events took place. That is why The Bible Land Shop commissioned the creation of three separate, feature-length films that carry one through the stories of the Bible and the history of the Holy Land. In "Holy Land Journey" our guides begin from the very beginning of the Bible: follow in the footsteps of the Children of Israel, travel to all of the locations where Jesus sojourned and preached, to the sites of his arrest, crucifixion, and burial, through the Roman, Crusader, Turkish, and British occupations, right up into modern Israeli life. Educational and inspirational narration tells the stories of each holy place in the words of the Bible along the way, transforming what might have once seemed like distant and ancient episodes into very real, very modern lessons for the present. It is a good thing to have read the Bible. But it is a hard book to know unless one has been to its home, has seen what it witnesses. "Holy Land Journey" turns the printed text into a living one so that you can not only now imagine it, but actually experience it. Experience. . . • The journey of the Children of Israel: the desert dwellings of the Patriarchs and the modern Bedouin, Sodom and Gomorrha on the Dead Sea, Mt. Moriah, the burial cave of Machpelah, Rachel's burial site, Joseph's tomb at Nablus, the path of Moses, the Jordan River at the crossing into the Promised Land, Deborah at the Valley of Jezriel, Mt. Tabor of the Canaanites, Sampson and Delilah's Ashkelon, David and Goliath's Valley of Elah, the Tower and the City of David, King Solomon's Jaffa Port and Eilat, King Ahab's Megiddo, and King Herod's Temple and castles; • The life of Jesus: Nazareth (Zebulun) and its modern carpenters, Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity, the Temple steps ascended by Joseph and Mary, John the Baptizer's Ein Kerem and its many churches, the Mountain of Temptation overlooking Jericho, the site of the wedding at Cana, the pools of Bethesda and the church of St. Anne, Bethany near Jerusalem, the modern day Good Friday and Easter processions through the gates of the Old City, the Mount of Olives, the money-changers' courtyard at the Temple, the rarely seen interior of the Dome of the Rock mosque, Samaria's well and nearby church, the fishing village of Capernaum, the planes of Megiddo, Mt. Tabor and the Church of the Transfiguration, the glorious churches that dot the hills above the Sea of Galilee, the Galilean synagogues of Jesus' day, the site of the Last Supper near Zion Gate, the garden on the Mount of Olives and the nearby chapel that remembers Peter's betrayal, the place of the meeting with Pontius Pilate, the stations of the cross (Via Dolorosa), and the tomb in the garden where the angel announced ". . . he has arisen!" • The period of occupation: the destruction of the Second Temple, revolt and Roman invasion at King Herod's fortress, the resulting mass suicide at Mt. Masada, the Roman empire's Caesaria, the city of Avdat built by Roman converts, the seat of the Sanhedrin in Beit Shearim, home of the compiler of the Mishna, Yehuda HaNasi, Moslem conquest and Hebron, sacred sites of the Moslems in the Holy Land, the Moslem palace at Jericho, the Crusader fortress in the Golan Heights, the Turkish conquest and Wadi Kelt, the site of Napoleon's defeat, Sir Montefiore's Yemin Moshe and the birth of modern Jerusalem, and Allenby entering through Jaffa Gate to herald in the era of the British Mandate during World War I; • Modern Israel and her neighbors: ancient sites of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the rose-colored city of Petra, Jerash, Amman, Madaba, Mt. Nebo, and modern life, traditional dance, music, and customs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Mt. Tabor, Nazareth, theMount of the Beatitudes, Capernaum, Eilat, the Sea of Galilee, Haifa and port, the Golan Heights, Jaffa, Mt. Zion, and the Mount of Olives. Directors: Reuven Dorot Title: Holyland DVD Time: 2-hours Locations: 90 locations Narration: 7 languages Format: NTSC, PAL Language: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Region: All Regions Number of discs: 1 Studio: Doko Media Ltd. Run Time: 110 minutes
10 Feb 2010
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This movie took in our way to Jerusalem To receive the Holy Spirit in our Hearts and asking from Jesus For Peace on Earth, but peace have to be from inside first. These is a Holy Land christian group with the Brazilian Peace community. We singing the Hallelujah in arabic and also in Portuguese God and Jesus Bless you all Amen Amen Amen For my other movies you are welcome to watch my web site at www.holynazareth****
12 May 2008
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This movie took on 11.05.2008 in our way visiting the Holy Churches in Our Lovely country The Holy Land(Israel) Our group call The Peace Community it's Brazilian Christian with the Holy Land Christian that preaching for Love, Peace and asking the Holy spirit to be inside our hearts and yours as well. God and Jesus Christ Bless you all Amen Amen Amen Please spread all my movies around the globes For my other movies watch my web site at www.holynazareth****
13 May 2008
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www.LordMovie**** features movies&photos from Holy Christian sites in Israel. You are watching one of the most important church in the world for the christian, this church is located in Nazareth city it's call the church of the Annunciation where the angel told our Mother Mary that she will have a child and it's our savior Jesus Christ Check out my religious website: www.LordMovie****
13 May 2008
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This movie took on 11.05.08 in the church of The Apostles in Jerusalem. Holy Land Christian and Brazilian group went to Jerusalem To celebrate the holiday and to Receive the Holy spirit from Jesus. This movie is very Spirtually and one of A kind. The language is Portuguese and Arabic Please spread this movie all over the globes For my other movies watch my web site at www.holynazareth****
13 May 2008
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Father Carr uses concepts in faith, science and philosophy to explain why the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is so important to who we are as Catholics.
19 May 2008
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