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Bayzat Benefits automates administrative work for HR professionals. It ensures that all HR processes are centralized, accessible and secure.
13 Apr 2017
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Falcon Emergency is providing very low-cost, affordable and fastest air ambulance services in Agartala and Agatti or in all other cities in India and around the globe. Falcon Emergency serves 24*7 hrs and 365 days emergency patients transfer services.
21 Apr 2017
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Falcon Emergency is a well known and leading provider for air ambulance services in Dehradun and Coimbatore. Falcon Emergency serve very low cost and 24 hrs and 365 days emergency patients transfer services during emergency with medical team.
24 Apr 2017
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The HR-2 robot was constructed during a period of three months at Chalmers University in Sweden. It has 22 degrees of freedom which enables it to easily move around imitating human motions. The robot is also equipped with stereovision giving it possibilities to perform hand-eye coordination. For that task an artificial neural network is evolved. Furthermore, the artificial brain is capable of tracking faces as well as recognising them. The HR-2 is also able to speak.
10 Apr 2006
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Forza Blown HR Sedan Burnout Revfest 2006 wagga
12 Nov 2006
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Download movies, software, XXX, etc, super fast, download 700 Mbs in 5 Hrs PAndo with this small utility which increases your download speed up to 200%
11 Mar 2007
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there is no question everything i have done so far has only contributed to the moment i can show new york i traved 34 hours 1770 hrs for love
16 May 2007
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So here ya go, 16-18 hrs straight promotiing myself for 1000+ votes and the results...well you see lol. Thank you to all. -Calling random people -Adding random people on Myspace -Facebook -Message boards -websites Yeah its that crazy...8 hrs of sleep in 48 hrs
11 Jun 2007
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Doyle Brunson speaks on UIGEA and Barney Frank's bill HR 2046 on poker show (09/14/07). "I think if there are any avid poker players out there, call your congressman and support Barney Frank"
17 Sep 2007
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If you have a skittish cat, may we recommend that you NOT play Gearwire's Ibanez 2006 HR Giger guitars video. It features Ibanez's new, limited-edition guitars with artwork by HR Giger. Visit www.gearwire**** for more info!
18 Sep 2007
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Trailer of HR Seminar. This is a clip of our HR seminar aimed at small to medium sized business' who are looking to supplement their HR function. For the full video please visit, and click on the "Videos" tab.
30 Oct 2007
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0:53****/1dchamp1 Ride on board with this 900hp Skyline as it climbs to 315km/hr. Check out my profile for more amazing videos
6 Nov 2007
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I will read the back of the box of the 48 Hrs DVD starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte
21 Dec 2007
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Me mickey aka (MIKI) and Yogesh on my bro,s yamaha RD 350 .Yamaha RD 350 touched 120 Km/hr in third gear in less then 400 mtrs.unable to shift in 4th gear as clutch bolt popped out due to vibration
14 Jan 2008
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Another cartoon from our favorite Rasta Man and Anti-Hero Slim Chance. 48 hrs to live? Talk about bad news! But it gets worse.. Check this one out. Music by Alan Steward "Underdog" 100% of the sales of the song go to Free Tibet. Support the Underdog! Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Jul 2008
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Invision Performance commissioned Yokohama, Japan's Garage HRS to build the Evo you see here. Built by the same man who made the SUN Systems Cyber Evo, this white sedan takes everything that was great about the SUN car and finds a way to improve upon it even more. ****Check us out www.RiceboyTv**** for all our other videos, all shot in full HD. Feature Cars, Tech Installs, Event Coverage, New Product & New Car reviews, NSFW... and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!****
15 Mar 2009
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