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See the new transforming bumblebee ***********/user/ExtremeCostumes Add me on FaceBook *******apps.facebook****/ripfilms/ Follow me on twitter *******www.twitter****/ripfilms Best Halloween Costume Ever See more Pictures and Videos on Our Fan Page *******www.facebook****/pages/Extreme-Costumes/138124152907811 FAQ Q. How tall is it? A. 9 feet Q. How long did it take to build it? A. 200 hours Q. Can you transform? A. It's Hard to be a contortionist while being on stilts Q. What is it made out of? Bumblebee is made out of recycled material including Hotwheels race tracks Tide bottle Nesquick container Half a yoyo Baby Bottle caps Buckets Lamp Shade Funnels kazoo safety helmets babyfood container cereal bowl Pencil Box Bottle caps Erector set parts Prenzel box container and more... Q.How much does it weigh? A. 70 Pounds Inquarys Email Tom tdepetrillocox**** Official Bumblebee Channel ***********/bumblebeerecycled Music BY Kevin Macleaod *******www.incompotech****
30 May 2011
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This is the official video of "Take A Bow" from "Rihanna Live," recorded live at Londons Brixton Academy and presented by Nokia. Watch more exclusive Rihanna videos at *******nokia****/rihanna/ and find out how to get Rihanna's new album Rated R with exclusive extra tracks, Hole in My Head and Russian Roulette (Donni Hotwheel Remix).
14 Jul 2011
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Introducing Team Hot Wheels, an anonymous group of world famous race and stunt drivers assembled to take motorsport to a new level. Skillful and fearless, they are training for the most incredible driving experiences ever witnessed. See more behind-the-scenes action at *******www.facebook****/HotWheels
16 Jul 2011
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T.Rex, Hotwheels Es un dinosaurio enorme que se come los coches, por ello el objetivo del juego consiste en arriesgar el coche propio para lanzarlo al dinosaurio y poder salvar a los compañeros. El anuncio refleja este artículo como un juego de lucha y riesgo del que tan solo pueden ser partícipes los chicos. Ello se muestra tanto en los coloridos escogidos como en los protagonistas de la batalla. Un juego agresivo y que fomenta la violencia y el riesgo de la vida para solucionar los problemas.
13 Aug 2011
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ROCKET FIRE Hot Wheels review by CGR Garage! Powered by lava, fueled by fear! This HotWheels is in the 2011 Thrill Racers series and races on VOLCANOES! The Rocket Fire is an awesome custom, creative Hot Wheels car with a lava powered engine and bright orange wheels. The Rocket Fire car is a rocket powered jet engine fired sports car which can conquer volcanoes and destroy bad guys!
6 Oct 2011
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This is the official video of "Live Your Life / Run This Town" from "Rihanna Live," recorded live at Londons Brixton Academy and presented by Nokia. Watch more exclusive Rihanna videos at *******nokia****/rihanna/ and find out how to get Rihanna's new album "Rated R" with exclusive tracks, "Hole in My Head" and Russian Roulette (Donni Hotwheel Remix), only from Nokia Music Store.
15 Nov 2011
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Before he broke the world record, the Yellow Driver had many test runs. Here's one that nearly ended in disaster. To stay up to speed with the latest Team Hot Wheels news, visit *******facebook****/HotWheels
8 Dec 2011
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The Yellow Driver knows there's more than one way to handle a loop. See more behind-the-scenes action at *******www.facebook****/HotWheels
25 Dec 2011
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The Team Hot Wheels drift car driver pushes the limits to prepare for his biggest stunt yet! See more behind-the-scenes action at *******www.facebook****/HotWheels
11 Jan 2012
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It's a case of small car—big attitude up against big truck— even bigger attitude! Rate, Comment, Subscribe! Watch the Original Video at: *******www.hotwheels****/videos/attack-pack-webisode-2
7 Mar 2012
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This Drift driver has no limits, especially when it comes to parking his car. See more behind-the-scenes action at *******www.facebook****/HotWheels
11 Apr 2012
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Epic crash reel intro using the Hot Wheels Speed Circuit racing set. I also look at the Color Shifters cars which change color and pattern when dipped into warm or cold water. A single youtube asked me to take a look at Hot Wheels, hopefully he now has the mother of all Hot Wheels videos to watch. This review certainly brought back some memories of Hot Wheels when I was a kid in the 70's Web Links: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Hot_Wheels *******www.hotwheels****/ *******www.hotwheelscollectors****/ ***********/user/HOTWHEELS Music: (incompetech****)
24 Jun 2012
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Team Hot Wheels drivers, Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy set a Guinness World Record racing two vehicles through a six-story double vertical loop at the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles! It's Hot Wheels for real! Be part of the action and join us on: *******www.Facebook****/HotWheels *******www.Twitter****/Hot_Wheels
3 Jul 2012
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Appmates Tow Mater, Finn McMissile, Lightning Mcqueen and Holley Shiftwell are 100% safe for iPad 2 use, and are the first line of groundbreaking toys to interact and come to life with a digital interface. This fully interactive environment lets you explore, collect and race your way through hours of fun. The double pack sells for $20 and includes two popular characters from the movie Cars2, each with it's own unique features and gameplay abilities. The solo car sells for $12.99 You can find them at toy stores like Target, ToysRus. Don't have a toy? No problem, you can use your fingers! Take "Paper Lightning" for a free test drive or try new virtual cars Fillmore, Luigi, Mater and Lightning McQueen, available through in-app purchase! They play like the real thing: Take on missions, customize with gadgets, race for the checkered flag, and more! With "CARS 2 AppMATes", players young and old will delight as they experience racing, playing and exploring Radiator Springs with their favorite Cars and Cars 2 characters driving through the mud, water, dirt roads and more in an all-new way! You can also play with this appmate using any of your Mini Adventures cars with a piece of foil paper underneath. Download your app for free at Itunes: ***********/us/app/cars-2-appmates/id461788392?mt=8 "Lightning Mcqueen Appmates" $12.99 Target and ToysRus links ***********/p/AppMATes-Cars-2-Single-Pack-Lightning-McQueen-20051780/-/A-13738849 *******www.toysrus****/product/index.jsp?productId=12210993 AppMATes turn your iPad into a virtual play mat with innovative technology that brings the world of Disney Pixar Cars 2 to life! When combined with AppMATes toys, players can EXPLORE, PLAY, and CUSTOMIZE in endlessly fun ways. The toys work safely and seamlessly with iPads. But its better to be on the safe side and have a screen protector! Simply place an AppMATes toy on the iPad and the integrated sensors automatically detect each character. Drive around Radiator Springs, race, and collect hubcaps to acquire gadgets and upgrade your virtual car. Cruise around town as it comes to life when used with the AppMATes toy. Visit old friends like Ramone, Sheriff, Fillmore, Flo V-8 Café or Luigi's Casa Della Tires. Watch as day turns to night and your car's headlights glow! Redeem hubcaps for new horns, tires, fuel and more. Race for the checkered flag or take on missions. Try tractor tipping or cactus crashing. Earn trophies and collect hubcaps. Players can even challenge the famous racecourse at Willy's Butte! Dozens of gadgets and upgrades to customize your AppMATes toys. Add new tires, new horns and more. Choose spy gadgets like missiles or add wings and fly through town! cars 2, appmates, disney, pixar, ipad, ipod, itunes, mater, Lightning, McQueen, relampago, holly shiftwell, Finn Mcmissile, mobile, app, application, game, digital, screen, customize, radiator springs, ramone, fillmore, flo's v-8 café, Luigi casa della tires, talking toys, Casa Della Tires, Flash, Rayo, spy gadgets, appmate, Willy butte tractor, coleção, colecionador, hotwheels, hot wheels, espia secreto, mission, spy, agent, brinquedos, carrinhos Disney, carrinhos Pixar, How-to, how does it work, Also Check out: Disneycollectorbr, jeepersmedia, thetoychannel, fluffyJetproductions, racegrooves, toyreviews, SeanxLong,
15 Aug 2012
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Brent Fletcher and Team Green with the help of Greg Tracy broke another world-record for the Corkscrew Jump with 92 feet at the Hot Wheels Test Facility! Visit *******www.thwstore**** to get your own commemorative Team Hot Wheels World Record Corkscrew Jump T-shirt designed by Sub_Urban Riot! See what it took to pull off this stunt with an inside look from Alex Roy: ******* Be part of the action and join Team Hot Wheels. *******www.facebook****/Hotwheels *******www.Twitter****/Hot_Wheels *******www.HotWheels****
18 Sep 2012
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Apparently the Red Driver had a last-minute upgrade to his airline reservation. See more behind-the-scenes action at *******www.facebook****/HotWheels
13 Dec 2012
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