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This is another dirty little secret of the Nurse Mares Foal industry.The sport horse industry is another reason abuse is so common in the horse world
30 Sep 2006
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These foals are 'foals to Slaughter" - God help them for what these people do to them.
11 Oct 2006
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4 Nov 2009
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Made a year ago for the cause and i will be making a new one for this year to send to DC with the new bill HR503
29 Jan 2009
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Join The Movement
27 Dec 2009
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A humorous look at the deceipt behind the horse slaughter issue.
31 Jan 2007
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The news the other networks never give you. A humorous look at the dark world of horse slaughter.
1 Feb 2007
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On March 29th, 2007, the Federal Court of Appeals ruling prevents USDA inspectors to inspect horse meat in processing plants. This ruling abrupty stops the slaughter of American horses. The fight is not over due to American horses still being trucked over to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. The only way to end the slaughter of American horses is to pass a federal ban on horse slaughter by passing the "American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.
1 Apr 2007
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Willie Nelson, Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild and Jennifer Lee Pryor sit down on Willie's bus to talk about the Society for Animal Protective Legislation's campaign to end horse slaughter.
21 Dec 2008
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The HSUS uncovers the cruelty of American horses exported to Mexico for slaughter. Watch this shocking new footage and urge your Senators to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Take action now to end horse slaughter: *******community.hsus****/campaign/FED_2007_horseslaughter_notcosponsor?source=gaba9y
26 Nov 2009
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The last equine slaugherhouse in the United States finally shut down, but American horses continue to go to slaughter across our southern and northern borders in record numbers. Take action now to end horse slaughter: *******community.hsus****/campaign/FED_2007_horseslaughter_notcosponsor?source=gaba9y
12 Feb 2010
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a project i had to do for class. took me forever to edit everything the way i liked it.
21 May 2009
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WARNING: Contains Graphic Images Horses need our help! They cannot speak, so we must speak FOR them!!!! Because everytime one of these creatures is killed, so is someone's dream.
7 Sep 2009
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WARNING!! This video is graphic, but I didn't want to water it down. I wanted to make a video of what REALLY happens, and why it's so sad. Say NO to horse slaughter! It's sad, and it's killing alot of the population of horses. If you think it's right and it's a good thing, then please think again. I know that it's hard to feed the animals you already have, and then have to deal with feeding wild animals, but have a heart. This is sad, if you have horses think about it, what if someone was killing your baby. I've watched videos of horse slaughter, and it makes me cry just about everytime. Please, Please, Please, think again. This isn't right, God put them here for a reason, we could provide good homes for them instead of killing them. They're beautiful creatures in their natural setting, why should man play God? he's the only one who really holds the key to life and death. Thanks for watching, Please Comment if your able. I would really like to hear everyone's view on it. Music by: Little big town- Stay.
8 Dec 2009
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Horses rescued from the killpen by many kind and generous people. Please join in the fight to end horse slaughter.
7 Mar 2010
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In late February 2010, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) received hidden camera footage of horse slaughter practices at Quebecs Viandes Richelieu and Albertas Bouvry Exports - the latter known as North Americas largest exporter of horsemeat. The CHDC has asked a panel of veterinarians, the BC SPCA and the World Society for the Protection of Animals to review the footage, which contains numerous instances of improper stunning and horses showing signs of returning consciousness. Early audit results of the footage show automatic failures of both facilities. As there are only two government-approved methods of stunning horses in Canada - captive bolt gun and rifle - and both methods have been shown to cause prolonged suffering in numerous horses, we conclude that these animals cannot be slaughtered humanely in todays slaughterhouse assembly lines. The CHDC therefore calls for the immediate closure of Canadas horse slaughter plants.
28 Nov 2010
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