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human drum
6 Dec 2006
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Rebecca The Human Can Opener hopes to get her talent noticed by David Letterman so she can be on his show. This is funny but this girl is crazy she must have some real sharp, strong teeth.
12 Dec 2006
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This test determines human thought patterns. Humans fall into 1 of 2 percentiles: 98% or 2%. 98% think alike, and the remaining 2% stray from the norm.
26 Dec 2006
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Take a look on islam and Human rights
27 Dec 2006
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Husband scared wife by accepting scare tactics human cloning project.
12 Jan 2007
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Girl gets shot out of a gigantic human sling shot in Utah.
6 Feb 2007
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Sling shot girl's husband in human sling shot in Utah.
4 Feb 2007
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Sling shot girl is all nervous while preparing to get into the human sling shot.
4 Feb 2007
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A compilation of human and animal mishaps
4 Feb 2007
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Live performance of the Human Rights Suite from my one-man show, "Pigeonholes". Based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.
20 Feb 2007
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In this tutorial you can learn how to sculpt an awesome one of a kind EXTREME ORIGAMI 3D Human or Humanoid head for you stop motion film, art reference or just good clean sculpting fun. All other types of sculpture are great too! This is just a totally neat new way.
25 Feb 2007
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Catalans making incredibles human tower they go almost 50 feet high... THey bether not fall!
13 Mar 2007
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This dog looks like he was the victim of a horrible butt transplant gone wrong. This dog has the butt of a Human, I wonder what the Human that has it's butt looks like.
13 Mar 2007
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Carrying the weight of human beings ya7mel askal belbashar
18 Mar 2007
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OIL Behind WAR.Taking Human Organs... RASH GUNTUR
18 Apr 2007
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They're performed on Human Mobile Stage with 2 pieces wooden plates. Hey Guys are you tire, exhaust and may your body height will be shorted? Welcome to visit Hong Kong. Time: Chinese Lunar 8th day of fourth month (around May of Western Calendar each year). Place: Bun Festival Parade - Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, China. ----- why used titil as What's is? So high! These are questions of Spectator, a little girl asked her mother, her mother answered "I don't know". ++++ Participated Organization: In the name of Cheung Chau Hing Lung Street Kai Fong Association. Style of Kung Fu: Chung Oi Chau Ka(Jow Ga, Jow Gar, Zhou Jia etc). Founders:Five Blooded Brothers, Chau Lung,Chau Hip,Chau Biu, Chau Hoi,Chau Tin. They're called as Five Tigers of Chau Ka Kung Fu (Chau Family), the first generation of Chau Ka Kung Fu (five persons only). Performers: Chau Biu Chinese Boxing Association invited by Cheung Chau Hing Lung Street Kai Fong Association to participated the parade on behalf of them and wore their uniforms. Other Chau Ka Kung Fu schools also performed together, such as Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Art Sports Association, Chau Tin Martial Art And Boxing Association ect. ++++Yes, the person as lion tail of human Mobile Stage part 1 and part 2 was same person who was also performed in 1977 Queen Jubilee Coronation Parade as lion tail. The lion head of part 1 is his disciple Lau Kam Yick. His name is Ho Kim Hung, kung fu chief instructor and his second elder brother Ho Hing Chung is lion dance chief instructor of Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Art Sports Associations, he and all his brothers were introduced by his father Ho Lok Man (Former Chairman of Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Sports Association who died in 2001) to learning from Master Chau Biu in Hong Kong.
26 Mar 2007
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