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East of Vegas
7 Feb 2010
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Kelcy Lee Brand NEW release, "Hard To Be A Girl" video Directed by: Erik Gloege
5 Nov 2010
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A baby is dropped over the side of the Grand Canyon!
2 Aug 2011
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Matt and the guys from the server build an epic Dam in this weeks Livestream. Built with love - for you guys! Enjoy and remember to comment, rate and Subscibe! Dokucraft Texture pack: *******www.minecraftforum****/viewtopic.php?f=1021&t=224969&sid=7d015f200812bba0efd1f594baf7373c Music by Approaching Nirvana: ***********/user/ApproachingNirvana Song: Superhero Get the song on iTunes: ******* All music has been used with the correct usage rights discussed on the Approaching Nirvana channel - info found in this video: ***********/watch?v=m0HbjNRUwIA&feature=channel_video_title
17 Jan 2012
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i do not own this video no copy intended
21 Jul 2012
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EscapeMojo From nature's loveliest landmarks to incredible man-made marvels, America the Beautiful has some of the world's most popular sightseeing spots. Join WatchMojo**** as we count down our pics for the top 10 United States landmarks.
12 Nov 2013
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Satellite photos show the Colorado River, which feeds Nevada's Lake Mead, is drying up, meaning the lake is rapidly shrinking. The lake provides water for 20 million people in southern Nevada, southern California and Arizona -- and it's lost 4 trillion gallons of water since 2000. Ben Tracy reports.
31 Jan 2014
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An association with one of the U.S.`s most internationally-famous towns, and fizzing on- ( and off ) - screen chemistry with co-star Ann-Margret, made Viva Las Vegas Elvis` biggest grossing movie and has assured it more TV reruns than most of his celluloid output. Shooting lasting almost two months, from July15thto September 11th, 1963. Elvis did location shots on familiar territory: the Sahare Hotel, where he usually stayedon his frequent visits to town, plus the Flamingo Hotel pool, McCarran Airport, a gymnasium at the University of Nevada, Lake Mead Marina, and the drag racing strip at Henderson, Nevada. Externals were also shot at the Hoover Dam, Henderson and Railroad Pass, all in Nevada. The wedding scene was shot at the Church of the West. Elvis made sure that Priscilla, freshly arrived in America to live with him at Graceland, did not come out to L.A. or Las Vegas to spoil his fun with co-star Ann-Margret, who was one of the major loves of his life.
25 Sep 2010
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*******www.inoldlasvegas**** *******www.oldlasvegasphotos**** Tony West's Music. A Photo-History of Old Las Vegas' Early Days from 1905-1975 by Erik Wunstell. My new website InOldLasVegas**** just opened. I am a photographer who has been photographing Las Vegas since 1974. My new website will show you the days when Las Vegas was just a whistle-stop train station, the 1905 town-lot auction, the arrival of Hoover Dam and its impact, the beginning of Glitter Gulch and the Birth and Growth of the Las Vegas Strip. There will be stories and photos of all the popular casinos and hotels...from Downtown and on the Strip (including): * 1941 El Rancho * 1942 Last Frontier * 1946 Flamingo * 1948 Thunderbird * 1952 Sahara * 1952 Sands * 1955 Royal Nevada * 1955 Dunes * 1955 Riviera * 1957 Tropicana * 1958 Stardust * 1966 Aladdin * 1966 Caesars Palace * 1968 Circus Circus * 1973 MGM Grand along with all the various expansions made to these Hotel-Casinos thru 1975. And if you want to see what is happening in New Las Vegas, please check my: *******WestVegas**** website for a complete guide to every hotel show, lounge and nightclub - along with photos of all the new hotels -from Wynn's Encore, the new Aladdin, Palms, Palazzo and all the rest. When there - you can find new photos plus important information on how to plan a better well as casino maps and my 'Las Vegas Survival Guide' (the things your travel agent, bartender, bellhop or doorman wouldn't know or tell you in a hundred years). WestVegas**** ------------------------------ Music recorded and copyrighted exclusively by Tony West (AKA Phillip Colaianni) singing his great version of Elvis Presley's 'Follow That Dream'. Tony does great impersonations of various comedians like Red Foxx, plus loads of voice dialects. Tony (AKA Phil) lives in of Minneapolis, Minnesota . You can contact him at: siradiocomcast****.
10 Dec 2010
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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Season: 2 Episode: 415 Rachel tells Jimmy about shooting show promos at the Hoover Dam and talks about current events.
25 Mar 2011
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The clip Bilko and Colonel Make A Deal from Sgt. Bilko (1996) But, sir, the moment my boys heard... ...about the desert manoeuvre, they volunteered. We still haven't got over being left out of Desert Storm. How the orders got crisscrossed, I'll never know. But if we could go on these manoeuvres, it would make up, in some small way... You must think I'm a nincompoop. A nincompoop? An NCP? On the contrary, sir. I think you're one of the finest... Las Vegas. What, sir? The desert manoeuvre will take place... ...15 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada. Really? I had no idea. Won't that be fun? Lake Mead, Hoover Dam. Forget it. You've got bigger problems. Two hatchet men - excuse me, hatchet persons - ...from the Inspector General's Office came to audit the motor pool accounts. I wonder who tipped them off? Yes, I wonder. Fort Baxter. How may I direct your call? Motor pool? Listen, Bilko, I might tell you this whole post is skating on thin ice with hot blades. Don't let them find anything. Is the colonel suggesting a cover-up? A cover-up? Why, no. Is there... anything to cover up? No... sir. Good. Then I'm not suggesting one. Just do... whatever it is you do to make these things go away.
18 Nov 2011
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*******fallout.wikia****/wiki/Chinese_stealth_armor_(Fallout:_New_Vegas) 2 suits of Chinese stealth armor can only be found on the office level of Hoover Dam. It is located in a room with radioactive barrels, in a crate against the back wall. Its existence is hinted at on the only accessible terminal on the same level. Stealthy! Also future videos will consist of snow globe guides, weapon guides,companion locations and mission guides. I am working on weapon guides first so Subscribe! :) "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
12 Jun 2012
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America's National Parks Season: 1 Black Canyon Rafting Adventure below Hoover Dam on the Colorado River is a half-day trip for the whole family. It starts at the base of Hoover Dam in Nevada and ends at Willow Beach Marina on Lake Mohave, Arizona.
26 Jan 2013
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Welcome to World Rezort Pool House! Here is your change! Have fun in the Pool, slides and don't forget, we have a duckie to play with ^.^ ____________________ I'm gonna talk about the map and the characters: -Nemesis[Female Commando]: Has a beautiful look on her and a stricking voice. Sexy also ^^ Her Left click is a little confused but her right click is deathly. -Rook[Advanced Terminator]: This mutant has very deathly, but not as deathly as Xeno. His left right is simply some punches, but his right click is like a wind move. I hope you live with that _____ Map details: • Straight Slide - I good spot for MM and HM. Too bad this map is exclusive to Female Commando. A good spot to when the mutants come to you, you speed out of that slide, so they can't catch you :D • Top and Round Slide - A very good spot, also my favorite. You can hang on the side of the slide, if the mutants can't catch you, they will slide down, but they can catch you in another way. • Fountain - There is no spot lol, but this is helpfull for players like me, with some lag. If you can't escape, even if you're running, the fountain will boost you to almost anywhere in the map • Treetop - Good spot though. If you don't have lag, shoot to the mutants and they almost can't catch you. • Pool Attendant Service and Bar - Good spots to hide from the mutants. Good spot for laggers also. If you really want to be Nemesis, hide in these spots :) • Red Rooftop - Very good spot for a 3 ot more players. If this wasn't HMX exclusive, this would be a excelent spot. You can escape them easly even in HMX • Duckie - YAY! Everyone's favorite spot!! Duckie is the best spot added in CF China ever. That sound makes me giggle every time i jump in it. Its a good spot not only for soldiers, but for mutants. If you don't have nothing to do as mutant, jump on the Duck and have fun with him :D ____________________ Musics (Some are repeated in the video): From James Bond 007 - GoldenEye - Rogue Acent: - Hoover Dam PT.5 - Hoover Dam PT.6 - Midas Casino PT.2 - Midas Casino PT.3 - Midas Casino PT.18 - Hong Kong - Hong Kong PT.2 __________ Have fun watching... I'll probably do some montages with the characters later on this week. Also DreamLand will be released only tomorrow, showing AK 47 Digital Camo and HK416 also.
19 Feb 2013
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The clip celebrating-a-birthday from Defending Your Life (1991) with Albert Brooks, Albert Brooks. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. I was thinking this morning: In two months, I will have been here ten years. And you're like my real family. Isn't that tragic? My mother called and wished me happy birthday... ...and hinted to the fact I wasn't making enough money. If you can call, "Still making the same salary, honey?" a hint. - In three years, can I double my income? - Good luck. - Four years? - Maybe. You're great people and this is a great present. I wish I could squeeze all of you into one pretty woman. If you'd like to go into my office, I'll try. Thanks a lot. I'll be home soon. I'm taking Daniel to get his new car. - What'd he get? - BMW convertible. Oh, my God. Leather? - Leather? - Oh, yeah. - I want one. - All right. Kiss Alex for me. These are great. Thanks. - Just stuff I like. - It's great. Why do you drive this? I see people driving these. What, is a flood coming? Hoover Dam broke? I like this car. It's a battering ram. This is what Patton drove. In an 8.5 earthquake, you'll beg for a Jeep.
25 Jun 2013
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Ghost Hunters Season: 9 Episode: 11 The team investigates Boulder City Hospital. Are the men that built the nearby Hoover Dam seeking revenge against the hospital that cared for them?
27 Jun 2013
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