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Pixie Hoops & Poi Pixies have been spinning and instructing Poi Spinning and Hooping Workshops in their downtown Victoria Studio since the Spring of 2001. It is our pleasure to have shared in the growth of the Global Skilled Arts Community, and to be able to spend the time learning and sharing with all of you!
Need to replace those old non-sticky grips on your staff or are you making new staffs and need some quality grips? These EPDM grips will make your staff feel brand new again. They are extra sticky with a good layer of cushion in them to make for a comfortable spin. The average fire staff will require two grips although if you are building a longer contact staff you may consider 3 or 4 epdm grip to cover more. Connect grips using high quality electrical tape. For more infomation about Fire Groove Gear - Buy Fire Dance Equipment ( Poi, Juggling, Hula Hoop & More ) call 844-347-3869. Address - 4532 College View Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041 Phone - 844-347-3869
15 Sep 2017
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5 Sep 2017
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This kid had a painful missed dunks, and later the backboard hitting back to him.
4 Sep 2017
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The Crossover and Stepback you have been waiting for ! It's a Movie!!
16 Aug 2017
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In real life basketball with highlights and bloopers! Be prepared to laugh and enjoy a good hooping session
16 Aug 2017
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It happens to the best of them. Whether you left it in the sun for 364 days straight or just passed it between you and your flowmies for endless sessions, it seems every staff gets to a point when a new grip will make the world of difference. No point traveling from sports store to sports store looking for your favorite grip, that they just ran out of, nor should you have to pay $9 for that epdm grip. For more information about Fire Groove Gear - Buy Fire Dance Equipment ( Poi, Juggling, Hula Hoop & More ) call 844-347-3869. Address - 4532 College View Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041 Phone - 844-347-3869
28 Jul 2017
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1 Jul 2017
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WATCH MORE VIDEO Funny Hot Beach Girls Prank - TRY NOT TO LAUGH Beach Pranks Beach Pranks Hot Beach Pranks Just for laughs Beach Pranks 2016 Beach Pranks 2017
19 Jun 2017
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Most hula hoops spun whilst suspended from the wrists - Guinness World Record
23 Feb 2017
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6 Jan 2017
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A thoroughly enjoyable Sunday afternoon, filled with wonderful art + aerial performances, hoop dance and cyr wheel performances at "The House of Yes" in Brooklyn, New York.
9 Oct 2016
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The Model Behavior TV Halloween Hootenanny begins with a teaser for a segment called Trippy Light Dancers featuring some of the Boston areas best and brightest fire spinners, spitters, hoopers and ropers, Come watch and learn more about the 2016 Halloween episode broadcast in 3D. Filmed with NIkon D5300 and Sigma 18-35 art lense.
26 Sep 2016
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