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Open floor plans are one of the many benefits of buying a new home as opposed to buying an old home. These plans allow the family to stay connected while being in different rooms, and the open design is much more appealing to the senses. Art: Hey! Check this out. I'm sitting in the family room, and Michelle is standing in the kitchen. Yet, we can still see each other and have a conversation. ... Hi honey! Michelle: (chuckle) Now this is a great example of the open floor plans available in new homes. Art: See? People always seem to congregate around the kitchen anyway, so why not make it a focal point? Michelle: Hey, and look how easy it is to ask him to come unload the dishwasher. Art: Yeah ... umm... I'll be right there honey. ... Older homes where divided into small, individual rooms with lower ceilings. It just never seemed conducive to the way we live. Whereas new homes have this grand room experience. Michelle: And it's perfect for entertaining and interacting with family about things like ... umm... emptying the dishwasher. Art: Right. Open floor plans -- just add it to the list of reasons to buy new. For more benefits of new homes or to check out the new home builders and communities available in your area, go to *******www.newhomesource****/.
16 Jan 2009
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Natural Beauty, Women's Health & Wellness. Tips & Ideas for Decorating, Furnishing & Designing your Dream Home. Free Resource Directory. www.aliejames****
21 Jan 2009
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More and more people are working from home and that is why it always important to create an office space in the home while it is on the market. Home Offices are extremely popular and are proven to give the extra push at time of sale. If you do not have a home office just simply turn an extra room, basement or attic into a work environment. The video above will give you some office staging ideas to help you get on your way.
19 Jul 2011
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Master Bedroom Staging. While your master bedroom may reflect your personal style and touch, it may not be what home owners are looking for. Stage your master bedroom in a neutral way to attract as many buyers as possible. This means that it has to attract to both sexes and can not be too personalized.
28 Jan 2009
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It's going to be ready by Jan 09
27 Jan 2009
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How-to sew pillows
4 May 2009
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We here at Dragon Heart Gifts have something for everyone including Father's, so come check us out for Father's Day.
16 May 2009
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*******www.kelliellis**** Orange County interior design firm, Kelli Ellis Interiors, was voted Top Interior designer in Orange County. Decide on the best interior designing firm in Orange County.
5 Sep 2009
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The history of Martin’s Furniture, a Bethlehem furniture institution is explored along with tips on how to find a reputable furniture retailer.
16 Sep 2009
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Yellow pages ad for Jasper Designs 2010
11 Mar 2010
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Cool chicken coops dot com gives chicken coop tips and trick for cool chicken coop construction and chicken coop designs for anyone: *******coolchickencoops****/
6 Mar 2010
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Known for delivering the best in mountain style architecture, PrecisionCraft and Mountain Architects invite you to view this video highlighting eight one-of-a-kind homes built across the United States. From a spacious, timber frame home in California to a modern log home retreat amid West Virginia’s rolling foothills, this video gives you the opportunity to tour eight very different homes. Mountain Architects’ unique designs are brought to life using PrecisionCraft’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and professional installation.
21 Dec 2010
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French country decorating ideas for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and outdoor spaces. No need to spend a fortune on expensive antiques!
20 Apr 2010
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At Lee Douglas Interiors in Lincoln we make your interior decoration and design projects fun and easy. Visit our showroom to see our vast selection. Learn more at *******ypad****/business-profile.cfm/state/NE/city/Lincoln/ppid/19000 . distributed by VideoBloom *******www.videobloom****
14 Jul 2010
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Light is so much a part of the language of all of our minds. We use it as a metaphor for all that is good, positive, wholesome, and informed. Think of the word 'enlightened' ' one of the highest compliments you can pay someone is to say their very selves have become like light! We talk about lighting up somebody's life ' and also having an inner light, shining through, and lighting up a room when you walk into it. So it is not surprising that light is an essential part of any Feng Shui practice!
16 Jul 2010
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Great bathroom design ideas from
23 Jul 2010
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