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Jokes video, when a man decides to prank a woman at work by grabbing her hooters
19 Nov 2009
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Sexy Avril lavigne dancing and drinking in tight little shorts.. too bad the one who took the video was drunk too.
12 Jun 2006
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7 months old Gilad enjoys the company of Hooters waitresses in Dallas
17 Feb 2007
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This is why i keep coming back to hooters.. And sorry for the quality, I only did 400 kbps and even that took me a good hour to render.
26 Jun 2007
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2010 Cali Rally: Hooters Checkpoint Challenge
28 Jan 2012
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The 2008 Hooters Calendar girls stop by the WGN Morning News
4 Mar 2008
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17 Mar 2008
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Watch this cutie in a short and tight dress dance around giving viewers a nice view of her…assets! Seriously, she is niiiiiiiiiiice. HIGH FIVE!
26 Jun 2008
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Please Read To set the record straight about the last line in the spoof, it is not at all related about Heath Ledger, that never even crossed our minds until it was mentioned in the comments, we just thought the line was funny and could be related to heros in superhero movies. We would not make fun of a man who created the coolest and scariest villain to hit the movie screen in years. Give Heath Ledger the Oscar!! The trailer took a couple months of planning, finding locations and time to make the costumes, it took 3 weeks to film/edit the movie. We made this video just for fun because we are all very very excited about the real Dark Knight Movie and couldnt wait any longer to see it so we decided to make our own. There are real shots of Chicago in here, but all main scenes where filmed in the suburbs around the city. The deck of cards is a "Hooters" pack, so there is no nudity on them lol the blurry video makes it seem that way though and the music is all from the "Batman Begins" soundtrack For everyone wondering about the joker costume...we made the entire thing from scratch, alot of looking for the right colored fabrics and finding patterns that matched his took a while to make, and the dress shirt we made a stencil of hexagons and drew them in. Directed, Produced and Edited By- Craig Deering Main Production Assistant- Kyle Bridges Bruce Wayne/Batman- Joe Korbel The Joker- Craig Deering Harvey Dent- Dan Drake Jim Gordon- Kyle Bridges Rachel Dawes- Amanda Clayton Alfred- Allen Murphy Clown Goons- Shaun McBean Mike Guarino Patrick Clemens Cody Bridges Kyle Bridges Police Officers- Paolo Satalino Sandip Patel Patrick Clemens Dan Drake Crime Lords/Press- Sandip Patel Shaun Mcbean Paolo Satalino Mike Guarino Joe Korbel Nathan Garrison Cody Bridges Patrick Clemens Party People- Lars Heemskerk Kevin Clemens Nestor Policarpio Beth Clayton Nellie Whittenhall Amanda Grude Ashley Nikel Extra Actors: Veronica Zikmund Lino Novielli Cody Bridges Patrick Clemens Nathan Garrison Joker Costume Created By- Karen Deering Joker Makeup- Robin Andrews Special Thanks- Good Shepard Hospital Jill Webster Mr. Webster Zak Kates Mr. Kates Dewayne McNair Wheaton Police Department for not yelling at us Batman Fans Anyone else who helped on this little or small thank you!
8 Nov 2009
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24 Jun 2013
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5 Apr 2007
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Mike Harmon of FOXSports**** and SwollenDome**** talks NFL, fantasy football & shares a laugh about the bridge of fantasy and reality (TV) with the folks of HOOTERS Green Bay.
18 Aug 2010
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Dwyer & Michaels and 97X are out at the Mississippi Valley Fair helping raise money for QCFIST (Families in Support of Troops)... well, we are really watching mostly as the Hooters girls are doing all the work.
17 Sep 2007
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Slumber Party Theater Presents: "Michelle, Coy, & Kevin Discuss Adam Sandler Movies - Part 2!" A Cute Critic video field trip during which she and her compatriots discuss the cultural importance of Adam Sandler movies! Beware of strong language and strong opinions! Sponsored by Long Pig: The Movie now playing at www.longpig****.
4 Jul 2008
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