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overview of antique and hot ride car show during the set out at McAllen Texas sponsored by hot Rod magazine
15 Jul 2007
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Some of the hottest rides in the aftermarket at Hot Import Nights Orlando. From a sweet Excursion, to a unreal Mercedes, plus a Saleen, Lambo, and Ferrari, Enjoy.
8 Aug 2008
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Screaming down the hills of NorCal on a Diggler. This one is on the streets but you can do off road as well on this scooter. It rocks. *******www.diggler****
3 Sep 2008
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Very funny, this is amazing
18 Jan 2009
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Check out all the hot rides and celebrities on the new season of Unique Whips! Visit *******www.speedtv**** for more information.
14 Feb 2007
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4 Mar 2007
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Great scenery. Great synchronization of various images and sounds. Hot rides. David is addressing one of the main environmental issues of our times..
31 Jul 2007
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Check out the hot rides, this time it's Porsche
2 Aug 2007
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Sexy Microbabe Brook Bradford strips down and gears up for a hot ride in the NV desert on her Honda CR80 desert babe rides her
4 Apr 2008
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Tri State Tuners covers everything from hot import models to hot rides and displays filmed from the SEMA 2008 Auto show in Las Vegas Nevada. Check out the Mishimoto Nissan S13 featured inside the Mishimoto booth.
6 Apr 2009
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Forgive mistakes, I was watching the Chappelle Show while doing this. I did this because I've noticed a lot of people have wrong information about the warps. There is one in every level in the first 2 worlds, none after that. My sound magically isn't working now when I record, so I added a fun song. (listed at bottom) I won't be doing the 1st game because I never use the warps in that game, so I don't know where they all are. Pirate Panic: Goto the left most barrel near the Klomp, and toss a kong straight up.Mainbrace Mayhem: Kill the Click-Clack, and then look at the pole in the background. You'll need to do a roll jump underneath the sail where that pole is. You can also fly with Dixie.Gangplank Galley: Go on the barrels in the very beginning. Get on the one 2nd from the top, next to the bonus, and throw a kong straight up.Lockjaw's Locker: There is a space up there at the beginning where you go. I did it the fast way, by throwing a kong. An easier way is to go forward until the water rises, then swimming back and up there.Topsail Trouble: You stand on it as soon as you spawn. Do a rolljump underneath where you were standing.Hot-Head Hop: At the very start, throw a Kong onto that ledge. Pick them up again, jump and throw them straight up.Kannon's Klaim: You need to go through the level until you see the 2 Neeks and a Kruncha. The barrel is right underneath where the bucket is. Do a rolljump, or fly as Dixie.Lava Lagoon: Go on until you see the Klampon on the box. The barrel is right above him on the right side. Throw a Kong up there.Red-Hot Ride: Continue on until the 2nd balloon you jump on. Fly to the 2nd steam thing, and throw a kong straight up.Squawk's Shaft: Run straight across, and do a rolljump. (you could aim for the yellow crystal in the background but I just jump) Dixie's helicoptering is useable here too.Song is Bye Bye Beautiful by Nightwish
26 Dec 2008
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1. You can send it in to Microsoft for them to just send you back a refurbished one with the same 3 red lights problem. That is provided your Xbox 360 is still under warranty and you’re willing to pay in the ball park of $140+ shipping & handling and have to wait 4-6 weeks. If that sounds good to you by all means get your Xbox 360 Fixed. 2. Another method which many sufferers of the 3 red lights have done is the towel method. Personally I think this fix will take your Xbox 360 for a blistering hot ride which will end up bricking your console even further. Oooh can’t forget the possibilities of your Xbox catching on fire are very high. But you might be able to get a good 5 minutes of gaming! 3. Last but not least FIX IT YOURSELF! That’s right I said it do it yourself. It really isn’t very hard to do; all you need is basic household tools like a screw driver, paperclip, knife and rubbing alcohol. You see though you have to find the right guide that will give you a step by step guide and perhaps even video tutorials. The best part is with that perfect guide you will be back gaming within just 90 minutes and spend under 40 bucks.
30 Apr 2009
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Wheel Sales Portland OR | *******www.CustomWheelsTiresPortland**** *******www.CustomWheelsTiresPortland**** Wheel Sales Portland OR 1 (866) 758-2654 Are you looking for that perfect addition to your car to make it stand out against a sea of normality? Well CustomWheelsTiresPortland**** has the perfect wheels to compliment your ride. They carry hundreds of wheels in stock and have all the latest styles from all of the hot companies to choose from. Driving around downtown Portland will never be the same when you have shiny new wheels to ride on. Everyone will be staring as you drive down the strip. Upgraded wheels can really add to the appeal of any car, truck, or SUV. These days if you want to get into the magazines or onto the hottest websites, your car simply has to have upgraded wheels. You do not see any hot rides that have stock wheels on them. It is a tragedy to have a beautiful car with mediocre wheels. Ask anyone in Portland and they will tell you that if you have a beautiful car and ugly wheels, then you dont have anything! CustomWheelsTiresPortland**** sells wheels at an affordable rate that most people can afford. But it’s not only wheels that they sell. They also have an extensive selection of car, truck, and SUV tires. They also sell upgraded suspension components to compliment your new wheels and tires. They have tires and suspension components for all makes and models including off-road and low profile high performance tires. Installing the wheels you get from CustomWheelsTiresPortland**** is easy. They have all different kinds of bolt patterns and are sure to have the right wheels to fit your make and model of vehicle. If you have any questions about wheels CustomWheelsTiresPortland**** is here to help. Their knowledgeable staff can answer any question you may have about your custom wheels. Their installation crew is ready and available to make your wheel and tire installation a breeze. They have all the necessary mounting and balancing equipment to make sure your wheels and tires perform up to the standard that their customer’s distinguishing tastes require. So for wheels that are out of this world, visit CustomWheelsTiresPortland**** or call 1 (866) 758-2654 today.
3 Dec 2009
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Review of the latest release of EA: Need for Speed Most Wanted. Hot rides, wicked cops and a rush of adrenaline. Available on Play Station 2,DS, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox and Xbox 360
19 Mar 2010
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*********** Hot New 2010 Aprilia Scarabeo Scooter. Some footage is from the 2009 Aprilia Scarabeo.Vespa Scooters Honda Scooter Store Yamaha Parts Scooter Repair Orlando
14 Jun 2010
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We took a group trip to Red Bluff, MS to experience the "Little Grand Canyons". On the way, we stopped at the Round Table Restaurant to try some of granny's country home cooking. Hot ride but so very enjoyable! Route there.... ******* Route back... ******* *******www.meetup****/CajunRiderz/
13 Jul 2011
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