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You will learn about "Rusting of Iron" in this video. When a piece of iron is left out in the open for a while, a film of brownish substance gets deposited on its surface called rust. Rusting occurs when iron is exposed to oxygen in air and water or water vapor. Rust is Iron oxide. In areas that have higher humidity, the rusting process takes place faster as the content of moisture in the air is higher. This process of rust formation in presence of oxygen and water or water vapour is called rusting. We see many examples of rusting in our day to day life like iron gates, chairs, cars, bridges etc. Like,Comment and please SUBSCRIBE. You would love our videos. New videos every week Thanks for Watching GobMedia
16 Mar 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Lots of kids get fungal infections. Kids love to share and hang out together. Some of these infections are contagious (say: kon-TAY-jus), which means they easily spread from person to person. Close contact or sharing a comb or hairbrush with someone who has tinea can spread the fungus from one person to another. Because fungi need a warm, dark, and humid place to grow, public showers, pools, locker rooms, and even the warmth of shoes and socks can give fungi the perfect opportunity to strike. Taking antibiotics can cause some kids to get a yeast infection. Antibiotics get rid of germs that make us sick, but they can also kill many of the harmless bacteria in our body. These harmless bacteria normally fight with the yeast for a place to live, but when antibiotics kill them, the yeast is free to grow. Sometimes, a fungus may infect kids if they have an immune system disorder (this means their bodies can't fight certain types of infections). This is rare, but it does happen.
22 Mar 2017
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Are you having a tough time getting a good night's sleep this summer? Did you know that dust mites thrive when humidity levels exceed 50%? No matter how clean you keep your home, dust mites can proliferate and aggravate allergies and asthma. You can alleviate your allergy symptoms by using mattress and pillowcase encasements and by frequent laundering. Visit
28 Aug 2007
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How not to test for humidity
22 Dec 2007
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A newly-released scientific white paper indicates that the flu virus is significantly less likely to survive on surfaces and in the air when homes are kept at 40-60% relative humidity, which is best achieved through the use of a humidifier.
10 Dec 2009
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The air indoors can get very dry in wintertime, causing stress for houseplants. Dave shows you how to create a humidity tray to keep an indoor plant its smiling, summer-like self.
8 Jan 2010
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Dans ce troisième épisode de 'Le dire tout eau', on s'intéresse à notre "empreinte eau", on joue avec les reflets du miroir d'eau de Bordeaux et on découvre l'importance des zones humides.
3 Aug 2010
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2:09 Wired B/W Wall Clock Camera w/ Humidity & Temp Review - 360-244-4231 During the past surveillance cameras and equipment were only used by few people like government agencies and private investigators but with the changing time comes changing needs. With today’s busy and information based society, more and more people are finding the need to acquire and document information through videos. To this end, there are lots of people who are turning to the use of spy camera or hidden camera to do the job. If you are looking for a hidden camera that has the characteristics similar to a chameleon, the know about Wired B/W Wall Clock Camera W/ Humidity & Temp. This is so flexible that you can use it for almost any location you want, just don’t put it in the restroom! Wired B/W Wall Clock Camera W/ Humidity & Temp is fully functional Wall Clock that also has a thermometer and hygrometer and measures 13 ½”. Invest on your safety and security by getting the best crime prevention, self defense/self defence, personal protection, personal self defense, or home security tools that we offer at
1 Nov 2011
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2:09 Wired Color Wall Clock Camera w/ Humidity & Temp Review - 360-244-4231 If you have quite a number of Wall Clocks either at your home or at the office, or if you have ever dreamed of having a Spy Camera so you can make sure that nothing is happening behind your back, or even if you are just looking for an effective surveillance equipment to monitor your employees in the office, we have a hidden camera in a Wall Clock. The Spy Gadget we would like you to know is Wired Color Wall Clock Camera W/ Humidity & Temp, this will give you the peace of mind you need and assurance that you can have an evidence if a robbery or other crime happens in the location where Wired Color Wall Clock Camera W/ Humidity & Temp is. Invest on your safety and security by getting the best crime prevention, self defense/self defence, personal protection, personal self defense, or home security tools that we offer at
1 Nov 2011
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2:05 2.4GHz Wireless High Powered Wall Clock w/ Humidity and Temp Review - 360-244-4231 If you want to have a modern Wall Clock that has some cool extra features for surveillance purposes, or if you are specifically looking for hidden cameras for home usage to monitor your maids, kids and anyone going in and out of your home, we have a hidden security camera that is disguised in a Wall-Clock. The cool product we want you to know about is 2.4GHz Wireless High Powered Color Wall Clock W/ Humidity and Temp, this is very flexible and can be virtually used in any location you want. Hidden Cameras in the workplace, what a convenience for you to have a second pair of eyes with 2.4GHz Wireless High Powered Color Wall Clock W/ Humidity and Temp. This is no ordinary hidden camera, this is Wireless that is also High-Powered that will increase the wireless transmission distance by 1500 ft which will then give you about 2500 ft total transmission range. Other Wireless hidden cameras only reach about 1000 ft; now have the peace of mind that you have a second pair of eyes watching your family, business and personal stuff. Invest on your safety and security by getting the best crime prevention, self defense/self defence, personal protection, personal self defense, or home security tools that we offer at
1 Nov 2011
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Tout le monde attend les mariés au vin d'honneur...Ceux ci arrivent romantiquement sur la Vienne dans une barque joliement décorée de feuilles de palmiers...Le premier pas hors de la barque fut plutôt humide et fit disparaître le marié...
20 Nov 2011
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In Washington, there are a few things we understand very well -- moisture/relative humidity and the song "Louie Louie". For many years now, there has been a movement to turn "Louie Louie" into the Washington state song. The roots of the song go back to northwest garage bands, including the Fabulous Wailers. At the front of this video, you will see my salute to this northwest favorite. The rest of the video discusses relative humidity. Steven L. Smith of King of the House Home Inspection in Bellingham, WA is WA licensed home inspector #207 and a licensed structural pest inspector #69078. Email: or call 360-676-6908.
5 Dec 2011
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For more information, visit: Marijuana flourishes through a wide range of relative humidity. It can grow in an atmosphere as dry as a desert or as moist as a jungle. Under ordinary household conditions, the humidity will rarely be too extreme for healthy growth. The effects of humidity on plant growth are closely tied to temperature, wind speed, and the moisture of the soil. The theory of transpiration is a process similar to evaporation. It inherently involves the rate at which your plant expels and, subsequently, absorbs moisture. Transpiration also cools plants and enables flow of mineral nutrients and water from roots to shoots. It is closely connected with the plants’ stomata, which are like pores on the leaves of a marijuana plant that open and close to accommodate the external and internal availability of moisture. The goal of the stomata is to protect the marijuana plants from dramatic changes in moisture.
16 Mar 2012
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Since its establishment more than 50 years ago, the company Novasina has specialised in the accurate measuring of air and material humidity. Novasina fully develops and produces precision measuring devices and includes always its long lasting know-how. We are proud of the “SWISS MADE” label, which guarantees our customers highest quality, innovation and longevity. Novasina AG Neuheimstrasse 12, 8853 Lachen PH +41 55 642 6767,, novasina lachen humidity temperature differential pressure water activity measurement material humidity air humidity accurate measuring electronic measuring humidity measurement scale
2 Apr 2012
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growing a marijuana in a humid climate
2 Jul 2012
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5:33 During this video, we'll explain what is a Humidity Sensor as well as how to select the right device for your application from our line-up of Humidity Sensor products. A humidity sensor, also referred to as a hygrometer, senses, measures and reports measures and reports the relative humidity in the air. It therefore measures both moisture and air temperature. The warmer the air temperature is, the more moisture it can hold.
15 Feb 2013
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