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The clip plan a way back to duck plant Part 2 from Howard the Duck (1986) with Ed Gale Yeah. Where are my pants? Howard, where you going? To this lab of theirs. What for? To hop back on board... that laser thing. Then all you have to do is hit the reverse lever... to send me back home. Right? Well, we hadn't considered reversing the process. I, I don't think it's feasible. Me, either. Now, wait a minute. If we could generate... a strong enough hyper-charge... You can't do that. You mean the reflex mode might provoke a total reversal? Itjust might be possible. It won't work. Yeah. Sir. Don't, don't listen to them, Howard. I have got you booked... on A.M. Cleveland. We can get the cover of Science Digest. We, we... Butt Out, four-eyes. Yeah. Look, you guys, could you really send him back? If we did, we could establish a continuing link between our planets. But, he would have to leave tonight while the alignment still exists. We can't afford to wait. You mean... I'm finally gonna breeze this fly trap? Ducky, this is what you wanted. You're going home. Yeah. Right. Carter, call Larry have him set up the initiation procedure. Tell him I'll meet him at the lab right away. You and Blumburtt... can bring Howard. You are about to make history a second time... my little friend. Thanks... but once was plenty. Get to it. Right. You know, Howard, we could hold out for a PBS special. Phil!
28 Nov 2011
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