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Dogs don't easily forget humans and this video is a proof of that. Once this dog smells his former owner, he goes completely berserk in his reaction.
15 Aug 2017
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Viruses are small particles of genetic material (either DNA or RNA) that are surrounded by a protein coat. Some viruses also have a fatty "envelope" covering. They are incapable of reproducing on their own. Viruses depend on the organisms they infect (hosts) for their very survival. Viruses get a bad rap, but they also perform many important functions for humans, plants, animals, and the environment. For example, some viruses protect the host against other infections. Viruses also participate in the process of evolution by transferring genes among different species. In biomedical research, scientists use viruses to insert new genes into cells. When most people hear the word "virus," they think of disease-causing (pathogenic) viruses such as the common cold, influenza, chickenpox, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and others. Viruses can affect many areas in the body, including the reproductive, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems. They can also affect the liver, brain, and skin. Research reveals that that viruses are implicated in many cancers as well.
15 Aug 2017
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One of the most popular and upcoming career options for the youth of today is the field of biotechnology. It is the study of concepts of technology and biology for the benefits of humans. This technology is most useful to make products in the field of agriculture and medicine. It is used to make organic products like milk, grains, and vegetables. Is there any concept you are stuck with? We will provide you best solution to your problem. This field requires many years experience and knowledge, our experts have more than 10 years experience who will give you the very quick answers to your homework questions by detailed step by step procedure.
16 Aug 2017
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Estimate Activity Resources is the process of estimating the type and quantities of material, human resources, equipment, or supplies required to perform each activity.
16 Aug 2017
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Business consultants work hand in hand with the management team and executive team to analyze the current status of the business and marketplace. Consultants provide a clear and unbiased perspective about the client’s business and provide assistance to him in making crucial decisions which involve several risk factors. They give a new perspective to the business by giving new ideas which uplift the company’s overall growth. They provide a third person’s perspective on your business, analyze the current business strategies followed by the industries and provide additional room for improvement. A consultant will act as a leader in developing new relationships with other organizations by collaborating with each other in order to expand the company’s profits. Consultants help clients achieve their goals without the help of additional assistance. They help save time and money by completing complex tasks in a shorter period of time. They can work on two or more tasks simultaneously, and address issues which are not in the client’s area of expertise. They ensure that the employees do not face severe workloads and balance the pressure equally. They help the organization by coming up with new marketing strategies which will benefit the company to yield long term results. They also provide assistance to clients in accounting, managing finance, advertising, consulting, human resource management, issuing insurance and maintaining public relations. For more details about Business Consultants in UAE visit http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/business-consultants
18 Aug 2017
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A fish that has a face of a human, eyes, noes and all
11 Apr 2006
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This woman makes necklaces and bracelets out of human bones. Isn't that kinda freaky?
24 Apr 2006
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Humans are parasites...
3 Jul 2006
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Another "funny" Compilation of all kind of suffering Humans and one small animal...
5 Sep 2006
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show the different between us .. just save human .
29 Oct 2006
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Remember the game as a kid? These guys certianly did and have relived the fun. Human Hungry Hippos - you tell me - funny, weird, crazy or just a new past-time? You decide. Plus, if you like Hot Chip then you are in for a treat.
17 Dec 2006
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human drum
6 Dec 2006
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