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Horace Takes Over is a ridiculous comedy made to delightfully distract people from World War II. Almost as useful today, Horace Takes Over remains a sidesplitting good time thanks to great writing and the comedic presence of John Beal. Beal stars as a draftee on his last night in New York City with his newlywed wife. The pair is rather witless, however, and though they want to spend time alone they are continually interrupted by ludicrous visitors to their small hotel room. This parade of jokers leads to Beal’s amusingly mounting frustration. The film was a hit with critics because, despite its low budget, the laughs are continuous and characters endearing. Horace Takes Over is just as splendid a comedic diversion today as it was in the 1940s!
16 Apr 2008
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21 Jun 2014
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must see this Video :- ******* naughty n hotty private honeymoon and the fun is awsome
17 Nov 2012
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14 May 2013
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30 Jul 2013
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Singer : K.J.Yesudas. Music : Mohan Sitara. Lyrics : Gireesh Puthanchery. Directed by Haridas.
6 Jan 2011
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The clip Gwen Fakes Drama from HouseSitter (1992) with Roy Cooper, Richard B. Shull Something funny? Oh, we were just telling "Davis" stories. Oh, how fun! Davis! Davis! Do you remember that time you built that tree house in my parent's backyard? It was so incredible. Davis built me a tree house. He did? Yes, on our honeymoon night. Really? Uh-hmm. In a big tree up in the Boston Common. The cops didn't stop you hammering away in the middle of Boston Common? Remember you used to play a concertina? Davis? I prefabricated the panels and secured it to the trees with cable suspension. Isn't he the greatest? What line of work are you in, Bernie? I'm retired. Oh? From what? From all the big, hairy bullshit. Davis, do you remember our adventure walks? Huh? Oh, yeah. This one time... we went lookin' for a crashed meteor. Son, could we speak to you a second? We've been talking with Mary... and she wants to get back together with Bernie. Your father and I were thinking, if they could be close to Gwen... Like we're close to you. Right. Well, I'll, I'll build them a cottage across the pond. Davis, did we or did we not adventure walk from Manhattan to Boston? Yes, we did. Satisfied? I never said you didn't. Ha! Like hell! Do you think, for instance, that this boy could have designed a house as creative as this... on a corporate, kiss-ass committee? All I said was that you and Davis are well-suited for each other. I know what that means. I meant you're both creative. In other words, we're both liars. I hope you're hearing this. Sweetheart! Are you listening to what she's saying?
26 Oct 2011
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8 Oct 2012
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