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Tips on How Not to Gain Weight During the Holidays - Linda Yo, author of Asian Slim Secrets
23 Nov 2008
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7 Jan 2009
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How Not to build a House, the How Not to Series. Hosted by Jay Beacham, who, with over 45 years experience in the Handyman trade, will guide you through repair jobs, pointing out the things that shouldn't be done and ways to correct them. The first in the series of How Not to Build a House, an informative look at the how not to do's of construction that necessitate repairs. An enlightening look at the How to genre, produced by long time videographer James M. Beacham.
18 Mar 2009
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Sweet, here it is, episode 2 in Series One of the How Not to Build a House series. Come be entertained and informed, all the while keeping it cool. Enjoy, Chow, James M. Beacham (Videographer)
24 Mar 2009
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David Elcoate & Kyle Hagreves basildon's top personal trainers from www.personaltraineressex**** give you an out take on how not to do a sit up.
31 Mar 2009
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This video is about how to get your ex back and about how to get your ex back review site. It teaches how to and how not to get your ex back. It reveals how important it is to be cautious when you feel you can't live without your ex. In order to Get your ex back you need to be extremely cautious.If you make any wrong moves you could lose your ex for ever. To avoid these pitfalls there is help available. *******getyourexbackreviewnow**** is a site that reviews thre top guides on this topic. The top choice is for both sexes and the other two are specifically for a boy or a girl. Get valuable information at www.getyourexbackreviewnow**** the site that is subject of this video is a valuable resource. The video summerizes strategies on how to and how not to get your ex back.
24 Jun 2009
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*******www.ExperienceLastingWealth**** Greg Neslen - 440-942-2522 *******www.GlobalResortsNetwork****/MyWealthSecrets *******MyWealthSecrets.TruthToWealth****/go8/ Video Report, Part 2 of 2 – How Not To Be Deceived with an Online Business - Global Resorts Network Greg Neslen, a leader in internet marketing with Global Resorts Network welcomes you to his Video Report, Part 2 of 2, on How Not To Be Deceived With An Online Business. We have a system….this is a system you’re experiencing right now. I do work one time and this works over and over and over for me…so there are things about automation and systems, but here’s the answer. Here’s the real answer….. The answer is….Personal Branding. Every single person that is successful online, in a major way…..and I’m guessing that you’re in this to get majorly successful. Here’s what I want you to learn. This is what a good system will do. A good system will teach you how to personally brand yourself. Meaning….you’ve got to be comfortable being on camera. Get comfortable and get online and learn how to brand yourself….your personality, your talents, what really makes you tick…..put it online. That’s how you’re going to make it big in this industry. It’s personal branding. Now I’m going to teach you a little bit about personal branding and some secrets on how to do it. The reason you know my name is because I have done personal branding. I learned it from my mentors. I want to teach you how we are experiencing $10,000 weeks. I want to teach you to do the same thing. With Global Resorts Network, you’ve got to understand this….with the pay plan at Global…every time you make one sale…..there’s a $3,000 deal……you make $1,000, I make $1,000, and $1,000 goes to the company to maintain the incredible membership. Thus the pay plan has created a situation where it is as profitable for me to teach you the system and… you go learn how to brand yourself and put yourself out there and learn how to do $10,000 weeks. I benefit from teaching you how to do it. So…you may ask….well Greg, will you be there for me if I join? The answer is an astounding YES….why would I want to be there for you? Because I want to show you how to do this because the more you go out there and make your magic happen, the more successful I am. This is how any sales organization or division works. The better I train and show you exactly how to do well, the more I profit from it. More importantly, I gain the intangible satisfaction of seeing you achieve your goals and dreams for yourself, your career, your income, and the well-being of your family!! I will teach you how to be a leader. How to attract winners onto your team because the more winners you have, the better you’re going to win. So…..You’ll see another video report on personal branding later, but for now……...Give Me A Call….and Get Signed Up!!!! Greg Neslen is a leading internet marketer with Global Resorts Network. See his Entrepreneurial and Mentoring Techniques at *******www.ExperienceLastingWealth**** or Call Greg at 440-942-2522 For other business tours, see also *******www.GlobalResortsNetwork****/MyWealthSecrets *******MyWealthSecrets.TruthToWealth****/go8/
17 Jul 2009
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The National Lottery is launching a nationwide search for a unique viral idea, to celebrate its 15th anniversary. With the help of best-selling author and TV personality Danny Wallace, the Viral Nation competition is a chance for people to submit an idea to show how Lottery funding has had a positive impact on them or their community. This idea will then be produced by a team of experts into a viral video. To promote the competition, Danny Wallace stars in the How Not to Make a Viral video which takes a look at the things to avoid when making a viral, including hilarious spoofs of famous virals Where The Hell is Matt? and Keyboard Cat. Enter at www.lotterygoodcauses*******/viralnation
23 Jul 2009
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How Not To Throw a Girl into Poo
7 Nov 2009
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(more info: How Not To Do Things is a neat little book published by the Department of Doing. The second in our series of holiday book reviews. Stay tuned! iJumpTV is brought to you by #sy social media consultancy****
8 Jan 2010
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If you're in the MLM business you've most likely been giving many ways of how not to succeed and build growth. Mostly it's made your more frustrated than successful. Learn the true way to have people come running to you. www.setforlifeteam****
19 Jan 2010
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*******medicalmarijuanabootcamp****/ Tang talks about how NOT to clean your carbon filtered bong.
11 Mar 2010
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how not to live your life full episodes *******tinyurl****/fepall
27 Jan 2010
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This is how not to refill your printer ink cartridge in easiest, fastest and most cost effective way in the internet :)
27 Jan 2010
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A short film with Mike Ponting and Michael Brown showing how NOT to performance manage. Spot the lack of Emotional Intelligence!! www.makingthelink******
17 Mar 2010
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Mike Ponting and Mike Brown show how not to give effective feedback...filmed at the MTL training centre. Making the link between people and performance (or breaking the link in this case!!!) Enjoy.
19 Mar 2010
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