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People should not over speed on the roads just because they can. This driver with hot wheels got a good lesson, hope he learns from it.
27 Feb 2018
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Torch + Hot Wheels car
16 Jan 2008
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In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Hot Wheels®, the brand has teamed up with Gallery 1988 to host a unique art exhibit, which will feature more than 200 pieces created by pop surrealist artists Produced by On The Scene Productions
6 Apr 2008
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Make your own USB key out of a Hot Wheels car! Step by step instructions. Great gift for a geek!
3 May 2008
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A video with pictures and information on the original sweet 16 rare redline hot wheels.
1 Dec 2008
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En av Sveriges ledande aktörer sedan 1999.
Review of the lineup of toys and diecast cars for the show Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. More info at *******blog.atamaii****/
7 Mar 2009
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Great Hot Wheels Video - Great games,, download at *******games.93vs****
21 Apr 2009
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About the size of a credit card and as slim as a cell phone, Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides are the first-ever fold-flat R/C cars from Mattel. Yes, flat. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2167/mattel/hot-wheels-r/c-stealth-rides/
18 Sep 2010
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About the size of a credit card and as slim as a cell phone, Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides are the first-ever fold-flat R/C cars from Mattel. Yes, flat. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2167/mattel/hot-wheels-r/c-stealth-rides/
10 Nov 2010
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Make bath time fun with the Hot Wheels Speed & Splash Duel. The playset uses suction cups to stick to the bathtub wall so kids can easily embark on a wild water race. Use the included cup to fill the starting gate with water to begin the race. Then send two cars down the track and watch as they jump from one track to the other. This multi-level racetrack features trap doors that dunk the slower car into the tub. The playset comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle and a tire target. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2331/mattel/hot-wheels-speed-splash-duel/
7 Jan 2011
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Hot Wheels Rev Ups are cars that you rev up to get them to move on their own. With the Skyhigh Speedway, kids can rev up their Rev Ups through an action-packed race course. The Skyhigh Speedway includes a vertical climb, upside-down Hot Wheels loop, and zip line to show off the stunts that make Rev Ups vehicles so cool. The racetrack also features a directional gate so kids can choose where they want the Rev Ups vehicle to go first—the loop or the vertical climb. The playset includes one Rev Ups vehicle. Magnets embedded in the tracks and the cars are what lets them climb in ways that vehicles in the real world do not. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2332/mattel/hot-wheels-rev-ups-skyhigh-speedway/
7 Jan 2011
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Mattel's Hot Wheels brand brings a thrilling new vehicle experience to Monster Jam fans with the Grave Digger Ultimate Stunt Jumper. This 9.5-inch vehicle (a scale model of the real-life Grave Digger) flips to the front, the back, and even to the side. Kids can create their own stunts and control the flipping action by locking the Grave Digger's bottom clip in place. The clip determines which direction Grave Digger will flip, so if kids want the car to flip forward, they simply turn the clip to the proper position and push down to lock the clip in place. Then kids push the car forward. While in motion, Grave Digger will flip in the direction indicated by the clip. There are no batteries required, just good old kid power. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2348/mattel/hot-wheels-monster-jam-grave-digger-ultimate-stunt-jumper/
27 Jan 2011
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