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19 Jun 2008
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Revivez la victoire de Ramonti dans la Hong Kong Cup 2007 avec *******
24 Jun 2008
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know the result of India vs hong Kong match in Asia cup. For more news, information, and updates log on to www.headlinesindia****.
26 Jun 2008
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Inside coverage of one of the most modern, sophisticated, & spectacular airports in the world; has stunning architecture & cutting-edge technology–Hong Kong International Airport.
27 Jun 2008
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To continue with our series, Hong Kong Heroes, So-U.TV's tribute to the great spirits of Hong Kong, will introduce Tsang Siu Keung. This young and fast runner is a real winner! Always in the top three of the local races, he is now tackling the major international races. In the video, Tsang shares with us how he get started and how he fell in love with the sport. Catch it all at *******
3 Jul 2008
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Hong Kong Dragon Boat competition 2008 part 2 at Stanley, featuring german team Loreley
17 Mar 2009
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The most expensive bathroom in the world located in Hong Kong
5 Jul 2008
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In this latest episode of Hong Kong Heroes, you will be able to meet a true sportsman that made his love of sports his career. Charles Chan is a gymnastics instructor passionate about teaching children the benefits of sports. Wanna get motivated watch the following video. *******
31 Jul 2008
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Get a glimpse of the first 3G iPhone to hit the streets ANYWHERE. Hong Kong is one of 22 markets to get the 3G iPhone today, and here is the first glimpse for the world to see.
11 Jul 2008
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Hong Kong Florist Association has been instituted to extend this purpose of flowers into your lives and help you reach across the seas, with your loved ones to make your presence felt in their hearts.
14 Jul 2008
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I have a place in Tong Lo Wan (Causeway Bay) in Hong Kong Island. Since the view from my place is so nice i decided to do one of those timelapse videos. The camera moved a bit twice during the morning shots since the sun was literally burning my camera so i used the curtain to cover it thus moving it. Anyway this timelapse is done with the Nikon P5100 digital coolpix, plays at 30 fps, and each picture was taken in 30 second intervals. Anyway watch and enjoy. I thought the music was quite catchy haha
19 Jul 2008
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Lisa Cheng a.k.a “Hong Kong Spider Woman”, bodybuilding and rock climbing champion is our next Hong Kong Hero. Listen how her passion for sport has transformed a troubled teenager into an ambitious and focus young woman. Don’t miss that episode of Hong Kong Heroes! *******
24 Jul 2008
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