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checked out higbee beach got a little wierd check it out *******imgur****/a/ePo65 ---Original Photos ******* ---Skip to Wierd Stuff --------------------- i went back to the spot, the place was completely empty not one person on the beach... i thought i saw someone but it was just trash. at some point after recording the first 2 trees, i realized that my tape was not recording although it said record on screen both times... i had to refilm those areas, not sure how i lost the footage. anyway, after passing the 3rd "tree", i entered a nearby path that was down pretty far by Davey's Lake. i had strange feelings immediately upon entering the path. before too long, i heard what sounded almost like wind howling, but it sounded like it was MOVING from a single spot... if that makes sense? i walked pretty far down the path, presumably towards the old cemetery and i believe i felt a presence. i didnt hear anything at the time but it sounds almost like someone is breathing? on the tape? anyway at this point, i had been attacked by swarms of horseflys and bees and was pretty freaked out so i began running then, towards the middle of the wooded area, i thought i heard a distinct growl of some sort? but it didn't sound like any animals i ever heard before. i am totally convinced something beyond ordinary is going on up there. --------------------- after having a personal experience, i am much more convinced much of the stories concerning the area are true. i found some more information on the ghost stories on this page: *******www.craigmcmanus****/20110901.htm McManus, a well known psychic and author, encountered some of those spirits when he and friends were hiking along an abandoned trail in Higbee, deep in the forest. He says he suddenly felt he was walking on "sacred land" and felt the presence of a group of Native American spirits, possibly from the Delaware tribe. The message, he said, was clear. Leave. the area of cape may new jersey has many old victorian type hotels and businesses so it is a hotbed of documented paranormal activity. many reports of sightings and hearing things, seeing things move, etc... this particular spot is a reported native american indian burial ground, loaded with arrowheads and a few reported grave sites. there is an abandoned old church hidden in the woods near davey's lake... (manmade freshwater lake) with many reported sightings of a man in a black coat near the ocean or in the many trails through the extensive wooded areas. this is the ghost of thomas higbee, former owner of the area slave plantation. he is commonly seen after you have approached his former grave in the graveyard of the old cemetary. (his grave was excavated about a decade ago) some believe he is a restless spirit because he built a plantation, church and graveyard there in an effort to keep his family from selling the land. (which they did anyway, this could be part of why the spirits are not happy) sometimes reportedly with a large dog or chasing a former slave through the trails. he was a slave owner and this again, was a dark area of history so these ghosts are reported to be malicious spirits. i think this may have contributed to why whoever put these items here may have chosen this area. my guess for the reason these precariously placed items havent yet washed away or been destroyed by other means (natural or human) is the recent supermoon. there was a carved voodoo tree on the beach but it appears to have been destroyed/removed around 2009. alot of area to explore, very desolate area with some strange vibes Comments from reddit, describing items from the area: erick_discordia 23 is a number holy to Discordians and represents the the Law of 5's (2+3=5) which is one of the main philosophies of Discordianism. 93 is the gematric shorthand for Aleister Crowley's maxim "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law. Love is the Law, Love Under Will." It used to greet fellow Thelemites (Thelema is the occult religion founded by Crowley). The All-Seeing Eye is a common symbol among conspiracy-tinged occult circles but it's modern origins can be found in Masonic symbolism as the "Eye of the Architect". Robert Anton Wilson uses it extensively in his Illuminatus! Trilogy which has much cross-over appeal between Discordians and occultists due to it's combination of themes from both. MrTinkels Guys, look at the comments OP is leaving. I feel like this is a creepypasta in the making. Like we're watching the live version of it. OP's gonna get straight up haunted. upxa The number 93 and to a lesser extent 23 are connected to Thelema, an occult religion founded by Aleister Crowley. The eye in the triangle is also a common occult symbol. nobmiR The 23/93 means it is probably chaos magick using Thelemic elements. Kilaya Obviously there are some symbols here to work with. Stone and Water, offerings, boundaries..altar...snake. But what do they culminate in? No clue.
1 Jul 2013
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Just showing you a couple of finished models: Maple Leaf ("Jassu" Oh, Kyu-seok) Cigarette Pack and Matchbox (Brill) Cookie Monster (Glynn) Spinning Top (Arai) Kangaroo (Engel) Horse (Brill) Can love be squashed? (Chen) Black belt in origami (Glynn) Eastern Dragon (Wu) Caterpillar (van Gelder) Walrus (Lang) Umulius Rectangulum (Kalmon) Ground Beetle (Montroll) Scorpion (Lang) Hydrangea (Fujimoto) Clover Folding (Fujimoto) Crowding Butterflies (Fujimoto) Rose Crystallization (Kawasaki) Spiral Snail Shell (Kawasaki) Rose (Kawasaki) Atlantic Purple Sea Urchin (Lang) Stegosaurus (Montroll) Three-headed dragon (Montroll) Snail (Shiri) Heart bookmark (Best) Andrea's Rose (Nolan) Rose brooch (Chen) Magin rose cube (Vann) Blütenkreisel (Sprung) Duck (Weiss) Goose (Montroll) Pelican (Montroll) Frog (Kawasaki) Lizard (Kawasaki) Kangaroo (Weiss) Jedi Master Yoda (Kamahata) Horsefly (Lang) More origami: *******www.happyfolding****
9 Dec 2008
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To enable STEREO click here: ***********/watch?v=2w-_Vtttrfc&fmt=18 Written by: Neil Diamond Where it began I can't begin to knowin' But then I know its growin' strong Was in the spring And spring became the summer Who'd have believed you'd come along Hands, touchin' hands Reachin' out Touchin' me Touchin' you Sweet Caroline Good times never seemed so good I've been inclined To believe they never would But now I Look at the night And it don't seem so lonely We fill it up with only two And when I hurt Hurtin' runs off my shoulders How can I hurt when I'm with you Warm, touchin' warm Reachin' out Touchin' me Touchin' me Sweet Caroline Good times never seemed so good I've been inclined To believe they never would Oh, no, no Sweet Caroline Good times never seemed so good I've been inclined I believed they never could Sweet Caroline __________________ Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show is the name of Neil Diamond's fourth studio album. Four months after the title cut became a #22 hit, Diamond recorded and released a new single, "Sweet Caroline", which reached #4. Because of its popularity, this song was added to the end of later pressings of the album, which was also given a new sleeve. Album Track listing: All songs written by Neil Diamond. 1. "Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show" -- 3:27 2. "Dig In" -- 2:41 3. "River Runs, New Grown Plums" -- 1:58 4. "Juliet" -- 2:51 5. "Long Gone" -- 3:18 6. "And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind" -- 3:33 7. "Glory Road" -- 3:19 8. "Deep In The Morning" --3:04 9. "If I Never Knew Your Name -- 3:17 10. "Memphis Streets" -- 2:40 11. "You're So Sweet, Horseflies Keep Hangin' 'Round Your Face" -- 3:13 12. "Hurtin' You Don't Come Easy" -- 2:30 13. "Sweet Caroline" -- 2:50 "Sweet Caroline" is a pop song written and performed by Neil Diamond and officially released on September 16, 1969, as a single. There are three distinct mixes of this song. The original mono 45 mix had a loud orchestra and glockenspiel compared to the stereo version on the Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show LP. The third version was a remix found only on the initial CD release of Neil Diamond's "His 12 Greatest Hits". This version has the orchestra mixed down very noticeably and has the background vocals mixed up. It has a longer fade as well. The song reached #4 on the Billboard chart and eventually went platinum for sales of one million singles. In the fall of 1969, Diamond performed "Sweet Caroline" on several television shows. It later reached #8 on the UK singles chart in 1971. In a 2007 interview, Diamond revealed after many decades that the inspiration for "Sweet Caroline" was President John F. Kennedy's daughter, Caroline Kennedy, who was eleven years old at the time. Diamond sang the song to her at her 50th birthday celebration in 2007.
27 Nov 2010
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PARASITE REMOVED FROM THE EYEBALL OF A YOUNG N, NOT FOR THE SCREAMISH!Loa Loa worms (also known as the "eye worm") are classified as filarial worms, meaning they thrive in human tissue. The Loa Loa worm is also called the "eye worm" because they often migrate through the eye and surrounding subsurface areas. At one time, prior to the 1920s, loa loa worm infections occurred in the United States. Today, however, they mainly infect people who are native to Sudan, and those who live in or near Central and West Africa's swamps and rain forests. Loiasis is the infestation of loa loa worms in humans. The larvae are first collected from an infected individual when a mango fly (horsefly) or a deer fly bites the individual, and acquires the larvae. The larvae then progress through the fly's body, finally reaching the feeding tube. They are then transferred to a human host when the fly bites the human. The larvae may remain unnoticed for months or years before becoming an adult, mating, and producing offspring. Adult female Loa Loa worms can reach a length of 2 1/2 inches while males are approximately half that size. Loa Loa worms can live approximately fifteen years inside their human hosts. They travel continuously through connective and deep tissue, often without the victim experiencing any sensation other than occasional itching. It is when the worm slows or reaches a sensitive spot that a person will often feel the greatest discomfort. At this point, immune reactions may also include localized redness and a condition called "Calabar" swelling. Skin eruptions and muscle pain may be evident. When the Loa Loa worm reaches the eye tissue, it can be easily seen and felt within the eyeball for up to an hour. It is usually removed under local anesthesia if the patient is within proximity of a qualified physician. When an adult worm dies, the surrounding tissue may abscess and require excision. Encephalitis can occur if the worm reaches the brain. After mating, the female will deposit eggs - called microfilariae. These tiny organisms then travel in a worm-like fashion in the bloodstream during daytime hours, when potential host flies are most abundant. They congregate in the lungs at night. A Loa Loa worm infection is rarely fatal and treatments often cause more life-threatening side effects than the actual infestation, especially if the worms are widespread. The most common treatments are DEC (diethylcarbamazine) and Ivermectin
14 Sep 2011
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The clip yung seymore performs from The Janky Promoters (2009) Going down. Yung Semore's in the building. I'm feeling good, i'm looking good, and i'm smelling wonderful. RAPPER 1 : Yo, all right! RAPPER 2: Tear it up. You ready, man? I don't know, Dad, man. I don't think l'm ready. All them people out there, i don't know if they're feeling me. What happened to all that swagger you had in the dressing room? I learned that from 50 Cent. Look, man, you can name every rapper and what they had for breakfast, but what about you? Man, you can't be no regurgitated MC! You got to be an original. The people, they want an original, all right? Now, you Yung Semore, right? Modesto's finest, right? Well, then act like it. I'm-a go out there and announce that Yung Semore's in the house and he about to tear this motherfucker up, right? Right. Right? You ready? I'm ready. Stop acting like a bitch and come on. Hit it. Ready on the curtain and a spot. All right, remember what i told you? Clap, clap, clap. Hey, now. Yo, yo. What's up, Modesto! How y'all doing? Not this nigger again. Are you all ready to see Young Jeezy? Yeah, before we bring out Jeezy, i'd like to say that this show was brought to you by Russell Redds, Incorporated, in conjunction with Jellyroll Entertainment, and you know we bring the finest show-- Fuck that! Hey, man, be nice. None of that bullshit, Modesto. Don't embarrass me up here, now. Don't embarrass me. Before we bring out Young Jeezy, i got a treat for you all. Y'all know who he is. Y'all done seen him since he was yea high to a horsefly. He better than Jay-Z, he better than Little Wang and Kanye West put together. Y'all give it up for my son, Yung Semore! Give it up! Give it up!
10 Nov 2011
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The clip Insults lead to war Part 2 from Duck Soup (1933) with Groucho Marx I'm a man of one word: scram! A man doesn't live who can call a Firefly an upstart. Why, the Mayflower was full of Fireflys... and a few horseflies too. The Fireflys were on the upper deck and the horseflies were on the Fireflys. Good day, my sweet. Oh, your Excellency, I must speak to you! I'll see you at the theater tonight. I'll hold your seat 'til you get there. After you get there, you're on your own. His Excellency's car! His Excellency's car! No, no, you don't. I'm not taking any more chances. You can only fool a Firefly twice. This time you ride in the sidecar. This is the only way to travel.
27 Nov 2011
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The clip dumbo from 1941 (1979) Well, I seen a horsefly. I seen a dragonfly ! I seen a housefly. See, I've seen all that too. I've seen a peanut stand... and heard a rubber band. I seen a needle that winked its eye. # But I be done seen about ever'thing # # When I see an elephant fly # What you say, boy ? I said, when I see an elephant fly. Sir. They're rioting in the streets. Who's rioting ? Soldiers and sailors. I seen a polka dot railroad tie ! And zoot suiters. Zoot suiters ? Yes, sir. Sounds like a matter for the police. ## Police, shore patrols, MPs. Let them handle the riots. I'll handle the Japanese. That's all, Sergeant. Yes, sir. # And I just laughed 'til I thought I'd die # # But I be done seen 'bout ever'thing # Get outta the way. I can't see the screen. Down in front, you ! Oh, relax, watch the movie. ## ## ## # But I be done seen 'bout ever'thing # # When I see an elephant fly-y-y # # With the wind # # When I see an elephant # # Fly ## Colonel Maddox ! Aircraft approaching, sir !
29 Nov 2011
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The clip Declaring a war from Duck Soup (1933) with Groucho Marx I helped Mrs. Teasdale with the invitations. His Excellency, Rufus T. Firefly! Hail, hail Freedonia Land of the brave and free Gloria, I waited for years. I can't be put off any longer. I love you, I want you! Can't you see I'm at your feet? When you get through with her feet, you can start on mine. If that isn't an insult, I don't know what is. Gloria, I love you. I realize how lonely you are. Can't we go someplace where we can be by ourselves? What can this mug offer you? Wealth and family? I can't give you wealth, but... we can have a little family of our own. Oh, Rufus! All I can offer you is a "roof-us" over your head. Your Excellency, I really don't know what to say. I wouldn't know what to say either if I was in your place. Maybe you can suggest something. As a matter of fact, you do suggest something. To me you suggest a baboon. What? I'm sorry I said that. It isn't fair to the rest of the baboons. This man's conduct is inexcusable! Gentlemen! Gentlemen! I did not come here to be insulted! That's what you think. You swine! Come again? You worm! Once more. You upstart! That's it! Touche! Mrs. Teasdale, I'm afraid this regrettable occurrence may plunge our countries into war. Oh, this is terrible! I've said enough. I'm a man of few words. I'm a man of one word: scram! A man doesn't live who can call a Firefly an upstart. Why, the Mayflower was full of Fireflys... and a few horseflies too. The Fireflys were on the upper deck and the horseflies were on the Fireflys. Good day, my sweet. Oh, your Excellency, I must speak to you! I'll see you at the theater tonight. I'll hold your seat 'til you get there.
30 Nov 2011
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