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5 Jun 2010
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****RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and TELL YA FRIENDS***** The Original Jerk: The Lavarius Jones Story Power Rangers New Boys Audio Push YG teaches you about Jerk tutorial on Jerk edited with Sony Vegas Pro Cold Flamez Cee-jay Jinc Action figures Your a jerk Tha rangers Sony HDR XR 500 teach me how to Jerk Pink go gg power rangers dollaz price tag octane Legacy Michael JacksonTurf Krump hilarious comedy dance tutorial ///////////The Founder and Jackie Robinson of "Jerk" speaks out on the status of the movement\\\\\\\\\\\ New Boys Your a Jerk HD Official
12 Aug 2009
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18 Jun 2009
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Watch as the jusjerk**** series of how to jerk teaches you one of the famous jerkin moves: the pin drop. For more videos go to jusjerk****
7 Sep 2009
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Let Audio Push Teach YOU How To Jerk
11 Oct 2009
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teach me how to jerk music video
20 Jun 2010
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my boi n i show u how to jerk reject spongebob nee drop n toon step check it out tell us what u think
24 Nov 2011
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You are now in tune with your favorite Krew FRESH SWAGG KIDZ! haha jk...This is a jerking tutorial for those advanced jerkers out there that want to be even better!!! We put sum of our moves that we made up an sum that we saw people doing...soo hope this helps yu get alot better!! No haters Pleasse...were jus tryin to support tha jerk movement an gettin people better! This video shows yu how to do better footwork...basic an advanced...also sum other cool moves tht we made up!!! hopefully it helps yu!! Moves: 1. Back Slide 0:15 2. Revert 0:45 3. Footwork (basic) 1:10 4. Anti-PinDrop 1:42 5. Ankle Break 2:23 6. Fresh Tips (Tippy Toes) 2:45 7. Circle Pin Drop 3:13 8. Leg Drop 3:52 9. Footwork (advanced) 4:19 Song Used: Kid Zooted - Bust a Move
2 Jul 2011
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tomato tomahto - apparently, this is also known as the "reject." :) get your mind out of the gutter! sorry if this isn't like the "usual" but i've been super duper busy! -- thus, the little to no editing...very impromptu. if you don't like this vid...can you not hate? mk thanks! say hi to cindo! we'll be back...with...a better one. ha.
18 Jul 2011
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Jinsing, B. Woods, & Habie Baby Demonstrate how to "Jerk" Check my Other/New Vids! Subscribe! U know what it is, San Bernardino, Diamond Set Thank u to all my fans, I hope this helps Myspace****/JinsingHR B. Woods - www.myspace****/hottrackrus Habie - Myspace****/chris_aka_habie Songs: Cold Flamez - Miss Me Kiss Me Lick Me YG - Pussy Killer Fedde Le Grande - Put Your Hands Up for LA
1 Jul 2009
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Audio Push Teach Me How To Jerk.. & D.A. Beaulieu - Superman Is Alive
23 Aug 2009
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Jerkin' the dance how to jerk tutorial advanced 10 easy steps. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO US! Jay R. (1st guy) *******www.myspace****/beau91307 Tony Luu! (2nd guy) *******www.myspace****/heytonyluu AND ADD the SBLA MySpace! *******myspace****/smashbrosla BASIC: Step 1-Reject Step 2-Jerk Step 3-Dip Step 4-Side Step Step 5-Pin Drop ADVANCED: Step 6-Dougie Step 7-Footwork Step 8-Heel Toe Step 9-Spongebob Step 10-Berries & Cream
6 Sep 2009
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This is volume three [of three] of the return of FERLY & taYao choreography. Song: Teach Me How To Jerk - The Push You can follow either of us (FERLY or taYao) on MySpace or Twitter- OR become a fan on Facebook! FERLY Facebook *******www.facebook****/pages/FERLY-PRADO/65460311314?ref=ts taYao Facebook *******www.facebook****/pages/Matt-Tayao/111665939407?ref=ts FERLY MySpace *******www.myspace****/ferlyprado taYao MySpace *******www.myspace****/matttayao Twitter FerlyPrado taYao Many students back for this one including LIL BEASTIE Thanks again and God Bless!!!
6 Sep 2009
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Fan Made Video. No Copyright Intended Teach Me How To Jerk UNOFFICIAL Music Video Music by Audio Push CREDITS: Brandon- Producer, Actor Rose- Editor, Producer, Cinematographer Charlotte- Cinematographer, Lighting Jeremy- Actor Chris- Actor Jasper- Co-editor Shauni and The Girls- Actors, Extras Revolution- Clothing Store K.W.A.S and D-Nash's party Assistants- Shaundra, Brittany, Dominique Matt for lending his camera to us lil' kids at the park scpa parking lot skaters San Diego K-ARTS
9 Nov 2009
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Music video by Audio Push performing Teach Me How To Jerk. (C) 2009 Geffen
8 Dec 2009
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Us breakin down HOW TO JERK. CHECK OUT THE REST OF THE REAL VIDEOS 2!! Pay attention haha and i know E was in the cam to much. Song used was ya boy: whats jerkin'.
17 Feb 2010
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