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Free online training on how not to overtrain in bodybuilding at *******build-muscle-lose-weight****
11 Jan 2011
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Don’t walk down that aisle until you read this book! Whether you’re engaged, in a serious relationship, or looking for Mr. Right, How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy can help you decide to take the plunge or run in the opposite direction. *******www.randomhouse****/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780307718761
25 Apr 2010
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*******www.sevenfiguremastermindteam****/gelokron/31936 How Not To Market on Facebook
27 Oct 2010
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Want to know how to get a date, the perfect relationship, improve your marriage, sex life, or find/keep your soulmate? With Grant Cardone's Close the Sale app, Peter hopes to get the girl of his dreams. Watch as he learns how to get a date and how NOT to get a date. *******www.ClosetheSaleapp****
19 Feb 2011
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how not to dunk
10 May 2011
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how not to do a backflip
13 May 2011
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This Video Is A Short Clip Of How Not To Skate! Board Hits Kid In Face!
5 Jun 2011
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Brought to you by MyBinding****, this video offers a tongue-in-cheek answer to the question "How NOT to Oil a Paper Shredder." Watch as our videographer demonstrates humorous ways that people may try to oil their paper shredder and end up destroying it. These are not methods you should try at home! For more details about paper shredders and shredder oil, visit: *******www.mybinding****/.sc/ms/cat/Shredders--Accessories Take a look and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-800-944-4573. We have a huge selection of shredders, oil, and more. You can also find us online on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog.  Twitter - *******twitter****/mybinding Facebook - *******www.facebook****/MyBinding Blog - *******www.mybindingblog**** Here is the audio transcript for this video: Welcome to MyBinding How To videos. Today's question is how NOT to oil a paper shredder. After purchasing a most needed paper shredder, many people do a great job at destroying it. And the most effective method of not oiling your paper shredder is simply not to oil it. This video will illustrate very ineffective ways of oiling your shredder. First off, who wants to buy shredder oil when you've got vegetable oil? I mean, what's the difference? And the cost is outrageous! Method number one is the indirect method. This is where you take your vegetable oil, or the shredder oil you stole from your partner next door, and you just apply it to paper. And you keep applying it. And a lot of it. We're talking the entire bottle of oil. If it doesn't run over, you haven't used enough. And simply shove that whole thing into your shredder. And remember, no boss is happy unless there's a big oily mess on his desk. The second method is called the PB method, because really, is there anything more greasy than peanut butter? Take a good glob of standard peanut butter and smash it into the throat opening of your paper shredder. And be sure when you use your fingers to get them as close to the gears as possible. Our final ineffective method here at MyBinding is the MCRO method, or my cup runneth over method. Simply take your bottle of oil, what ever kind you'd like, and pour it into the throat opening. Just keep pouring. We mean keep pouring. When you think you've poured enough, pour some more right into the machine. And to check to make sure you've done the best job you can, lift the lid and if you find a nice soupy gelatinous mess, you've done a great job. And for more useful videos on how to destroy your equipment, check out MyBinding****.
18 Oct 2011
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Today i'm gonna show you not to use the toilet when you're drunk! 20 percent of people get hurt during doing this! YOUTUBE CHANNEL How Not To Actually
9 Dec 2016
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Play it nice and cool, you know what i mean?
23 Apr 2006
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12 Apr 2006
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This poor guy was just trying to warn them, someone should have warned him...
14 Jun 2006
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This is a perfect example of what can go wrong when you try to light a fart. Watch out, its a bit nasty.
25 Nov 2006
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This guy mess up the trick...
3 Dec 2006
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Abseiling gone wrong!
3 Dec 2006
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It all started so innocently... and then... the horror and moral terror... frosting was everywhere! Run run gingerbread man!
12 Dec 2006
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