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Why use a CG hover car when you can build one yourself? Director Len Wiseman & the cast of Total Recall describe the process of filming their high-impact hover car chase scenes. Total Recall stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel. In theaters August 3.
24 Jul 2012
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25 Dec 2010
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Preview of the futuristic 'X-Hawk' hover car, designed for vertical landing and takeoff in cities.
9 May 2009
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With fuel prices skyrocketing, the Planet Express crew sets off on a dangerous mission: to infiltrate the world's only dark-matter mine, source of all spaceship fuel. But deep beneath the surface lies a far stranger place...a medieval land of dragons and sorcery and intoxicated knights who look suspiciously like Bender. So park your hover-car and saddle up your unicorn for FUTURAMA's greatest adventure yet...Bender's Game. BENDER’S GAME ON DVD & BLU-RAY NOVEMBER 3rd 2008.
4 Nov 2008
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Volkswagen People's car project Hover Car the flying two-seater, Ryno Motors Invents World's First One Wheel Electric Scooter, Since his conception way back when, TITAN the ROBOT has become a bit of a big deal around here and his comical antics have built up a cult following in the real world as well as on the World Wide Web.
3 Feb 2014
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Volkswagen's Hover Car concept car was inspired by its People's Car Project, an open-source project in China where people submit ideas for new cars. The floating car is a zero-emission vehicle that uses electromagnetic road networks to lift-off and float above the road. The Hover Car features voice activation and an auto-navigation system. Safety sensors allow it to maintain a safe distance from nearby vehicles. Source: Automotive News
24 Oct 2013
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Preview of the futuristic 'X-Hawk' hover car, designed for vertical landing and takeoff in cities. If you want to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook click on the links to below!! FOLLOW us on Twitter: ******* or LIKE us on Facebook: ******* Strange talents, shocking stories, dangerous stunts...see it all here ***********/view_play_list?p=89F56B543AEF7077
29 Sep 2013
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7 Apr 2013
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With fuel prices skyrocketing, the Planet Express crew sets off on a dangerous mission: to infiltrate the world's only dark-matter mine, source of all spaceship fuel. But deep beneath the surface lies a far stranger place...a medieval land of dragons and sorcery and intoxicated knights who look suspiciously like Bender. So park your hover-car and saddle up your unicorn for FUTURAMA's greatest adventure yet...Bender's Game. BENDERS GAME ON DVD & BLU-RAY NOVEMBER 3rd 2008.
6 Dec 2012
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Vlog Channel! ***********/user/Officiallynerdcubed My Twitter! ********twitter****/Dannerdcubed My Webcomic! *******nerdcubed******/ I make friends with the future annihilator of the human race while really, really tired. Jokes aside for a second this technology is amazing. Who needs hover cars when you have artificial AI? THIS IS THE FUTURE! WOO! :D (Sorry the picture is a little lower then it should be. This rendered out wrong and I have no idea why.) Evie Link: *******www.existor****/ Cleverbot Link: *******www.cleverbot****/
26 Sep 2012
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Volkswagen gathers ideas from the people of China to help innovate future cars. We took one girl's idea for a hover car and made it into reality. Watch Part 2 ***********/watch?v=ubpObNY0NTI The People's Car Project *******
25 May 2012
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More infos: *******www.technologicvehicles****/en/actualite-mobilite-verte/1749/video-vw-peoples-car-project-voici-la-voiture
10 May 2012
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A new HoverBike concept. -Info- Traffic jams could soon become a thing of the past thanks to an amateur inventor who has built the world's first flying motorcycle in his garage. Australian Christopher Malloy ploughed his entire life-savings into the project which took him two and a half years to complete. His futuristic creation - dubbed the Hoverbike - can reach an altitude of 10,000ft and speeds of over 100mph. Fans of the design have already compared Mr Malloy's work to the 'speeder bikes' from the Star Wars sequel Return Of The Jedi or the hovering car from Back To The Future. The 32-year-old former helicopter pilot built the incredible machine in his Sydney garage using a custom-built carbon-fiber airframe and a BMW engine. The futuristic prototype has the potential to travel up to 92 miles or for about 45 minutes on one tank of fuel and is expected to come with a hefty price tag of more than £45,000. So far the bike, which weighs 270kgs, has only been tested while tethered to the ground to prevent it flying too high. But plans to test it's capabilities without any restrictions are set to go-ahead soon. Mr Malloy explained: 'I am still ground testing at the moment only because I'm not 100 per cent sure what will happen so the straps are there to cover the unknown. I haven't had the pleasure of flying round the countryside yet. 'It is quite stable and doesn't want to tip over but if something unplanned happened during testing I wouldn't want to break the prototype. 'The Hoverbike was built with safety in mind so at least three components have to fail before you might have a serious airborne failure. 'There are also two explosive parachutes attached to the airframe and of course the rider could choose to wear their own parachute too. Mr Malloy is unwilling to reveal exactly how much he has spent on the project, but claims it is costing him roughly £140 a week. He said the basic principle was similar to that of a Chinook helicopter and a normal motorbike. He added: 'To lift off into a hover you just need to increase the thrust via a throttle grip with the right hand - exactly the same as the throttle on a motorbike. 'Flying forward involves a combination of an increase in thrust and the deflection of air from the front control vanes by twisting the left handle grip. You twist forward to accelerate and backwards to reverse. 'To make the bike turn left and right, all one needs to do is push the handle bars down on the side you wish to turn just like a bicycle. 'You could lean in the appropriate direction as you would on a motorbike but this isn't proving to be very sensitive. 'Having previous experience in a helicopter or plane would be a great help. That said, this is a new way to fly and one would need to learn to ride the hoverbike in much the same manner as a helicopter or riding a motorcycle. 'If you live in the USA or your country has similar civil aviation regulations, then the hoverbike will be classed as a 'ultralite' which means you do not need a pilot's license to fly it.'
2 Feb 2012
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