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The deer in the video doesn't respond to the pokes on its skin and taps on its horns but runs on hearing the RUN command. Is it a sort of training drill?
23 May 2018
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15 May 2018
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Sara pe deal de Mihai Eminescu Muzica Vasile Popovici Aranjament- chitara clasica Adrian Dănăilă Sara pe deal Sara pe deal buciumul sună cu jale, Turmele-l urc, stele le scapără-n cale, Apele plâng, clar izvorând în fântâne; Sub un salcâm, dragă, m-aştepţi tu pe mine. Luna pe cer trece-aşa sfântă şi clară, Ochii tăi mari caută-n frunza cea rară, Stelele nasc umezi pe bolta senină, Pieptul de dor, fruntea de gânduri ţi-e plină. Nourii curg, raze-a lor şiruri despică, Streşine vechi casele-n lună ridică, Scârţâie-n vânt cumpăna de la fântână, Valea-i în fum, fluiere murmură-n stână. Şi osteniţi oameni cu coasa-n spinare Vin de la câmp; toaca răsună mai tare, Clopotul vechi umple cu glasul lui sara, Sufletul meu arde-n iubire ca para. Ah! în curând satul în vale-amuţeşte; Ah! în curând pasu-mi spre tine grăbeşte: Lângă salcâm sta-vom noi noaptea întreagă, Ore întregi spune-ţi-voi cât îmi eşti dragă. Ne-om răzima capetele-unul de altul Şi surâzând vom adormi sub înaltul, Vechiul salcâm. - Astfel de noapte bogată, Cine pe ea n-ar da viaţa lui toată? English Eve on the Hill Dreary the horn sounds in the eve on the hill, Sheepflocks return, stars on their way twinkle still, Watersprings weep murmuring clear, and I see Under an acacia tree, love, thou art waiting for me. Holy and pure passes the moon on the sky, Moist seem the stars born from the vault clear and high, Longing thine eyes look from afar to divine, Heaving thy breast, pensive thy head doth recline. Corn-fields bright flooded with beams by the clouds steeply drifted, Old cottage gables of thatch to the moonlight uplifted, The tall wooden arm of the well in the wind softly grating, And the shepherd-boy's pipe from the sheep-pen sad doina relating. Tired with their toil, peasants come back from the field, From the old church, labourer's comfort and shield, Voices of bells thrill the whole sky high above; Struck is my heart, trembling and burning with love. Ah! very soon quietness steals o
11 May 2018
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The main distinguishing feature of modern rhinos are horns on the nose. Rhinos have a massive body and short, thick limbs. Rhinoceros live singly, but in Savannah can and unite in small groups.
11 May 2018
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Here’s what happens when you pitch a goat and a kitten against each other. You’ll be surprised, even with a greater size and a pair of horns, the goat is no match for the little kitten’s wrath.
16 May 2018
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Mike from Rhodes Is a good boy with an air horn.
11 Jul 2006
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Big Horn Sheep in Arizona by the Arizona Game and Fish Department
18 Mar 2007
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Horned Lizard in Arizona by the Arizona Game and Fish Department
18 Mar 2007
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5 MINUTES TO MAKE SPORTS AIR HORN amazingly loud air horn i was suprised myself i did not copy ne1 else although it was not totally my idea i ahve just realised
3 Apr 2007
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Phil kay, Ben taylor n Aaron bucknel ring cacey dixon and blast an air horn down the phone. At the end aaron gets sprayed in the face cos it broke lol.
26 May 2007
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There are six of them, they are amteur sailors. And they went to try and round up the Cape Horn
27 Jul 2007
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Very old vid of me making the horns sign.
4 Aug 2007
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